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Take your horse through 4 tough level in this showjumping game!

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The game is so hard! I can't get past lvl 3! Help!

How do I play Show Jumping 
I've never played it how do you play it? I'm new.. Sorry..

Show Jumping 
Show jumping is very fascinating and i love it! But I haven't done show jumping yet in real life on my horse because i am only 8 years old so i can't ride …

Lusa's Opinion Show Jumping 
I've been playing this game for a long time and yes, it can be hard around the 3rd or 4th level, but I still enjoy playing it very much. I find it to be …


i love horses... 
i wanted to jump horses since i was 3 because my aunt had 2 horses tonto and spad but unfortunately spad died...

cool chik 10101010 
i'm top of my class in show jumping this game is terrable

it's horrible!!! 
i don't like this game please add some more fun games!!! i love show jumping but I AM A BARREL RACER!!

very good 
It's good but maybe you should have a little easy jumps and more longer time. It's a bit too hard.

The Show Jumping was gr8. I am 11 and 3 quarters and I still like it. People would think an eleven year old would be on myspace and stuff but I am telling …

Show Jumping 
Show Jumping is magnificent. I love watching it because it so competitive. I love competing in it as well. I am a really good showjumper with my horse, …

Its Horrible! 
That game is soo hard! Who could stand to play it?

Great Fun 
I loved this game!!! I am up to Level 3 and attempting to unlock Level 4. Fun, simple game.

horse show jumping 
its relly fun but its sometimes hard to jump i wish they had a real 3d jumping game that was really good that u didnt have to pay for

Horse crazy  
Hi my name is Briana and I am horse crazy. when I saw this game I just had to try it. Its the best horse jumping game I have ever seen. I cant get past …

Horse Jumping 
It is so fun but it is so hard on the third level.

cool game 
hi i think its a gr8t game to play i like it alot thank you for this opportunity to play a lovely game like this thank you p.s im only 11

Showjumping is good 
i think the game is really good. its one of the best free online horse games on the internet and i wish there were more levels to play. I would definitely …

Amazing Game! 
i Love it they Should Make more horse games! i completed Every LEVEL! Please Make More Of Them make loads of horse games

love horse riding x33

Show Jumping Corners 
This is a good game, although the corners sometimes make it a bit hard to turn and gather enough force to jump at the same time. Altogether i should think …

its hard and challenging but very fun!!!!!!!

show jumping 
i love it! it's pretty easy too. it doesn't matter but the horses are a bit ugly.

level 3 
It's fun but can't you make level 3 easy?

I have played this game before, on (Or somthing like that) and I was wondering if it was copied...or maybe copied vice-versa, or it's a well …

Fun, but hard on level 2! 
Show jumping is fun. I like the graphics and the jumping course is good, but it got harder when I went up a level. It is hard to follow the course and …

Show Jumping Thumbs Up! 
I played Show Jumping and it was very well done. The sound was pleasant and helped make it feel more exciting. The graphics were great for an online game. …

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how to jump 
when you jump on the horse jumping game here with the 3 horses and 3 outfits, make sure that you are real close to it but power up like 3 seconds before …

sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool 
i love this game i play on it every morning

Best Horse Game Ever 
This game is the best horse jumping game I have ever played. I can get through every level except level 3. It is really hard. I would recomend this game …

Its easy 
well even though i am only 13 and can jump over 5ft foot with my pony i think its easy and riders really sjould try it out if not entirely into it

Do you need help with the online horse game Show Jumping? Post your question here so another player can answer it. If you know the answer, be sure to share …

jumping is cool but it could kill you

Show Jumping Game! 
Well,I have to admit,this game is SO BORING! I didn't even pass level two! Make it easy!Don't rush!The horse and human look weird. Okay,VERY SILLY! …

Fun But Hard Not rated yet
Show Jumping is very fun and amusing but when I got to level three I couldn't pass it. If you are really good at computer games you should be good at this …

Best Game Ever? Show Jumping! Not rated yet
It's an amazing jumping game! I have played it five times and I have only been on this site twice. Play it, it's awesome!

It's Fun, But Hard! Not rated yet
I luvvv this game!!!! I play Show Jumping all the time but sometimes it won't work right. :(

Dir Dee DUR! Not rated yet
Ya'll just don't know how to jump. :) I've been in a jumping show before and this game may be challenging... but the real thing is WAY harder.

Go Western! Not rated yet
Any fun games for western riders?! I'm a reiner!

