Dreamer part 1

by Skylar
(South Carolina)

There was a legend that said there will be a special pegasus that will go to earth.
I am not a normal horse,I am a pegasus. My mother was teaching me how to fly. I got the hang of it right away it was super fun.

I was a solid black filly unlike my mother who was a buckskin color. I was a playful filly I loved flying and galloping across the clouds.When I got a little older I began to grow a horn.

My mom told me I was special because no other pegasus has a horn. My name is Shadow a name that once was in the shadows but now it shines brighter than the sun.

I am now 2 years old. The grand stallion said that I must go see him. I got ready when we got to his cloud kingdom, he was beautiful his color was gold. He told me the legend of the special pegasus ."You are the special pegasus"he told me in a deep proud voice.I was shocked so was my mother.

You will go to earth and help the horses there.I asked him if I would get to keep my horn and wings."NO" he yelled.That night I could not sleep I would miss my mom and my powers.

The mighty stallion came in our bar and said come on its time.

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Jun 27, 2015
by: Sydeney

Hey, just as a future reference it would be nice if you would show what's going on in the story instead of telling me. Let me explain what I mean, instead of using the word "I" so much try and expand some sentence here and there, instead of making them so short. You might want to express how you or the character(s) is/are feeling, give the reader more info and detail.

Dec 29, 2014
Dreamer Part II
by: Skyler

I went to the portal and I told everybody bye,then I jumped in.It was all weird I was falling, but when I thought I would fall on the ground I was gently set down in a green meadow.I heard people the noise got louder and louder so I flew away or at least I tried I forgot he took my wings and horn.

So I galloped away into a farm which I did not know at the time.They found me I did not know what was going on they threw lots of ropes on my neck and I could not pull away. I fell and they did not let me get up so I was laying down,they dragged me over a rock and it took a chunk of skin off it was the worst pain I have ever felt.

Then it was on I hopped up and pulled with all my might but they called for back up when I stared dragging them.I reared and struck one on his right shoulder they threw a rope on my left hind led when I reared again, I fell hard on the soft green grass but it still hurt.

They pushed me into the corral then......

Dec 29, 2014
Thank you!
by: Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls.com

I am so sorry it took me so long to post it.

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