Chester and Abby - Chapter 1 (Please comment or no part 2!)

by Anneka

My real life horse, Cliff.

My real life horse, Cliff.

This is the first part of a story I'm writing, about a girl called Abigale Jenson and Chester, her horse. Together they will go through many challenges and adventures.

Please do not copy as I have written this myself.
Other than that, enjoy!

I flicked my eyes open, and looked around me. I was here alright, here at Secret Valley Riding Stables, (SVRS) for short. It was way different to my home stables, Locke Creek Stables. Locke Creek had not as flashy facilities, but it was very homey and the people, including my instructor, Katherine, were very nice.

But here, everything was perfectly groomed, even the stable hands, which I have no idea how that is possible considering they are doing barn chores all day. It had dream horse lover facilities, but the people seemed cold, posh, stuck up and snooty, except for some fellow competitors.

This place was nearly uncomfortable to be around, but Chester was here with me so I had no need to fear. That was right! Chester! I skipped to the float door, unlocked it and untied him, as mum (yeah, I'm from Australia!) had the ramp down already. I gave him a pat.

I noticed the rust spots and ill-at-home-painting job I had done in the float. Our float wasn't as flashy, but it was functional. I started to back Chester out of the float.

"Ow!" I said as I had just whacked my head on the chest bar after duck beneath it. Oh yeah, great ducking skills. I continued to back Chester out until he had his feet firmly placed on the ground next to the float, head tied up and his face in a hay net. Chester likes food. So did I.

"Abby, take of his boots and tail bandage and walk him around" said my mum.

"OK mum." I did what I was told. Soon I had his tail bandage off and his tail, airing it out and giving it a shake. Next were his boots, and I took them off and rubbed them down, restoring circulation to his legs.

I untied him and Chester was reluctant to come away from his food, but he followed my directions. We walked it time next to each other, his eyes taking in everything around him, his ears flicking around listening to everyone and thing.

We came to a part next to the cross country course and Chester stopped and spread his back legs apart, and went to the toilet.

"Oh, that is disgusting!" said a voice that sounded very much like Ria. I turned around. It was Ria, the stuck up brat who was rich and got everything she wanted, including her latest horse, Sunshine, after she mistreated Benny her old horse and played up and bucked her off. She got fed up and sold him to a horse dealer, but no-one has heard of him since.

"I don't have time for your babyish comments Ria. Nature calls," I said looking at Sunshine, who had just copied except did a big, sloppy poo. Sunshine's handler didn't seem to mind though. Maybe he would have a good influence on Ria.

"Uhh..Umm..." She stutterd. "Shut up Abigale, you're such a waste of breath."

"Love you too Ria!" I said and walked away with Chester by my side.

I had to beat Ria. And she was going to be beaten so hard. By me. Besides, Sunshine isn't too good at cross country. However, Chester, my first and very recent amazing horse, was my secret weapon and excelled at eventing. Ria judged him by Chester being a chestnut. To her, Chestnuts were horrible. Ria didn't know what was coming for her!

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Chester and Abby - Part 2

by Anneka

My sister's horse, Suzy

My sister's horse, Suzy

Hi guys!
Thanks for the lovely comments from part 1!
This is the second part of Chester and Abby. Please comment!
Paste this link for part 1:

I awoke to some birds chirping, and a nice, cool and crispy morning. The fist thing I did was jump out of my sleeping bag, stretched and got changed. Once I was dressed into my barn clothes, I was out to give Chester his breakfast.

For competition days he got some pony pellets and molasses, plus some hay. The pellets and molasses were for an energy boost. I came back to mum cooking some bacon, eggs and grilled tomato on her portable stove. I had a look at my watch. 7:30 am. I was on at 10:15 am.

I had half an hour too eat breakfast, and the same for walking the cross country course. Then I brushed and tacked up Chester. By then it was 9:00 and I had to go and get changed and then I was warming up at 9:30. Everything went according to schedule.

Chester and I flew over the last warm up jump. It was 10:00 am and Chester was all warm and limber. I walked him around for a bit, and played a game on my phone. It helps me relax before any form of competition. I was called to the starting box. I lined up and the steward checked over my tack.

"You ready?"

"Yes!" I said confidently, and gathered up my reins. The steward smiled.

"3, 2, 1, go!" said the starter.

