A real surprise in Oklahoma - Chapter 3

by Emily

"Hello?" An unfamiliar voice says.
"Hello." I rub my eyes and glance in the direction the voice comes from.
"Im David" the voice rings in my ears again. I look at the boy's...David's face and see dark brown hair, green eyes, and a cowboy hat. I giggle.
"Something funny miss?" David says teasingly
"No, and its Della actually."
"Pleased to meet you" he says staring at me smiling.
"You need a little help...Della?"
"Huh?" I said confused. His head gestured to my neck.

My head got caught in one of the ropes used to open my windows and I was stuck. I guess I thrashed while I slept...I looked to my left and saw a body shaped imprint in the beans of my bean bag chair. It hadn't been there before...OMG This guy laid next to me while I slept what the HAY BALES?!?!?! I have to admit he's cute but thats totally CREEPY! He must have seen the startled look on my face when he blushed and explained himself "I tried to cut you loose when I came up here first without waking you so I had to sit on the bean bag chair...sorry"

"It's fine...and thanks" I stammered I felt nervous. Why? Yeah he's cute but I don't even know this guy.

"No problem ma'am. Now why I'm here. Well I'm your neighbour on the other side of the forest and your mom told me you'd be up here. I hope I didn't intrude anything my pop sent me over to have a meet 'n' greet with the new family he heard there was a kid so yeah...well you know I couldn't have had a prettier neighbour," he blushed.

"Thanks I guess you're pretty yourself." I giggled and he laughed as well.

"Back to business. so welcome to the great state of Oklahoma, I will be your tour guide through life here and hopefully..... your friend" I could tell by the way he said that last part he meant he wanted a little more then friends...but honestly I kinda did too!
"Oh yeah!-" he said clearing his embarrassment
"Come with me!" I followed him 5 minutes into the forest to his horse ranch where he led me to his truck with a horse trailer attached, and asked me to hop in. I know I sound crazy getting into a strangers truck but there was a horse trailer and I couldn't help it.
To be continued....

This is chapter 3
here is a link to the previous chapters


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A Real Surprise in Oklahoma - Chapter 2

by Emily L

Photo credit: Pezibear via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Pezibear via I'd Pin That

"THANK YOU MOM!!" The words slipped out of my lips before I thought of anything else. After all we just left our beef cattle farm in Ireland to move to a horse farm in Oklahoma with no horses of course.. JUST MY LUCK THE SECOND I LEAVE IRELAND... I go from having cows to no animals at all.

"Wait until you see the other surprise!" My mom squealed in excitement.

I can't believe it! In a few minutes my mom will show me to the barn and there will stand my very own horse, just like in the movies! I can't wait.

"Lets go look at the barn mom!" I said greedily.

"After, I want to show you the surprise first!" Mom said happily.

"Umm....Okay I guess." I said a little shocked.
Where else could the horse of my dreams be? In the paddock! Of course! My mom told me to close my eyes, and so I did.

She dragged me for what felt like a mile. It must've just been the excitement though because when I opened my eyes I could see the back of the house. My mom told me not to turn around yet. So I didn't, instead I went deep into thought of my new filly, or maybe a stallion? Blue roan or dun? Oh, I hope he has a star! I've always dreamed of a horse with a st- "Okay, turn around!" My mum exclaimed.

I turned right around and the disappointment must have filled my face because my mom looked puzzled. "You don't like it," my mom looked worried.

"No, I love it, it's just... not what I excepted..." I said staring up at a giant 30ft high tree house in amongst the tall pine trees at the beginning of the forest.

It's made of oak wood with plexiglass windows all around and a door made of logs. Its almost 500 square feet too! "It's so you can look out at the trails in the fores, and the paddocks as well." "WOW!" I managed. I mean its no chestnut bay gelding, but its pretty darn amazing.

I mean I can look out the windows and watch my soon-to-be-owned-by-me horses (hopefully) and look at the trails I will soon hopefully ride along. PLUS a retractable plexiglass roof to watch the stars at night and sleep there when it rains!

I climbed up and immediately took a nap... It was a long flight and I never did get my horse. "Soon." I thought as I drifted off.

Sorry it was short... More to come very soon!

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Sep 20, 2015
by: Eleanor

I Love it! Please write more!

Feb 13, 2015
by: Devyn

This is awesome! I can't wait to see what happens! Please please please write more!

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A real surprise in Oklahoma

by Emily L

"We are leaving in ten!" My father shouts so the entire house can hear it.

Its only 3 AM, but we have to catch our flight. My family is moving to Oklahoma from Ireland. My dad got a Job there, and my mom bought a so called "spectacular farm". Honestly nothing can compare to the amazing farm we are leaving behind. Its not like we have horses (I WISH) no, we have Beef cattle. So we get to raise them and then eat them. Not my kind of party. My mom says in Oklahoma we will get more animals, but if that means more beef cattle, count me out! Aside from the cows, we have hay fields. And nothing says good morning like a whiff of freshly cut hay! I look out at that hay field one more time. Stuff my favourite stuffed horse in my suitcase and I'm ready.

"READY!" I scream to my dad as I zip my suitcase. I grab The handle and rush downstairs.

I down a pop tart and rush out my door. "For the last time" I think. I will miss this place more then imaginable, but my family needs the money. Plus with all this trouble to get the job and move, my dad's new boss will be paying him a cash bonus to start us off with $500,000!!! Talk about a rich company. It seems they really like my dad.


"Almost there." My mom says. This has been the longest trip of my life, and I really want to nap, but the excitement is keeping awake. However every time I thing of how stunning my property in Ireland was, I get a little depressed. I really should be furious with my parents. I mean they took everything away from me, but I can't be mad. For a silly reason too. I keep thinking when I get to this new place There will be a beautiful horse standing there waiting for me. Its seems silly but I absolutely hope its true.

"Welcome home Della" I quiver, I'm not ready to call this place home. It's also odd to hear my mom call me "Della" its my name but she usually calls me "Dee" Or "Deeds". We pull in the drive and I gasp. The house is beautiful. Its made of 100% wood. The barn is too, there must be 30 something different paddocks here. Some small, some HUGE. We must have like 800 acres. All of a sudden my keen eyes notice something. There isn't any cattle here. This isn't even a cattle farm. The house is too close to the barn, and the open doors to the barn show stalls, not run-ins. This must be the "difference" in the animals in our farms. MY MOM BOUGHT US A HORSE FARM!!!

To be continued very soon.....

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