Cedar Oaks Ranch: The Rescue

by Saphirerain

The phone rang, breaking the stillness in the air. Emma Ridge rolled over, the dull ringing bringing her wide awake. She picked it up.

"Got a load. Five hundred. Come on. Another emergency." Emma knows the voice. She speaks."Maddie? What time is it?" A laugh sounds over the line. "Two thirty. I'll be waiting for you." Click. Maddie had hung up.

Emma slips on some jeans and pulls some boots on. A light drizzle was out side. She grabbed a coat and slipped down the hall. She knocks on a door, soundlessly opens it. She found her daughter up.

"I heard the phone. I'm ready," Jennifer whispers. Though its still dark, Emma can just make out the smile on Jennifer's face.

"Come on Mom. We need to get ready." Emma watches her slip out to the hall. She follows. "Lets get something to eat first. Its going to be a long day, honey." But she ignores her, pulls on a pair of boots and goes out, already getting the supplies they needed that day.

Emma quickly grabbed two pieces of bread and snatched a few apples. She ran outside, and climbed into the truck, started the engine. Jennifer climbed in.

"How many horses this time?" she asks. Emma looks over to her. "Maddie said five hundred. Ready baby girl?"

Jennifer smiles, a small thoughtful smile. "Yup."

They reach the grounds. Emma forces her stomach to stay in control. She never gets use to this part. Horses, thin, shaking, screaming. She parks, jumps out. Jennifer follows.

"Emma! Its about time." She spins around, Maddie laughs. "Come on. First number is 5."

Jennifer watches as her mom and Maddie approach the horses pent up the white fence. It was dangerous, the horses spooked up and everything. SHe crossed her fingers. Nothing bad had happened on other rescues. Nothing bad would happen on this one.

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