All I Ever Wanted - Part 1

by Katherine

Eva was at her window, looking out at the blurry ground, all muddy and brown. She sighed while she twiddled away with her short blond hair. Ever since her family moved to the country, far away from all her friends, she had been feeling lonely.

None of the girls at her new school were friendly in fact they just seemed to ignore her. Eva’s teacher, Miss Benson, tried to make the girls on more friendly terms, but her attempts were in vain.

Eva stared out to the old barn in her backyard, which was a sturdy building, even though it was old. She tried to play in it sometimes with her little twin sisters, Deborah and Liberty, but she kept on getting bored. One of Eva’s few joys was horses.

Her new room was empty and white when she first moved in. It was now covered from the floor to the ceiling in posters of horses and ponies, and all her shelves either had figurine horses or books about horses and ponies. She knew everything about horses, like how fast a Thoroughbred can go, what to do if a horse is giving birth to a foal, and how small can a Shetland get. There was just one thing missing from Eva’s vast knowledge of horses and her huge collection of horse books and figurines, a real horse.

Eva had asked her Mom if she could have a horse or a pony at least, but her Mom said “We’ll see” which usually means no. Christmas Eve was two days away, and it hadn’t even snowed yet.

Eva heard a voice behind her, “Eva, can you help me with something?” said Liberty, Eva turned her head to her dark haired sister. “What do you need help with?” she asked, Liberty was holding a pink flowered cloth, “I want to make a doll dress for Debby as a present, but I need some help sewing it, and Mom is busy.” She said, her puppy dog eyes flashing. “Sure, it’s not like I have anything else to do.” Eva said, getting up.

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All I Ever Wanted - Part 2

by Katherine
(USA, Minnesota)

Later that night, the doll dress was half done, and Liberty was content with that, saying that we can finish the rest tomorrow.
In the morning Eva was helping her Mom make pancakes when her Dad came into the kitchen. “ Hmm, I smell pancakes!” he said with a smile. Mom swatted playfully at him with the spatula, “Shoo! They aren't done yet!”

Liberty and Debby were busy making some orange juice at the table, which was becoming a bit of a mess. “Go help the twins please, Danny.” Mom said, going back to flipping pancakes. “Ok.” Dad said meekly, winking at Eva. While Dad was helping the twins, he said to Mom “I was just over at the Denver’s Ranch.” He said casually looking over to Mom. Mom froze little bit, then continued flipping pancakes “Oh, and what happened?” Dad squashed an orange in the juicer. “Oh, just seeing if he will sell any of his cattle to me.” Mom expertly flipped a pancake “How much per a head?” Dad said “Depending on some, 200 dollars per a head to 700 dollars per a head. The expensive ones were prettier or more gentle and docile, and better around children and small animals.” Dad scratched his head “Heck, you could almost call them perfectly well trained!”

Mom was now putting the pancakes on a plate and Eva was getting out the butter and syrup. The orange juice was finished and the table clean of orange juice and the tableware was on. “Did you buy any?” Mom asked as she sat down for dinner. Dad was cutting into his pancakes as he replied “Yes, I sure did. I bought the 700 dollar ones, real pretty and docile too. Glad I did it too.” Eva got excited “Daddy, can the twins and I pick out some we like and name them? Kind of will be like our own little pets.”

At first Mom was shocked, but Dad was handling it well. “Sure you can.” Mom glanced at him, but he nodded, so she went back eating. “When are they coming?” asked Debby. “Right on Christmas Day, little one, won’t that be great?” Liberty clapped her hands, which were full of syrup “Yay! Christmas cows!” Eva was happy, although she would have preferred a horse. Still, a cow for a present wasn't so bad.

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