A Horse Called Creek - Part 1: "Ashley and Rocket"

by Josey

This story is fantasy. No real events or real people or anything. Just wanted to make an entertaining story. Enjoy. By the way, the horse 'Creek' is not in part 1. Only Rocket and Ashley.


Ashley watched the palomino gelding in her neighbor's pasture from her porch. She sighed and daydreamed, of having a horse of her own. She shook the thoughts off and walked up to the fence. She climbed up on it and watched from the top bar.

The gelding eyed her, then tossed his head and cantered over. Ashley grinned and waited for the horse. He stopped a few feet from her.

"Hey, boy. Come on over." She made sure to stay quiet. The gelding, called Rocket, nickered and slowly made his way to her. She let him sniff her hand, then she ran her finger down his long, white blaze.

"You're quite a looker, aren't you?" The young horse nickered in response. Ashley chuckled and moved his forelock out of the way of one of his eyes.

"I heard they call you Rocket. Is that right, Rocket?" Rocket nickered and bobbed his head in a nod. Ashley giggled a bit.

"My parents don't like horses. That's why I don't have one.. but we have a barn behind our house and a small pen. Why won't they let me have one? They say they're dangerous and stupid animals, but they're all wrong."

Just then, she heard her mother calling her for supper. She smelled the heavenly smell of pasta on the table.

"Gotta run," she told the horse. She pulled a carrot out of her pocket and gave it to him, then ran into the house.

She woke the next morning to the sound of her alarm clock going off. She muttered something under her breath and hit the snooze. She sat up and got out of her night clothes and put on capris, tennis shoes, and a horse shirt. She walked out to see Rocket. But he wasn't there.

"He's still in the barn," she thought. So she whistled for him. He still didn't come. She went all around the fence, there was no place where he could get out. She quickly ran into her neighbor's barn, to see the daughter, Alexis.

"Where is that palomino you guys have? You know, Rocket?" Alexis looked up at her.

"Rocket got colic last night. He twisted his gut and we had to put him to sleep." Ashley felt a surge of horror run through her. Put to sleep? Rocket? NO! But it was all true.

"Oh.." she nodded to Alexis and left the barn. Once she was out of Alexis' hearing range, she talked to herself.

"Why Rocket?! The only horse that I probably could ever be around!" She stormed into the house and upstairs to her room. She slammed the door behind her and locked it. She plopped on her bed and looked up at the ceiling.

"Why Rocket?"

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A Horse Called Creek - Part 2: "Finding and Bonding with Creek"

by Josey

A few hours later, Ashley finally came out of her room and walked outside. She walked along a trail beside their house, looking down at her feet, kicking rocks and muttering things under her breath.

After a little while, she saw the creek she went to almost everyday. She muttered a few words under her breath and sat down at the water's edge. She took a stick and drew figures in the sand, then threw it out in the water. It made a small splash.

She muttered something under her breath and picked up another one and threw it in, then looked away. She heard a huge splash this time. "The stick wasn't that-" She was cut off when she looked over at the other side of the creek. A chestnut horse stood at the other side, pawing the water. It saw Ashley and nickered. Ashley stared at it.

"Wow. That's weird. I find a horse at the creek beside my house." She slowly walked over to the horse. It bobbed its head and nickered. "Who do you belong to?" Ashley asked it, as if it were going to reply.

The horse snorted and shook its head. "You don't belong to anyone?" The horse shook its head again. "Your pretty smart." Ashley stroked the horse's neck. The horse, a chestnut gelding, nickered and lowered his head in relaxation. "You like that?" Ashley chuckled and continued stroking. The gelding bobbed his head in a nod.

"You know what?" Ashley told the horse. "I think I'll keep you. My parents don't have to know." She gave a sly grin to the horse. "I'll call you... Creek! It fits you. I found you at the creek."

Creek bobbed his head and nickered. "Now what breed are you.. I'll say, from looking up pictures and reading books, that you're a chestnut Hanoverian!" Creek nickered and bobbed his head in a nod again.

"A Hanoverian.. you usually don't find fancy horses like that in a place like this." She gave a peppermint to Creek. He pricked his ears and ate it in no time. "You seem hungry!" She chuckled and searched in her pocket. She found a coiled up hay twine. "

I could use this for a rope!" She put the hay twine around Creek's neck and led him away towards her home.

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A Horse Called Creek - Part 3 - "Keeping Creek"

by Josey

The next day, Ashley put a halter on Creek and threw a leadrope around his neck and made it a bridle. She hopped up on him bareback and nudged his side. He threw his head and trotted off. Ashley bounced around on him.

"This-is-a-bit-un-com-for-tab-le." She slowed him to a walk. "Better." She patted him on the neck. Creek saw a large log in front of him. He pricked his ears and cantered towards it, with Ashley hanging on for dear life.

Creek soared over it, sending Ashley toppling off of him. She landed safely on the soft grass. Her eyes were wide. "You have a talent for jumping!" She shouted, looking at him. He snorted and held his head high.

"Wow." Ashley got to her feet and grabbed his halter. She swung herself up on him. "That was a wild ride. Let's go home." She rode him towards her home.

She slipped the halter off of him and put him in the barn behind their house. She gave him some hay she borrowed from Alexis and slipped out the door of the barn.

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