I shot out of the box. We were at a full gallop. We raced around the corner and came to the first jump. We took it with ease. Then we came over two brush huts, gracefully flying over each one. Next there was a log, a coffin and a ditch. Soon there was a stone wall and another made of logs. The wind started to pick up. This was so fun! We came to a water jump.

I leaned back down the first step, then down into the water. We splashed around for about three strides and went up the first step. I leaned forward, standing up in the stirrups. We bounced up, out of the water and galloped away. We flew over a couple of jumps and came to the very last one. We cantered towards it. There was one stride to go, then two. One.

I felt Chester lift up his front legs and stretch out. I stood in my stirrups and leaned forward. The wind played with his mane, making it dance before my eyes. His hind legs were up and we were soaring over the jump. I sat in a normal position and let the reins slip through my hands. Then I leaned back, and his front legs, then his hind touched the ground.

As his hind legs touched the ground I stood in my stirrups so I wouldn't bump the saddle and hurt Chester's back. We galloped away, my hands up Chester's neck and me in my galloping position. We went through the finish line and I let Chester slow at his own pace. That was so fun!

According to my mum, we were the best round yet. Soon Chester was in his yard, all cooled out, untacked and brushed. The vet had checked him over before, and he passed with flying colors. I let him chill for a few hours and we all had lunch. I checked the scores and guess what....I was in the lead for the twelve years of age cross country division!

Ria would just glare at my and I could see that she narrowly missed disqualification. She was at the bottom of the list! When it was early late after noon, I took him for a light ride and practiced some dressage movements for tomorrow. In the evening he got his dinner and I had bought a few things from the horsey stalls around! I prepared everything for tomorrow, and I was on at 9:30 am.

I looked over the dressage test and mum tested me on it. I knew it off by heart. All too soon I had dinner and hit the hay. I had to get up even earlier tomorrow!

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Chester and Abby - Part 3

by Anneka

Benji, the crazy and amazing horse I ride at my stables

Benji, the crazy and amazing horse I ride at my stables

Hi guys! There were some lovely comments from part two... thank you! Please keep commenting or I will no longer be doing this series.

Link to part 2:

Also, NO COPYING, If you do, you are violating the terms and conditions of submitting a story to

I took a deep breath and looked around me. I was about to do my dressage test. We were OK at dressage but better at jumping. But we were still really good at dressage. It works somehow. I patted Chester on the neck. I had done my pre-show ritual. That was playing a game on my phone. I giggled inside. Playing a game on my phone......

"Abigale Jenson, please come into the ring within the next 90 seconds" called the judge.

"It's showtime" I whispered into Chester's ear. He understood. I did some circles outside of the ring and showed of Chester's good looks and ability to do dressage. I got him looking good and perking up. A first impression in dressage is crucial.

We entered at a working trot. Chester halted at X and I saluted. We resumed a working trot. We did loops, twenty metre circles, working canters, flying changes, loose walks and other moves. All transitions were pretty perfect, and we only stumbled on one flying change and I was on the wrong diagonal for about a few strides.

I was very proud with what we had done. We turned at A, and did the most graceful collected trot down the centre of the ring. We halted as one, and I dropped my hand to salute. I picked up my reins and exited the arena with a ginormous smile on my face.

"Oh, thank you boy!" I told Chester as I hugged him. I placed fifth for my age group! And Ria got fourth-but I didn't care. I was still beating her overall. And we had tried our hardest.

We had a nice canter with plenty of impulsion. We went through the starting poles. It was show jumping time. We thundered towards the first jump and cleared it with inches to spare. We came to the next jump and flew over it, being a tricky spread.

We came to a combination, bouncing easily over part A and B of the combination. We flew over several more jumps, and all too soon we were at the last one. It was a combination, too. There was one stride to go.

Take-off! We were up and over it in no time, which was part A, anyway. Part B came, a very uninviting upright. We cleared it anyway! We came to the last jump. We did our only stride between the fences, and took off.

He stretched out his front legs, I stood in my stirrups. His hind had left the ground now, and we were soaring. I saw the light flicker of his glossy coat.

The left stirrup shimmered in the light. The fresh smell of grass and the lovely wooden fences and green, rolling hills in the background urged me on. Once again his mane danced before my eyes. My riding jacket flew in the wind.

Chester's eyes were calm, patient and trusting. He was giving it his all. For me. I felt so proud, to have been accepted by Chester. To have him as my horse. At this moment in time, I felt another wave of love for Chester. We were one, and to see a horse and rider perfectly matched like us is amazing.

