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Dec 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

My mom is amazed at my horse 'sense' but I still have a lot to learn and know, and I get my hands on any book I find. good luck, keep it up
and hope you get a horse soon. take care of him/her and you'll get lots of love back.

Sep 17, 2011
Me too
by: Kaley

I get called that to! And it's a lot more work than it's put in for. Like before I got my horse I wanted to just ride and groom, but you have to take lessons, clean stalls, train, EVERYTHING! BUt it's all worth it, you'll get one eventually. And like my friend doesn't have a horse, but she's going to have a world class barn! Like I want to have a boarding, training, riding facility to show young riders how to treat horses(:

Sep 16, 2011
keep up your dream of horses and never let any one say other wise
by: Anonymous

that is just how i am!! I would love to have groomed my very own horse every day and love him/her to death!!! I have loved horses for 4 years and took lessons for 3 and half years and then the most amazing thing happened, my mom always said that I would have to grow up and get a job to get a horse (I am 13) and then with one of my lessons the horse i was going to ride was lame and so they pulled out a paint mare without a name, and out of all the horses I rode before that I loved her the most!! and something snapped in my mom and now I own her!!!!!

any way, keep your love of horses and
you will find a great four legged friend to love

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