A Horse to Remember

by Emily
(Greenville, NC)

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This is my favorite horse book! It is sooo good!!

The author is only 14 years old and I bought it in a tack shop but you can buy it anywhere online, amazon has a lot of it.

Its a page turner, I gave it to all my girlfriends and we love it :) and the author rides horses too and knows a lot about them!

From Amazon:

After her family relocates to the small country town of Lewisberg, Tennessee, Hilary Thompson, who has lived and thrived in the city the entire thirteen years of her life, feels as if her world has stopped turning.

When she begins working at the local stables owned by Susan Collins, she meets Satan, a wild mustang stallion who belongs to Susan s rebellious son, Jeremy.

Satan seems as lonely and out-of-place in his new surroundings as Hilary is in hers. When Jeremy fails to tame Satan, and his mother threatens to sell the horse, Hilary resolves to tame him. But can a girl who knows nothing about horses gain the trust of an aggressive mustang? And will she be able to keep her efforts a secret?

Encouraged by a new friendship and suffering the aggravation of a new rival, Hilary spends increasingly more time with the stallion.

As her affection for the mustang grows, she learns about horses, people, and the greatest lesson of all, unconditional love.

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Jun 05, 2017
by: Sydney at HorseCrazyGirls.com

Juliana Hutchings

Jun 04, 2017
who is the author?
by: Anonymous

Could you please tell me the name of the author?

Jun 30, 2012
a horse to remember
by: monique


Apr 25, 2012
A Horse to Remember
by: Sarah

Hilary cannot believe it when her parents announce that she's moving from her big city home in Delaware to a house in the Tennessee countryside, located right next to a barn.

She doesn't care for horses at all, and isn't happy that she'll be spending the summer as a stable hand. That is, until she meets Satan, a beautiful black stallion.

He can't be trained, and is one step away from being sold, to the slaughterhouse! Hilary resolves to try and tame him. But can a girl who knows nothing about horses earn the trust of a spirited mustang?

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