I sat up and leant back, letting the reins slip through my hands. We touched down and cantered away hard and fast, to be placed age champion with my lovely horse. My amazing horse.

I hope you guys like it! Any suggestions for the sequel? If so, please leave a comment! This was the final part for the first "Book."

Please keep commenting! You guys are amazing!

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Chester and Abby: Book 2 - Part 1

by Anneka



This "book" is called Saving Lucky.
Please comment, but no nasty ones!
I hope you love....

I jogged down the road, sweat trickling down my face. I had to catch the bus today, and it broke down. By the time I got home, it was 4:45 and there was rain on the way apparently, at 6:00!

I was in my barn clothes and I was on my way to Chester. I ran down the driveway, a gully and horse paddock on my left, and arena and cross country training area on my right. The stable Complex was in front of me and parking was on each side of the stables.

Behind the stable complex, there was a jumping/all purpose working arena and behind that were more paddocks. The cross country course went all through the property, along with the trails. There was even a flat area for riding that was considered being transformed into a polo/polocross/horse ball field. How cool!

My gumboots crunched the dry grass, and I looked up to the sky and yelled out, “There better be rain! Just hold it off till I get home!”
I looked into the arena and then stopped. There was a wooden gate, then a hedge around the outside, and a single rail and post fence on the inside. It looked so cool.

There was also a new horse in there, and a new rider. I approached the gate. The new rider was cruel. She was tearing the horse in the mouth at the same time as whipping it and kicking it in the guts.

He threw in a pigroot, and plunged forward. Then he started reversing, because he was being pulled and kicked at the same time. That was it. I climbed over the gate, and yelled at the girl, "the poor horse! You are treating it so badly!" I exclaimed, while grabbing the horse's bridle.

"Let go of Lucky!"

"Lucky? He is not so lucky to have an owner like you!"

"Enough!" Yelled another voice. It was an older woman. "Do not treat Melony like that! We are new here and we were expecting a warm welcome!"

"And who are you?" I asked, my anger boiling over. The poor dapple grey. He was an Arab, you could easily see.

"Lidia. I am Melony's mother. I also demand you to leave, right now!"

"No! Not while a horse is in danger by CRUEL owners!"

"How DARE you!?" Shrieked Melony, yanking Lucky at the mouth in anger. Lucky had enough. He shied to the side, plunged and gave an almighty buck, sending Melony flying into the fence. Her face blushed and her eyes filled with tears.

"Mother, I don't want this horse anymore! Send him to the knackery as soon as you can!" Screamed Melony as she tried to get up and storm/limp out of the arena.

"I am going to the stable manager about this!" Said Lidia, smacking Lucky across the mid-face and dragging him behind her. I could feel that Lucky was a wonderful horse and that I needed to save him. I could also feel that my anger was boiling over and that I needed to go punch an out of date feed bag.

Henry, the person who organized over thirty different horse’s feeds, occasionally stuffed up and ordered the wrong feed. The feed bag would stay in the feed shed until someone bothered to get it out. I went and punched one, and kicked it and slammed my body into it.

I got really angry when horse owners didn’t look after their horses or treat them properly. I had a look at my knuckles as they hurt horribly. They were bleeding, and all puffy and swollen. I had a look the out-of date feed bag. Nicely demolished, I thought.

I lifted it up and carried it to the skip bin. My muscles seemed to only be there when I was angry. I went back to clean up the mess I had made, and headed to the office. I washed my hands and searched for the first aid kit. I found it. I got some antiseptic and put on a gauze, then a bandage. I did it to my other arm, then I walked out of the office.

I liked it here. The stable was wonderfully designed! There was the main entrance, and you would walk in and Chester’s stall was the first on the right. There were 3 more stalls then a huge feed room. There was an aisle and if you went straight forward, there were more stalls on your left, plus a tack room, and then there were more stalls on your right.

Back down the horizontal aisle, there was a chill out room with two couches and a fridge, plus a kitchen and shelves with horsey things there. Next to the chill out area, there were more stalls along each side. Then there were even more stalls and another tack and feed room. The whole complex was like a big H.

On the jump arena side, there was a big tethering area. There were also entrances to the building it the top and bottom left and right sides, in a straight line.

"Abigale Jenson! Come here at once!" Someone had interrupted my daydream. It was a very angry sounding Elisabeth. I was in trouble.

