Ava and Andy - Chapter 1

by Sarah

Andy, Ava's Horse

Andy, Ava's Horse

Ava Parker's eyes slowly cracked opened and closed again trying to adjust to the bright light. Her bedroom light was on. Ava glanced at her alarm clock, the red numbers read 4:30am.

Today was the day Ava would be taken to Golden Girls Boarding School. Her parents were sending her there because of their constant business trips overseas.

Ava slowly sighed, crawled out of bed and walked to her almost empty closet. She had packed almost everything last night. All she had left was her outfit for today and some clothes she had outgrown.

She was just tying her tennis shoe when she heard a knock on her door. "Come in," she said. The large wooden door opened and her mom's head peeked in. "Almost ready to go honey?" Ava nodded. "Yes, I'm just going to check my email real quick then I'll be ready." "Okay, your dad is loading Andy up in the horse trailer right now then we will be going."

Andy was Ava's beautiful horse. He had been with her for ten years. She had gotten him for her 4th birthday. "Okay," Ava said.

As soon as her mom shut the door, Ava went for her computer. She had one message from her cousin Deanne.


Hey Girl!
So you're going to Golden Girls Boarding School? I've heard they have a great Equestrian program there. I'm sure you're glad that Andy is going with you.

I have been to boarding school before so here are a few tips.

*Make friends, but only good ones :)
*Be warm and friendly to those who are shy and lonely
*Be smart (It's cool!)
*Try not to think of home to much (believe me it only makes you homesick)
*But most of all...Have Fun!

Well, I better go now, the dogs have to be fed but shoot me a message when you get there! ;)

Your Cousin,

Ava smiled and was just beginning to reply when she heard a loud rap on the door. "It's time to go Ava." She heard a gruff voice say. "Okay, dad," Ava said hitting the send button. She had managed to type the word "thanks."

She grabbed one of her suitcases while her dad grabbed the other and they both headed out the door. It was still dark outside, a chilly September breeze blew sending chills up and down Ava's spine causing her to shiver.

Queenie, the Parker's boarder collie, ran toward Ava and gave her a friendly lick on the hand. "Bye-bye Queenie," Ava said patting the dog's head. She jogged toward the four-door truck that sat parked in the driveway.

Before climbing in, Ava looked back at her house that she would be leaving for two months. She could make out the outline of the two-story brick house. Off to the side, she saw Andy's barn and paddock. "I'll miss this place," Ava whispered.

She opened the car door and jumped into the back seat. The truck started and they started off. Ava laid down on her pillow and began trying to get a little extra sleep. She began thinking about how she begged her mom and dad to let her take Andy with her. It had taken four weeks of pleading and showing her dimples but her parents finally agreed.

Her eyes were now drooping and before she knew it she was asleep.

"We're here Ava," her mom said. Ava quickly sat up. The sun was shining brightly, it was 11:30 AM! Ava looked out the window, the truck had just gone under a sign that read "Golden Girls Boarding School."

They began passing green pastures full of beautiful horses. Ava saw her reflection in the rear view mirror and quickly grabbed for the hairbrush her mom offered her. She brushed the frizz and knots out of her straight, waist-length, light brown hair and put it up in a high ponytail.

They finally drove into the boarding school parking lot. Ava opened the door, stepped out of the truck and sighed, "home sweet home..."

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Oct 28, 2015
by: Sarah

To everyone: Please comment if you want more.

Oct 28, 2015
I Love Your Story
by: Siverleyhorseobsessed

Thanks for the story. By the way you guys should check out the website girls horse club. It doesn't really get a lot of posts but it's a pretty cool site.

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Ava and Andy - Chapter 2: Golden Girls Boarding School

by Sarah

Hey, everyone here is the second chapter. Tell me what you think.

Ava looked around. A brick office building stood in front of the parking lot. About 100 yards away, a large dormitory sat.

A plump lady came out of the office and smiled. "Hello, my name is Hannah Golden. You must be the Parker family." She said.

"Hello," Ava's mom said and they began to chat. Ava noticed no one was around but them. "I wonder where everyone is?" She thought. She was quickly brought out of thought by Mrs. Golden's voice.

"Ava, would you like to get your luggage and I'll show you to your room?" She said sweetly. Ava nodded and ran to the back of the truck where her luggage was. Her dad grabbed both her suitcases and Ava reached for her bedding and pillow. They followed Mrs. Golden to the dormitory and up three flights of stairs. "This is your room," Mrs.Golden said opening the door.

Ava walked in. Two sets of bunk beds sat against the east and west walls. Three of them were made, the other was just a bare mattress. "That top one up there is yours." Mrs.Golden stated pointing to the right set of bunk beds. She continued, "Your key to your room is under your mattress. Wake up time is 7am and lights out at 11pm. Now, on Friday night and Saturday we have buses going into town but curfew is 10pm. The rest of the rules are in the rule book on your bed. Oh, I almost forgot. Those two top drawers on those chester drawers are yours and half of the closet is also yours. Your roommates should be here soon. They are in school right now," she finished.

"Okay, thank you." Ava said smiling. Mrs. Golden walked out. Ava turned around to see a teary-eyed mom and dad. "I'm going to miss you!" She said running and hugging them. She could hear her mom sniffling. "A stable hand has taken Andy to the stable," she heard her dad say.

A few minutes later, Ava watched as her parents got into the truck and drove away. Ava waved one last time to them then turned around and began to make her bed. She finished and jumped down to start unpacking. She picked up her lime green suitcase and started to unzip it. She was startled by a loud, ringing noise. She quickly ran for the window just in time to see the doors of school open and girls of all ages spill out.

Ava smiled. She couldn't wait to meet her roommates! She quickly checked in the mirror to see if her hair had fallen down. Five minutes later, she heard loud talking and footsteps coming down the hall. Ava waited for the door to open. It seemed like forever but it finally did.

Three girls came strolling in. Two of them had their arms linked and were laughing, the other was trailing behind them, her nose in a history book. They all stopped short when they noticed Ava. "Hi." Ava said timidly. "You must be the new girl," a dark brown-headed girl said. "Yes.. I am.. I'm, I'm Ava."

"Well, I'm Jewel. This is Dallas and the girl behind us is Sherry," the girl spoke up. "Nice to meet you," Ava said politely. The girls wandered in, dropping their book bags in the corner. Jewel and Dallas went to the computer room and Sherry went to the library. Ava slumped onto her bed and stared at the picture of her and her family with Queenie on her nightstand. Alongside of it she had set a picture of Andy.

Andy! She had forgotten all about him. Ava jumped up and ran for the stables. When she got there, horses stuck their heads out of their stalls and nickered. It must be feeding time, she thought. Then she saw him, Andy, he was in a large paddock with a bunch of other horses. "Hey there, boy," she said scratching him behind his ears, his favorite.

She was only there for five minutes when a loud bell rang. It was dinner time. She quickly kissed him on the nose and ran for the huge swarm of girls heading for the dining hall. She found her dorm mates. The rule book said you were required to eat with them and got into the "endless" line. She started dipping salad, turkey and apple pie onto her plate and followed her mates to a rounded table. She tried to get into the conversation with Jewel and Dallas but felt that she should butt out.

That night she laid there thinking over what had happened that day. She had moved to a totally different environment in one day. What a change...

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Dec 30, 2016
Love your story!!!
by: Beckiehorselover

Hey, I love your story. Keep up the good work!!!! Please read my story too, Midnight the Black Stallion. I am waiting for part 4 to be posted soon. Please keep writing!!!

Dec 01, 2015
love this story!!!!
by: horsecrazygirl13

I love it so far!!! Please finish it!!!!

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