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Sep 27, 2010
I'm finially giving myself my ponies name, it won't give my identity. I hope!
by: paddalicious

$ the 4th time hi!
I am seriosly wondering what a spambot is?
And I joined your club but haven't got my member's email. Please send it to me!

Loving the site!

Sep 18, 2010
Hi 4 the 3rd time
by: Caitlin

This is a cool webbie, thanks caitlin for giving me something to do when not with my pony.

What are spambots?

U know I wrote about we r sooo alike, it's so true, but it's not above it's below.

Aug 04, 2010
I'm the 1 who wrote we r so alike (above).
by: Caitlin

Hi it's me again, from the, I can't believe it we r soooo alike, just saying, that I am still looking on your site!..........

Jul 21, 2010
Wow we are sooo alike!
by: Caitlin

Wow, you're called Caitlin so am I! And you like horses too, I don't even like horses I completely love them!

I have 2 I am not going to give away their identity as I feel I'm giving away to much of my details.

Nice to talk to others like me and my new horsecrazy friends! Caitlin xxx

P.s I found your website at school and I was messing around on a laptop and decided to put in, How many Caitlin's are there in the world?
(Obviosly alot!) and then it came up with Caitlin's Horsecrazy site and I keep glancing at it, and now I'm writing to you!
Bye Caitlins of the world!

Mar 26, 2009
by: horselover

do you Know that comment from that girl
we have the same name and like the same stuff
so thats why i wrote ok

Apr 15, 2008
by: Anonymous

First of all, you have the same name as me, and second you love horses like me! How cool!

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