It turns out I had to clean out every single stall, all 24 of them. And that was thanks to Lidia and Melony. They made up lies about other rude things I said to them.

I swear I’m going to get back at them. Every time I went to the office to tell the true story, or get a new bandage as mine had come off my hand, she wouldn’t let me speak and told me to go do what I was told.

By the time I got home, it was eight forty five. What made it worse that it was pouring, and I slipped over on the dirt road and landed in a puddle. I got all muddy and when I got up a car whizzed by me and nearly knocked me over, but I jumped out of the way and to my luck, I landed in a pile of gooey wet horse poo.

My bandages were saturated and ripping, falling off rubbing me. My one on my right hand came off completely and was all infected, the cuts were oozing. It was disgusting. I also needed to save Lucky.

So I sat up all night thinking about ideas. I came up with nothing realistic and my only way was to approach Lidia calmly. That would be a hard thing to do.

Yeah. Comment please!

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Chester and Abby: Book 2 - Part 2

by Anneka

Phar Lap at the museum in Melboune, 2010 (photo courtesy my sister)

Phar Lap at the museum in Melboune, 2010 (photo courtesy my sister)

Here is part 2 of book 2 of Chester and Abby
Chester and Abby: Book 2: Saving Lucky: Part 2
So please read, comment and rate!
Thanks you amazing people!!
And, Enjoy!

I rubbed the shiny horseshoe that hung on my bed. Today I was visiting Chester again, and I was going to approach Lidia in a calmer manner today. The "incident" happened about a week ago, so hopefully she had forgiven me.

When no one was looking while I was down at the barn, I would visit Lucky and tell him that he was going to be very Lucky, because I was going to save him. I recently figured out that he was very young, only two years of age. I had even bare backed him late evening in the paddock and he was a dream, inexperienced and jumpy, but a dream.

I pulled on my boots and headed out of the door. I had two carrots today, one for Chester and one for Lucky. I walked up the road, admiring the weather. My knuckles were nearly healed, just scabs remained. I reached the barn and gave the two horses a carrot. I saw Melony’s mum drive up the path. I stopped and waved, and she pulled up and got out of the car.

"Abigale, what do you want?" She asked, trying to keep her cool.

"You know how you want to sell lucky to the knackery, right?"

"Yes, I do. Your point is?" She asked.

"I would love to have Lucky. Would you be able to give him to me?" I begged inside, but asked on the out.

"Give? Certainly not! I have already had the meat-man come out and price him. He wants $400 for him. You would have to give me at least $500 for him. I might say, he is very inexperienced and I am not sure if he would be safe for you, or if you are even capable of breaking in that horse."

"He isn’t broken in?" I asked, surprised.

"Very freshly broken in, that is. He was taught to walk to canter, and his bloodlines were amazing. We bought him a few months back, as he was at a cheap price and, oh, you can’t let a horse with those bloodlines down! Also I was sure my Melony was up to it." She seemed almost embarrassed.

"Oh. When do I need the money by?" I asked with curiosity.

"Sunday," she said.

"Sunday!? But it’s Thursday today!" I exclaimed.

"I’m sorry, but that is how life goes. Now, I have a business meeting and I just came to check if Melony’s new horse was OK."

"She has a new horse?" I wondered.

"Oh, his name is Star. Shining Star In The Night is his show name. He arrived at eight last night."

"Oh...I have to go now too. Not much daylight left!" I said and skipped off.

I caught Chester and told him about it. Honestly, two days to save Lucky? Melony has a new horse? She doesn’t deserve one!

I tacked Chester up after he got a very thorough brush. He didn’t get one this morning as I woke up a bit late. And he had rolled, making himself very dirty! I led Chester out to some damp ground. It had just sprinkled and there were some clouds around, making the place darker.

Oh well, I need to ride Chester, It’ll be good experience, anyway. We set out between two lots of paddocks. Lucky’s on the left and Chester’s on the right. We came to some trees in a gully. The gully was bursting with green plant life. The creek was very clear and you could see the bottom, different coloured stones and pebbles and little plants in the water.

I liked this bit, the trees made a path around the creek. The creek was shallow, and it turned to sand a few meters by the crossing. I remember once Elizabeth took me for a trail and we rode down the stream and took a left about 50 metres down.

I turned Chester and went right down the stream. There were no hoof marks and the exit out of the trail was pretty much over grown. I managed to pull through it and came out to a very overgrown path. No one had used this trail in ages!

