Angel & Tangle

by Angel

Tangle! x

Tangle! x

This is me when I was over in the U.S.A 2010. My horse is named Tangle and lives on my grandad's ranch. I see her in summer but that's all. I really hate leaving her when I have to go home to England. I have always dreamed about her coming home. I've known this horse since she was a foal. I helped her mum give birth in a thunderstorm, it was hard work. I was 6 years old then and I'm now 14.

This year, in fact this Easter my baby tangle is finally coming home. I have two other horses and will soon have for as one of my mares are now pregnant. I hope that tangle will manage to get along with my Thoroughbred Candy as she is a bit snobby but there is always my other thoroughbred Hazel, she's just awesome! I love all my horses very much and can't wait for my gorgeous to come home! xx

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