Can't Live without 'em

by Rhianna

Me and Prissy At Christmas At Oak Hollow.

Me and Prissy At Christmas At Oak Hollow.

My love for horses started when i was about 5 or 6.Now when i started going to the mall, which as whe i was about 7, i would always see mounted police officers on their serene horses. I would ALWAYS ask to go and pet them and when i went to go see one, the rider gave us her card and asked if i wanted riding lessons!So i took them and therefore, started riding when i was seven.I stopped after about about a year there when i realized she wasnt teaching me anything...and we had moved.So i didnt ride fo about half a year.But i never gave up my love for horses. But after that half year i started ridig again at a place called Oak Hollow.I rode there for about three years and then on the third year i owned a horse named Prissy.I kept her for about two years, riding her and having fun. Sharing the bond that was obvious to every rider in the stables. But she always reared and was underaged...One day i was driven to selling her.So the week after i went to collect my stuff and headed out of the barn, saying my last goodbye to Prissy forever. So i never went back to lessons there.I stopped for about a half a year, too torn up to ride again. Then i met my friend elaina and she showed me where she rode and it was called r and m stables.I started riding there.
I currently am riding there.I might even buy this lessons horse fo sale named Prisie.Isnt that cool!!!???

More Updates Soon!!!

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