A story from a horse's heart - Part 1 PLEASE COMMENT!!!!

by Doree



My name is Katrina; I am lead mare in my heard. I am fast as the wind and as strong as the lightning. I am beautiful; I have the body of a champion. This is my story....

I lift my muzzle to the air. The smell of the two-legged's grew closer. The sound of other horses running at a gallop also came closer. I snort, throwing up my head up angrily. These things had no right to run after me and my herd! Griffin threw up his head in annoyance. He was the stallion of this herd. He heard the noises too. The colts and fillies clung to their mom's in fear. I nickered softly at one of the little fillies, Quinn. "hiyaya! Lets get'em!" yelled out the tow legged. Griffin whinnied loudly and we all start off, galloping towards safety. They were gaining on us. Griffin neighed loudly and fiercely. I?m scared. My whole dapple gray body shook beside Griffin?s perfectly calm dun body. Soon enough, the two legged and their horses sounded far away. No more then a whisper now. Griffin leads us up to a cave, out of the now down pureeing rain. I whicker softly at Griffin; he nudges me calmly, and then puts his head on my hind quarters. I sigh; those two leggeds hopefully, would never come back?

I am awaken by a sound outside. The two leggeds, their back! I nudge Griffin from his sleep. His eyes wide, and ears pricked forward, he steps out to investigate. We here a shout. ?Hey their up in that cave!? Griffin shakes his head in frustration. ?These things have been following us forever.? He whinnies at me. I stare at him. I nicker softly back at him, ?what are we suppose to do now Griffin?? He answers by saying, ?leave.? I snort. I don?t want to leave! This is my home land! But I know in my heart, it?s our only choice. We go through the other exit, after waking the others. I keep them quit. We leave the cave areas and start galloping towards our freedom. All of a sudden we hear hoofbeats behind us.
I glance behind and see 3 two leggeds Galloping towards us. The horses they were riding shoot all of us sorry looks. I thrust up my head and call out to Griffin. ?I will lead them away and come back.? I call out. He keeps on running, saying nothing. I notice they have almost gained on Willa, the youngest filly. I let out a scream of protest, I fall behind turning around, and leading the two legged behind me. I call back to my herd. ?I will be back! Do not stop!?

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A story from a horse's heart - Part 2

by Doree

I lead the two legged and their paints around a bend. I started to worry. I came around the bend at a full gallop, my body moving towards safety. I stop, turning around I run at them, making them jump to the sides. I have more time now. I start to sprint towards Sparkling Meadows as all us mares call it. It has a wide waterfall and sparkles and dances in the sunlight. There is a cave under that waterfall. I run underneath it. I hear them; the two legged on their horses. The horses snort and prance in the spot.

"I think the little mare got away Clint." Another voice spook up. "Davis, I think she just hidin' somewhere. She ain't got away yet."

They clucked at their horses and started away at a gallop. I quiver with relief. As silent as a horse could be, I got out from that waterfall and start towards the herd. I start galloping, then out of shire excitement I let out a loud, victorious neigh.

"There she is! Let's get her!" Yelled Davis excitedly, just then I felt something go around my neck, yanking me back, back from freedom and my herd. The two legged looked down on me from their horses. I scream and fight the snake like things. There was no way out. I could feel that now. I start to scream again, struggling to get up. But another snake-like thing had curled around my legs.

"Let's get 'er back to camp." Said Clint, his partner nodded. They began to pull me back to camp, they had put some more snake like things around my neck and I kick the stuff away from my legs. I drop my head low as they pulled me towards the setting sun. Everything in this moment, seemed like a nightmare. One, I was in, probably forever.

Sorry for such a short part people!!!!

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A story from a horse's heart - Part 3

by Doree

They lead me into a strange area. It was fenced and there are other horses here. The other horses nicker at me, telling me I was going to be fine. The two legged tie me to a fence post. I twist and kick but it doesn't budge. I snuffle the ground looking for grass, but it's all just dust. I let out a low, pitiful whinny, calling for my herd.

"Where should we put the mustang?" Asked Clint to another man. I studied this two-legged. He's different, somehow, from the others. More power I guess.

"Put her in the corral with the other mustangs we got." Commanded the powerful two-legged.

"Yes Mr. Villon sir." The two-legged, Davis, led me towards other mustangs. He releases me free of the snakes and I run up to the others.

"How did you get here?" I asked a small paint. She stares up at me with her one blue eye.

"I got captured." She cast her eyes down, as if ashamed.

"You got captured too?" I struck out my hoof mightily. "I tried leading them away from my herd, that's when they got me. I was lead mare." The little paint mare bobbed her head.

"I am known as Kiwi." I tilted my head slightly.

"I am Katrina. Why is your name Kiwi?" She blew through her lips heavily.

"My mother, Greta, wanted a different name for me." I turned away, as she lay down. I walked up to two other horses, a bay and a chestnut, "I am Katrina," I said introducing myself. They stared wearily at me before the bay answered.

"I am Sasha, my sister is Jewel. She does not speak, for the two-legged scared her voice out of her." I gasped slightly.

"How long have you two been here?" The bay stared at me sadly with her sunken in eyes.

"Long enough Katrina, We miss our family so." I glanced around and stared at one horse hiding in the shadows. "Who is that?" I nodded my head towards the dark figure.

"That's Wind. He's a stallion.? As she said his name, he came out of the shadows and stood right beside the fence that kept him from us.

"You're new?" I bobbed my head up and down and studied him. He was a beautiful stallion. His coat was as black as night, his mane and tail slightly crimp.

"I was taken from my herd today." He trotted up and down the fence line.

"I was taken from all my mares." He said, a sad look appeared in his eyes and disappeared so fast, I wasn't sure I even saw it.

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