Cinder...Long Stocks

by Ivy & Camille
(Wolf Creek, Montana "USA")

Pippi & Cinder

Pippi & Cinder

I think if you are going to cosh a name of a horse Cinder would be a great name because it would work for a small gelding, with a big hatred horse. That is the name of my horse. He is my buddy!! (Left, Sorrel, mustang)

Long Stocks, Pippi for sort is a good because this is the name of my horses, but she is not the sharpest tool in the shed. I know that because last time I rode her this morning we ran in to the a tree! It is the best if your horse has long stoking but, SHE IS THE BEST HORSE IN THE WORLD!! (Right, Varnish Roan, appaloosa)

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