Candy - A True Friend

by Alex

This story is not real.

"Hurry up Ayla, don't you want to see the ponies?" My mum yelled as I threw on a hat and ran down the hallway. My mum was taking me to my Aunt Kristen's farm. Aunt Kristen had lots of animals, but the the miniature ponies always caught my eye.

I jumped in the car and sat there, very excited. My Aunt was always asking me to visit her farm, I had a way with the ponies, but this time it was for a very important reason that was about to change my life and I had no clue!

I thought we were just visiting aunt Kristen like any other normal day but when I got there, Aunt Kristen told me that one of her miniature ponies had just had a foal! I walked into the pony (called Biscuts) stable.

"Hello there little one!" I exclaimed. I down next to Biscuits and her foal. After stoking the foal for a while, My mum and Aunt Kristen told me to feed the other miniature ponies while they had a coffee. Little did I know, they were having a very important discussion!

Soon, I had fed the mini's so I went inside to join Aunt Kristen and my mum in the kitchen.

"Hey Ayla." My Aunt Kristin started, "I have no room for the foal around here. Would you like her?"

"Me? I asked. " I- I -I don't know what to say! Thank you!"

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Candy, A True Friend - Part 2

by Alex

"I-I-I don't know what to say!" I stuttered. My Aunt had just offered me a miniature pony foal!
"You don't have to say anything." She replied, "I know you will will take good care of this little girl."

I visited the little foal each day for 2 weeks. Each time I would try to name her but whatever I thought of, the name just didn't seem to suit her. The day before we picked up the filly, I helped mum build a stable,fit for a miniature pony. Finally, it was time to take her home. by then she had grown a bit and she had a long white mane. Her bay coat gleamed in the sunshine. Aunt Kristen had attached a trailer to the back of the car and had put the mini' foal in.

When mum and I had returned home, I showed the foal around my yard. She nickered every time I talked. I needed to name her, but it was really hard.

"Hmm..." I said as I sat down next to the mini' foal, "You are very cute and sweet, so sweet that I could eat you! Hmmm... Thats it! Candy! Your name is Candy, what a perfect name!" I jumped for joy. After I had fed Candy, we ran around my backyard. She chased me everywhere. Soon, I has exhausted. I sat down with Candy and she nibbled my toes as I watched the Sunset.

The next day I woke early to visit Candy in her stable. She rubbed her nuzzle into my stomach and I giggled.

"Good morning early bird!" Mum said as she stepped outside, her hair frizzed, "Last night I called the vet and she is coming to check Candy out at noon. But first, I think that you should personalize Candy's stable." Mum handed me a bag. I looked inside. There 4 tins inside, one was purple, one was white, another was hot pink and the last was light pink.

"Thanks mum!" I said. I let Candy out into the yard as I painted her name on the stable. I painted a big 'C' with light pink and put the rest of her name in light pink. I put a white cloud around it and with purple I painted lots of wrapped candy and lollipops.

At noon, the vet came, she checked Candy over and gave her a few needles. The vet left after she had taken Candy temperature and confirmed that she was fine.

The next night, something terrible happened, something out of my dreams.

Wait for part 3 to find out what happens to poor Candy.

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Candy, a True Friend - Part 3

by Alex

"Woah girl!" I exclaimed as I opened Candy's stable door and she bolted into the paddock. It was the day after the vet had visited and I needed to muck out Candy's stable. My mum still wasn't used to me getting up so early, so she was surprised to see me working away through her bedroom window on the second store of our house.

"Whats all the hustle and bustle, Ayla?" Mum asked, bending out of her window, looking down at me.

"I am just mucking out Candy's stable." I replied, Shading my eyes from the sun with my hand.

"I'll be down in a minute." Mum said as she shut the window. I kept on mucking out Candy's stable when THUD! I fell into the hay. Candy had head-butted me into the hay!

"Candy!" I laughed, "You naughty little thing!" I got up and looked down at what used to be my beautiful blue tights and my purple t-shirt that had 'Chase your dreams' written in on it, with my matching denim vest.

'Oh well, I guess I should've known not to wear my best clothes out here." I said, brushing as much hay as i could off me.

After I had mucked out Candy's stable, I went inside to get changed. I then put her on a lead rope and we went for a walk. I know, it is strange to go on a walk with a pony, but still, it's cute. I walked Candy around the block. We went past many people, Candy trying to say Hello to all of them. We went past a house with a large front yard and a tall, blue brick wall. A man was out the front, clipping his hedges, but when Candy and I walked past, he stopped clipping and just stared at me with a very evil look. Then he looked at Candy with a grin right across his face.

"Excuse me, little girl, do you live in the house with the oak tree out the front?" The man asked me.
"Yes I do. Why do you want to know?" I asked him.
"Well...Um...I just like to know where my neighbors live. Now shoo." The man waved his hands.

That night, After I put Candy in her stables, I had dinner, watched a bit of TV and then I went to bed.

"Goodnight Sweetie." Mum said as she kissed me on the cheek. I walked up the staircase and into my room. I fell asleep almost straight away. I had a dreams about Candy.

Neigh! Yaa! Grr! Eeee! I awoke to the sounds of horses whinnying and crying. I thought it was morning so I opened my curtains. But it was black. I lookead at my clock. 1 am! I heard more whinnying and neighing and I looked out the window. A huge Thoroughbred was rearing into Candy's Stable!

"Good Boy!" I heard someone shout. I jumped out of bed and I raced into mums room.

"MUM! WAKE UP MUM!" I cried.

"What is it honey!" She asked.

"Quickly, a horse in rearing into Candy's stable!" I yelled.

Mum jumped up and we raced downstairs and out the back door. I then noticed that there was a person riding the thoroughbred. Pound! Neigh! The wall of Candy's stable collapsed.

"Stay away from my CANDY!" I yelled as I race over to my pony.

Suddenly, I saw a long rope pull around Candy's neck. The person on the thoroughbred pulled the rope. He galloped off on his horse, dragging Candy behind him by the rope, smashing down our fence on the way.

"Candy NO!" I sobbed as I ran out to the road, only to see that Candy and the man on the horse were now to far away for me to catch.

"YOU ARE A HORRIBLE MAN!" I yelled at the man on the horse, taking MY candy away. I collapsed onto the grass, bawling my eyes out, my mum just sat next to me with her arms around my shoulders.

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