by Codie

I love the name Cambrai because it was my first horses name. She was my best friend but then the lady I was adjusting my horse at sold her one weekend when I wasn't able to make it up there.

I then got her back but when the lady was floating her she fell in the float and fractured her leg and cut open her shoulder. He hind left leg then swelled to about 3 times the size and it wouldn't go back down.

She then got an infection throughout her body and wouldn't eat, drink and couldn't stand.

She had to have needles every day and i had to give her water all the time.

I also had to bath her leg in salt water every day and wrap it in chilled water soaked towels.

she would never be able to be ridden again.

I could not stop crying.

I gave her to a lovely family that would look after her and not ride her.

I later found out that the lady who I adjusted her at and sold her and gotten in touch with this family and told them that I had neglected her and that she got stuck in my fence and got burnt with a bushfire,
but it was her that made my gorgeous 12 year old bay thoroughbred mare like that.

I miss her every day and I think about her every night when i try to go to sleep.

I love and miss her so so so so much!!.

I cared for her more than myself, we had an unbreakable bond and she followed me every where.!.

I know have another horse who is called cobber.
he is a bit more challenging to ride than Cambrai but i am starting to connect with him more and more every minute I spend with him.


I cried for so long, she was my best friend, she was always there and she always made me feel better.

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