Beautiful Horses - Part 2

by Rebecca
(Daisy Hill)



I reached the other mares and nickered to them. A grey mare who I assume is the leader walked up to me with her ears flat back on her head. “Who are you” she asks? “I am Beauty and Sally just brought me from my old owners who were very cruel” I answered her.

“My name is Jewel and you must ALWAYS do what I say” Jewel nickers meanly. She turned her rump to me and began to graze. I trotted to the fence line and began to eat the deliciously sweet grass. As night fell I began to doze. At about midnight I woke up to my mouth so dry that I could hardly breathe. I turned towards the water trough but Jewel was standing guard next to it. Sighing, I turned towards the gate and prepared to jump.

I cantered to the gate and cleared it in a perfect arc. Then I looked around in search of water. The clear scent hit me in a wave when I turned towards the forest. I waited for scent to hit me again then I sprung forward into a gallop.

As I reached what looks like a small pond I get the feeling someone’s watching me. I ignore the feeling and begin to gulp the refreshing water down my cracked throat. Then suddenly a chestnut shadow comes into view and strikes the water with his mighty hoof. I jump away from the water’s edge.

“What ya doin'?” the stallion asks me with a sparkle in his eyes. “Who are you” I ask cautiously. “I’m Strike and I‘m a wild stallion” he says gleefully. “Someone tried to kill me at my old home so I pretended I was dead then snuck into the wild. What’s your name and where do you come from”? “I’m Beauty and I live with Sally” I answer.

“Why you out here” Strike asks. “I needed a drink” I admit. “This this mare called Jewel isn’t letting me have anything. It’s strange because I don’t know why she instantly didn’t like me”. “Maybe she’s jealous” Strike suggested. “Of what?” I say, frustrated. “It’s not like I’m exactly beautiful, even though my name IS Beauty. Anyway, she’s a real pain”.“Yeah,she is” Strike agreed.

”When ya leaving to go back to Sally’s place?”. “Do you know Jewel” I ask, suspicious. “You seem to know a lot about her”. “Um, I used to live at Sally’s place” Strike said uncomfortably. “We used to be together but I broke up with her when I realized how mean she is”. “I have to go” I said. “It’s almost sunrise”. I galloped off towards the paddock gate.

I reached the gate just as Sally came out of the house to feed us. Luckily, she feeds the stallions and geldings first. I launch myself over the gate and settle myself in what a hope looks like a sleeping position. Next thing I am hearing shouts of “Naughty Beauty”. I look up and see Sally storming towards me.

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Jun 11, 2022
Good story...
by: Anonymous

It's a very good story...
But, Author, you switch from present to past. Just thought you'd like to know! Not trying to be rude, just helpful:)

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