We went up a steep part for a bit, then turned around the hill, following a track that was barely see able. Soon we came down to the creek again, but at a different spot, 1 km down from the original creek crossing. I crossed it and spotted an exit, yet again overgrown. I came out to a clearing.

A beautiful clearing, with purple flowers and it was enclosed by trees. There was lush green grass and it looked lovely to ride around on. I had a quick hoon and came across a very old pile of poo. I had a tingly feeling, then an idea. An idea to get money! Picking up poo all around the stables. Great idea! I turned and cantered through the creek and along the hill.

We slowed to a trot and then a walk. I crossed the creek again and made my way to the stables. It started to sprinkle again and I untacked Chester, then he got a groom, he was rugged, and then he had dinner. I jogged to Elisabeth’s office.

"Oh, Abby! I needed to talk to you. I’m so sorry about yesterday-I found out the truth of how Lidia and Melony treats horses, and there was a witness, Nick, he told me the truth. I’m so sorry!" She gave me a hug, "here, $100 for all those stalls you mucked out! Sorry!"

"$100? Thanks! That’s only $400 to go!" I exclaimed.

"$400 to go?" She asked.

"Didn’t you hear? Melony is selling Lucky to the knackers!!!" I said.

"What? For how much?" Liz asked in a worried tone.

"$500." I answered.

"And you’re saving up to buy him?" She wondered.

"Yes. By Sunday. That brings me to my question, I was wondering if I could clean out stalls and do barn chores for you, for a payment."

"Oh, most certainly to help out! In fact, Hope is sick today and she can’t do her chores, and Andy is trying out a new horse over at Jindanley Lane Stables. I could really use a hand."

"Sure! I’m on it!" and I skipped out the door to go muck out stalls, fill water buckets, mix feeds, rake the arena, rug horses, bring in horses, let out horses, clean tack, tip feed into feed drums and change a dressing on Clancy, who ran through a fence.

That was $200 more in my pocket. And only $200 left to earn!

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Thanks :) you are all amazing :D

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Chester and Abby: Book 2 - Part 3

by Anneka

My first horse, Banjo. Do you like my grooming skills?

My first horse, Banjo. Do you like my grooming skills?

I wondered home, tears streaking down my face. I hadn’t managed to earn anymore money and it was Saturday afternoon. My hope was lost! My parents refused to give me a loan! I cried and cried, dawdling my way towards home. Soon it became too much.

The hot weather was back, and I was very stressed and I had a huge headache. I buckled at the knees, fainting onto the ground. Everything went blurry, and then it went black.

I awoke to three men staring over me. Then that became two. Then there was only one. I shook my head and sat up.

"Hey, easy now" said a boy. So it wasn’t three men, it was one. I must have hit my head hard. It wasn’t a “man” it was a “boy” actually. I sat there dazed for about thirty seconds. The boy was Nick!

"Nick? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I have a better question. What were you doing?"

"Uhh....Sleeping," I said, rather embarrassed.

"Sleeping. Sure! Now what happened? Did you fall? I thought you were dead or something. But you were breathing."

"It’s Lucky." I said, my eyes filling with tears.

"Oh, you mean Unlucky to have Melony as an owner Lucky?"


"I saw what they were doing to Lucky and stuff. Hey, are you OK?"

There were tears coming down my face, "They’re, they’re g-gonna sell Lucky to the knackery!" I stuttered, crying.

"Oh, Abby! It’ll be OK! I may be able to help, what can I do?"

"I need $200. I already have $300 but I need $200 more to buy him!" I forced out of my throat.

"Really? Simple. I’ll give you $200! When do you need it by?"

"Tomorrow morning, 5:30."

"OK. The bank is still open for another hour. I’ll drop it into your mailbox soon, once I get it."

"Do you want me to come with you? I mean, to be nice and all? When do you want me to pay you back?"

"No, you go home and rest. You’ll need to be up extra early tomorrow! And you don’t need to-"

"I want to pay you back! I’ll feel bad if I don’t."

"Well, I have an ICT assignment to do, and I need someone to film me riding, and someone to ride with. We have to make an advertisement of the sport we play."

"Consider it done!" I said, shaking his hand. He pulled me up and walked me home. When we got to my front door step, I looked at him. I liked his nice blue-green eyes, lovely dark brown hair, his very white teeth, slightly tanned skin and lovely smile. And he was horsey. That was a plus!

