Benjamin Bale - PART 1

by Abbie and Heidi :D <3

I buried my face into the warmth of my new horses mane. His name was Benjamin Bale, Ben for short. He was a 15:3 HH warm-blood used for hunting. He was strong, and majestic. Way too much for a 12 year old girl. I had no idea how right I was. I tried and tried to put on his bridle without being knocked out. It has happened! It never worked.

One night when I tried to do it I got knocked to the ground, right against the water trough, spraying cold water over my back. I had the saddle on him and he shook it off, causing it to fall on my arm. All I felt was a spiraling pain that shot up my arm. I passed out. I woke up in the hospital with my arm in a cast. "Bella honey, I think we have to sell Ben. You know why." I just stared in horror. I knew he had problems but we could fix them! I just couldn't believe her.

I went to see Ben and his big eyes seemed to say sorry. I believed him! My mum didn't though. She wanted to sell him. I didn't.

What was wrong with him?
Would I see him again?
Why did that happen?

Find out in Part 2...

To be continued...

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Benjamin Bale - PART 2

by Abbie



That night was the hardest of my life. Seeing my mum put up the ad for him, my mum and dad telling me that I could have a better horse than him and worst of all, if he doesn't get sold... he'll be put to sleep!

It was around midnight I woke up. I just couldn't bare it any more. I had to see Ben. I pulled on my jodhpurs and brushed my hair. I went down stairs to get the garage key. I couldn't find it! After about 20 minutes of searching I found it in Toby's bed. I opened up the door and pulled out my APOLLO bike and cycled to the stables.

I ditched my bike at the door and went to see Ben. It was horrible what I saw. Ben was just lying there, in the cold sawdust of his stable, barely breathing. Now it was 1:13 AM. It was pretty risky getting the manager but I did anyway. Was Ben dying?

By 6:00 AM my parents were by my side as the vet checked Ben over. I was normally a rude tomboy but today I was a big crying softie. "I'm afraid Ben had severe colic and his teeth are overgrown." said Mr Lane. "But we got him 3 days ago. If it's so severe wouldn't he have had it for a while? The same with his teeth?" I asked. "Yes. He also has worms. We will have to contact his old owners and question them."

As Ben rested, I was comforted by my friend and her pony Oswald. "I can't believe it! You've only had him for 3 days!" said Emily "I know. I just hope he'll be okay." I said back. I fed Oswald and went to visit Ben.

Ben seemed better. He was still lying down but he had something to drink, done the toilet and was eating hay. I checked Ben's poo (not the nicest of things) and seen millions and millions of red worms! It was soooo scary. I lay beside Ben and he rested his newly rasped jaw on my lap! That was the first time ever!

A few months later I was hunting Ben and coming first in every show! People were begging for Ben but we never sold him. In fact, they're still begging!

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