Atlas, the story of a girl and a horse - Part 2

by Chloe Ann
(Texas :))

Photo Credit: SoCali via I'd Pin That

Photo Credit: SoCali via I'd Pin That

It seemed like we were never going to get home. Every second felt like an hour. But when we did get home, I was happy. I ran to the door of the trailer and helped Atlas get safely out. "Careful, boy. Don't fall," I repeated over and over again until he was out.

I let him graze in the pasture to let him get settled. By dinner time, he was running around, chasing fireflies.

"So, Jasmine, what about horse feed and tack -including grooming supplies?" My mom asked.
"Weellll...I was hoping one of you could pay, considering I bought the horse my self?"
"Sure." Dad said

Later that night, I looked for prices on saddles at our local feed store's website. Everything was too expensive until I got to an English saddle that looked exactly like the one the girl that owned Atlas had.

(Sorry for the length...)

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Atlas - the story of a girl and a horse

by Chloe Ann

I, Jasmine, sat in the middle of a field, under a large, gnarled up willow tree. I drew many horse pictures in my journal, and began wondering what it would be like to own one? Racing through the wind with my long blonde hair blowing behind me, the horse breathing at a steady pace, her hoofs beating along with my heart like a drum.
I flipped toward the back of my journal and looked at a particular horse picture I had drawn a few days ago. I knew in my heart that I wanted that horse. I had seen him down the road, jumping gracefully, with a young girl on his back, his long, slender frame never missing a beat. His ears perked, and his tail swished. I could picture myself riding him through a meadow, and the whole world stopping, for just an instant, to watch us.
“Jasmine,” My mother called. “Dinner is ready.” I packed up my things and raced toward the large farm house, with a sleeping dog, Marvin, on the front steps.
I raced inside, just quickly enough to where I wouldn’t be late. I sat down in my usual seat, and began making my plate. My mom and dad did the same.
After dinner, I began thinking about the horse again. Man… that horse could jump. He was as swift and graceful as a fox. Mom must have noticed how spaced out I was because, being her usual self, cared to ask about what I was thinking.
“I’m thinking about the horse down the road, mother. You know the one? The gelding,” I smiled, thinking that they would understand that I wanted him. When neither mom, nor dad answered, I continued on, “I would like to own him.”
“Are you sure he’s even safe to ride?” Mom asked. “I mean, he could be a wild thing, and he could hurt you.”
“He’s not wild. A young girl was riding him the other day.”
“Well, I agree with your mother,” Dad said. “I don’t want you to get hurt, and neither your mother, nor I want to care for it our selves if he would be yours.”
“I will care for him by myself. That’s the best way to become friends with him… And I even have enough money from allowance to buy him.”
After a while, mom and dad finally caved in and said yes.
“We will go tomorrow to ask about him.”
I rushed to the old barn out back to clean out a nice stall for him. I’m finally going to have a horse, I thought.
Night time came fast. I had finished cleaning up the barn, and headed inside. I rushed upstairs, put pajamas on, and went to bed. After all, tomorrow was going to be a good day.
I woke up as soon as the sun rose. I did my chores first thing, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and made breakfast for my parents.
They walked downstairs just as I was pulling it out of the oven. “Good heavens, Jasmine,” my mom said. “You must be very happy about this horse.”
I nodded, and made them a plate of food.
When we got done, I clutched my allowance in my hand, and waited for dad to start the truck. He did, and we drove down the road with a small two-horse trailer hitched to the back.
I took a quick nap in the passenger seat of the truck so I wouldn’t look sleepy when we were talking to the horse’s owners.
We arrived as soon as I woke up, and I jumped out of the car, rang the doorbell, and smiled a huge smile. The door opened as dad had his hands on my shoulders. The young girl was at the door with her mom.
I was no longer grinning. Neither was the girl. My dad was the first to speak. “Hello. I’m John, and this is Jasmine. We were here to ask you if the grey horse was for sale.” The girl’s mom smiled.
“Yes, Atlas is for sale.” She said.
“How much is he?”
“He is five-hundred dollars even. But, I could do a discount, if you would like. Considering I only had four-fifty, I handed to her, and hoped that it was enough.
She smiled, counted the money, and walked my dad and I to the back of the house, where a large barn sat.
We walked inside slowly, as if in a trance. The woman stopped in front of a nice stall that held Atlas, the horse I bought. He was even better up close. His muscles rippled at every movement he made, and his coat was as shiny as silk.
The lady led him out of his stall with a nice leather halter that had a name plate with the horse’s name on it. I led her to our small trailer, feeling ashamed because of how grand everything she owned was compared to our stuff. But, the horse was going to be mine.
After we loaded Atlas into the trailer, we drove home.

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Aug 26, 2014
Great story
by: Anonymous

This was a fab story, the vocabulary used was excellent! Keep writing, you have a real talent for it!

Jan 05, 2014
by: Elizy


Nov 29, 2013
Part 2?
by: Anonymous

I love it but is there going to be a part 2?

Nov 19, 2013
good story
by: Anonymous

i love it!

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