"Um...Thanks, Nick. You’re a true friend!" I said.

We leaned closer, and as if he read my mind, we both pulled back. Instead we shook our hands and said our farewells. As I watched him leave, I had a funny feeling. It wasn’t a sick feeling. It was a nice feeling. It was love! I think I liked Nick. And I think he liked me!

My family and I ate dinner that night, mum asked, "Why do you look so happy? Just yesterday you were an emotional wreck!"

"Oh, nothing. Just that I have some money to save Lucky!"

"Really? That is great! How’d you get it."

I paused for a moment, "A good friend gave it to me." I said the truth. A good friend did give it to me!

"You mean Isabelle? Isn’t she back today?"

I paused again. Just say Isabelle, I thought. She had come back from Sydney today and I did see her at the stables. "Yes. He did give it to me. She is going to drop it off in the letterbox, soon anyway." That was partly the truth! I felt a bit awkward.

"Did you just say he?"

"No, I said she."

"No, you said he."

"I said she! I’m not hungry anymore. May I be excused?"

She looked at me funny. "Yes you may," was all she said. It was a bit lonely, without dad. He had found someone else that he had loved more. But mum was OK with that. She was a good woman, and wanted my dad to be happy. Also, she wanted her son to be happy.

Jarrad was his name. He lived with dad, and stayed with us sometimes. Of course she was a bit sad, but there were no hard feelings and they both were pretty happy. I scraped off my scraps into the bin and went and got ready for tomorrow. I collected the money from our letterbox and had put the envelope in my coat pocket, after putting the other $300 in there. I recounted it. It added up exactly. Soon I had a shower and went to bed. And dreamed of cantering Lucky across hills bareback, being totally free. It was heaven.

I had woken to my alarm at 4:30. I had breakfast and gotten changed by 5:00. And I was at Locke Creek Stables by 5:15. Lidia was there. I shoved the envelope in her hand, and grabbed Lucky without saying a word.

I led him to Chester’s paddock. I let him go and they were Bffl’s almost immediately! Soon I ran into Lidia again and she said I could have Lucky’s tack. She didn’t have a use for it anymore, apparently. Everything had worked out and I had two beautiful horses!

So I hope you enjoyed it!
Please comment or no PART 4! Yes, part 3 isn’t all! There will be another part!
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Chester and Abby: Book 2 - Part 4

by Anneka
(QLD (to be NSW) australia!)

Part 4
Here is where the twist comes in!
Book two part four
Chester and Abby: Book 2: Saving Lucky: Part 4
Now please read and rate n comment! Thanks!
It had been five weeks since I had gotten Lucky. I had done lots of ground work and riding around in the arena. He now follows me around the paddock, runs up too me all the time and just stands there and gives me hugs.

It was a bit hard sharing between two horses, but I come down every day and sometimes do things with both of them at the same time. I have Lucky’s papers now and he is officially my horse.

I shot back into reality and lead him into the jumping arena. I had set everything up and we were doing jumping! Well, a bit of grid work and jumping. I had bounce jumps set up, grid poles that lead up to jumps and single jumps. Not many though. Today I started making them uninviting so he would get used to different fences.

I already had complete control of him from walk to canter and we have done a bit of galloping and he loved it! I had taken him for rides all around the main complex and had ridden on the trail that goes around the main complex, but a bit out, but you could still see the stables at all times, as long as you looked for them.

Sometimes there was a small hill in the way or something but it was a good starting trail. Lucky loved the trail.

I gathered my reins up once I had shut the arena gate. I put my left foot in the stirrup and faced Lucky’s rump. 1, 2, 3, I said and bounced into the saddle, placing my butt lightly on the seat and putting my right foot in the stirrup.

I gathered my reins and gave Lucky a squeeze with my legs. He went into a walk perfectly. Soon we had done walk canter around the arena, and he was a bit jumpy. But I suppose that is because I have started changing his feed and I hadn’t ridden him for the past 2 days.

He was all warm and limber and I trotted him over some poles, then some bounce jumps. Soon I figured out a course from all the jumps and headed towards the first jump. It had a grid then jump, we cleared it but Lucky stumbled at the getaway but we were both okay and kept riding. He was allowed to make a mistake once or twice and he had only just started jumping.

