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Eliana and Mud Pie 
Eliana simply loves her Mud Pie. And he loves her......

This is my Arabian mare Mandy, she is such a wonderful horse. I love her so much.

Excalibur <3 
This is excalibur my pony or xie for short. He is a 32 year old 14.5 hh white with black spots arabian, he also helped me get over my fear of cantering. …

Two pines in the breeze "breezier" 
This is breezier. He is an American quarter horse. He is amazing!!

Blue Roan 
This is blue roan. He is a stallion. He is 8, I had him for 4 years and i love him sooooooooooooooo much!

She is a mare, she is 9 and she is a pinto. She is so nice and she loves kids!

She is a filly a quarter horse and I just bought her today!

Me and Elder! 
So... You guys have seen pics of the horses at the "pasture" In my old neighborhood, like Elder, and Sunny, and Rusty, well recently, I got to go back …

This is Harly, my horse!

A dip in the lake 
This is me and my horse Daisy (Catch Me If You Can) swimming in the lake behind the barn.

Boomer Jumping 
This was at my first show with Boomer. He was AMAZING. It was my first time doing jumpers, but he made it really easy and fun.

My Baby Girl  
This is my baby, she's a 14.2 3/8 Appy. She's gray or white and has varnish marks. She's 16 and she was my very first horse. I wouldn't trade her for …