A Change of Heart - Chapter 1

by Kesley
(Marshall MO, USA)

A Change of Heart

A Change of Heart

"I personally think she acts like the BIGGEST brat ever. I mean look at the way she's tossin' her head and charging. Did you know she charges at me EVERY time I move her to the pasture?" Kelsie said.

Kelsie was talking about the new mare her father had just bought. Susannah answered her with a reply that that didn't make Kelsie feel any better. "Listen, just think about this. She just moved from her home, she was taken WITHOUT warning from her pasture mates, and she is impressive bred. I've heard they're a little more dominant."
"I just wish I could stop getting bruised... FROM HER HEAD!!!!!!" Kelsie said angrily. Susannah new her BFF pretty well, and decided to drop the subject. "So do you wanna go ride with me to the creek, have a picnic, then do a little swimmin'?" Said Susannah. Kelsie sighed. "Sure. That sounds great. Let me go tell my mom where we're going then we'll get tacked up and get a-move-on!!!!" She said. Maybe this will get 'Her royal highness' off my mind because Impressively Fair, otherwise known as Zipto, was getting a little more than just on her nerves.

"I'll see ya later, OK?" Said Susannah after their ride. "Yeah, sure. I'll see ya later, too." 'Later' meant the town carnival the were going to together. Kelsie just barely had enough time to get to shower and dress when she heard her mom yell upstairs, "Kelsie! It's time to go pick up Susannah if you guys still want to go together!" Ugh. I can't even blow my hair dry? Man. what a PERFECT ending to a PERFECT day. NOT.

Kelsie had a lot on her when Susannah climbed into Kelsie's mom's station wagon. "What's up?" Asked Susannah. Sigh. "Nuthin'."
"You sure?" Kelsie smiled at her friend, thankful for her concern. "Yeah. Thanks anyway Susie. I know it's stupid, but this new mare is SERIOUSLY getting on my nerves."
"Well you better forget about her. We're here."

Little did Kelsie know, that Zipto would turn out to be the best friend she could ever wish for.

Author's Note:This is chapter one with a little truth in it. Hope you like it! I'm not very good at stories.

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