I turned him in a U shape and went over a bounce jump. I cantered away and went over the third jump after turning left, then I went past the first jump and turned left again. We had a nice canter, very impulsion-full. Yet smooth. It was exactly right for the next jump. It was a 60 cm upright and was the most uninviting of them all. One straight pole. Nothing else.

We cantered towards it then a plastic bag made it’s way into the arena. The wind had picked up and it blew into Lucky’s face. He reared and I lost my seat but held his neck.

I found one of my stirrups again and leant back as he dipped down. We were cantering uncontrollably towards the jump. He then realised it was there and he bulked and did a huge cat leap over.

By now I was hanging off his side and falling to the ground. I hit it with a thud and was caught under Lucky’s legs. He jumped to miss me and his back legs accidentally pounded into me and I yelled with pain. I was dragged along into another fence, then my foot came out and I landed on the pole stand.

Soon everything went blurry, and I could hear Lucky whinnying for help. Soon everything went black. I don’t know what happened next. I could only feel my gut and left ribs hurting and my head aching, some parts of my body bleeding and everything in my body just...hurting.

"Stand up, Tusket. What is it boy?" Nick said to his horse, Tusket. He was leading his horse out from his paddock so they could go have a ride. Tusket whinnied and then Nick heard a horse whinnying back.

He looked over to the arena and saw a rider falling off and being caught underneath the horse, then being dragged and smashed through a fence, a yell, then whoever it was just lay there motionless.

He realised that it was Lucky, and Abby was the rider! He flicked the lead over Tusket’s neck and threaded it through the halter. He ran with Tusket by his side, then vaulted onto his horse’s back and galloped to the arena. They soared over the fence and Nick jumped off and ran to Abby’s side. Her eyes were closed.

"She must be dead!" He exclaimed, and then checked her pulse. No, she was alive. There was blood coming out of her mouth and some around her back and side. Some grazes were on her face too. He shook her, "Abby! Abigale! HELP! SOMEBODY! PLEASE! HELP!" He remembered, "My mobile!" He reached into the pocket of his jeans and dialed 000. Soon the ambulance was on its way.

When it was here, they took her on a stretcher and she was driven out as lightning speed. He was told that he did the right thing. He was speechless. The girl he liked nearly died before his eyes, and was being driven away in an ambulance.

I heard a horse gallop then jump. I knew those sounds too well. Soon there was a voice. A boy’s voice. Nick’s voice, and he was yelling her name. She wanted to reply, but she couldn’t. She wanted to say to Nick, to get that pole that is digging me in the ribs away, and to go do Lucky and just let her sleep. And while he was at it, he could get her some painkillers.

Then she heard him call the ambulance. Yeah, that’d be nice. Soon the ambulance was here and she was put on a stretcher and there was a mask on her face, and tubes sticking out of her. Soon she was pretty sure she was at the hospital and she heard peoples conversations and felt her mother kiss her on the forehead. She remembered being there for days and days.
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Update from Anneka from the Chester and Abbey series!

by Anneka
(NSW, Australia)

Hi guys! It is Anneka from the Chester and Abbey series! I have moved from QLD Australia to NSW Australia, and now attend a horsey boarding school.

Cliff and I are going great, we have now done our first comps. It started with my equine studies assessment for term one, I did a jumping round. I think I did pretty well, then I went to my first Gymkhana, then my second, altogether gaining four fourths, two thirds and a seventh.

Just the other day I did my term 2 assessment and that was a dressage test which I think we did ok in. On Monday I have my other assessment, a course design and I have to ride it. should be fun! I've no current pics of Cliff and I, but my sister has vids on youtube of the school horse riding and stuff.

Check out foxroxursoxoff (the channel) and watch two of her latest vids. I am hoping to enter some shows the rest of the term. Thanks guys, hope you are all well!

Also, Clifford had a bucking problem and I think we are now over that. Except for the last gymkhana, he did the full on bucking after we finished the barrels he got so excited. WE are walking to cantering bareback and in saddle, jumping 45 centre metre rounds, E grade, gymkhana-ing and cross country, and riding out. I also have four falls to add to my list.

  • Bucking

  • Jump refusal and bucking

  • Slipped off bareback

  • and Gymkhana bucking (I grunted in that one. "oohhf")

That is like five and a bit times off him, that is if you count the over mounting I did once. Lol.
I have improved so much, and Cliff too. Thanks guys you are cool!

Anneka & Cliff :)

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