At the End of The Road - Prologue

by Hooded Rider


A soft echo rattled through the silent forest. A tall man watched his back as he lead a Strawberry Roan Clydesdale filly through the darkness toward Ever Glade forest. An old crumbling building was in the distance, the mist danced around it as if taunting the unaware. He rubbed her shiny coat repeating the words "It's okay. Hush darling." The filly shuddered and looked back at her home which was fading in the distance. A moon shaped birth mark lay at her fetlock showing how special and different she really was.

They past the crumbling building and the man stopped and became silent, listening. Satisfied he clicked for the filly to go on. Maybe a little to soon. “Whoa. Whoa, Robert. Where are you going?” A sweet but smiling face appeared behind him. “You said you would come and meet me at the lake.” Her smile faded to a growl. “ You said that you would bring me what I wanted.” She came closer, playing with his hair as if this was a cruel game.

She patted the filly, which flinched and took a step back. “Why didn't you come sweetie?” She said sweetly, she smiled a fake smile with anger behind her eyes ready to break lose. “I...” The word refused to leave his lips. “Where's the rest of my present Robert. Where's the girl?” He now looked up fiercely. “Safe from you, Marion.”“Oh. Is that so?” He took a step back. “You don't break a promise with me. You will regret this.”

Seeing what was coming he let go of the filly. He turned to the filly and said “Run.” He smacked her but and she ran and disappeared in the distance. Marion screamed “STOP!!” Then turned back to Robert with a murderous look on her face. “You will pay for that. And I will find that girl of yours.” She scowled. “You will regret this.” she repeated. The mist hid what happened next. Just a scream was heard.

This is not a scary story just to let you know. I need lots of comments for Chapter One. Hope you like it. =)

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Feb 22, 2014
Nice Job
by: Anonymous

I like this so far! hope you write more!

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