Ya.. (ShowJumping) Not rated yet
This game is hard to control. The graphics could be better. I saw this game somewhere before. So its all just a big slice of cheese really.........

ShowJumping is Tricky! Not rated yet
It is not a bad game but very hard. I think it would be better with easier controls and easier to understand instructions.

WOW! Not rated yet
OMG! Show Jumping is really fun! But the 3rd and 4th levels are really hard.

Show Jumping Not rated yet
I love the way you can jump over poles, it makes me feel free and alive.. like flying!

Horse Ranch Not rated yet
It is really fun because you get to compete against your friends or mabye family members. And it is also fun because it is a game and I like games and …

Show Jumping Not rated yet
This game is good and all but not very exciting. I prefer the new game Show Jumping 2 at as it has better controls and better graphics of …

Show Jumping is Hard! Not rated yet
It's really hard. You have to be skilled to make it through Level 2 even!

Show Jumping Not rated yet
I think this game is terrible, the jump stands and the poles don't show up on level 1 and neither does the ride, for this reason i cannot manage to pass …

Umm.. Show Jumping.. Help!! Not rated yet
When I click the link for this, it arrives at mini-whatever and its just a blank page w/ the game instructions and an advertisement.. I need a good jumping …

Okay-ish! Not rated yet
I like Show Jumping but i can't see my rider, cannot see the jumps and things like that so please look into that please...

I Know How To CANTER ON A HORSE!!! Not rated yet
I think it's AWESOME! Because it's fun to CANTER And i think it's pretty CCCCOOOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!! …

VERY GOOD Not rated yet

Show Jumping! Not rated yet
i think it is very cool and it is just fun to play and ride because i love horses and riding!!!!!!

This game is really hard  Not rated yet
When i was trying to control the up and down buttons i couldn't the horse was just going around in circles but that is just me.

HOW? Not rated yet
I want to register but I cant. Can sum1 make a review that says how?

the saddle club high horse jumping Not rated yet
Wall if you enter a show that do"s not have high jumps that means you just entered your first show if you fail it you have you to do it again. If you …

i luv this game Not rated yet
this game is addicting i am at level 4 it takes a bit to figure out but its soooooooooooooo fun

good game!! Not rated yet
the game was brilliant its not that hard but if u did find it hard just take some time to get used to the buttons and how long u have to hold the button …

Half and Half Not rated yet
The game is ok, but I get stuck on the 4th level. I enjoy playing it though.

:)-:(h/j Not rated yet
stupid/kool im a h/j so this is sooooooo unrelistic but fun

Commet by Dakotaa Not rated yet
needs to be mor realastic,

Can't control horse! Not rated yet
I hate this game show jumping!!! IT IS SO DUMB YOU CAN'T CONTROL YOUR HORSE!!!!

Okish! Not rated yet
well it think its good, but as soon as you get to the actual levels, you cant see how high the jump is, you cant see the person on the horse!! the only …

ummm  Not rated yet
We need something new ive played all these games rather invent a horse game that u have to raise your horse care 4 it but you can take it and ride it in …

show jumping review Not rated yet
i think it rocks you might want to make the rider turn around and jump the one behind it.

show jumping is too hard! Not rated yet
WAY 2 hard. couldn't even get past lvl 2. dont think im gonna play this until a LITTLE bit easier.

kayla's horses Not rated yet
I like horses their so cute and the shows are awesome.

terrible!!! Not rated yet
its terrible....the view is all mest up and on level 1 u cant even see the jumps! i love acuall show jumping in real life but this game is not good. plus …

show jumping Not rated yet
i love it

jumping Not rated yet
Its great but level 3 is hard

WICKED Not rated yet
its sweet as. While hazz is out with a tendon, leaving me without competing for another month when im taking spot out its a good sub ;P

Terrible Not rated yet
This jumping game is messed, if i wanted the horse to jump, it will run right through the jump! And even when it does jump it's hard to tell when you will …

Show Jumping: awesome but hard Not rated yet
I think level 3 is so hard! I don't know if I will ever pass it.

Soo cool and awesome!!! Not rated yet
I think that the show jumping game is very interesting, and I am going to play it again and again!!!

Show Jumping Onlie Game Not rated yet
I think thsi game is kind of boring. Its not the worst, but Ive seen better

I don't know. Not rated yet
I don't know how it was, cause I had to update my "plugins". And im not alowed to do that!

umm its not loading!!! Not rated yet
it stinks it is not working

sophie Not rated yet
i think show jumpimg is cool and lots of fun

SHOW JUMPING Not rated yet

A game for gamers who know how to hit those jumps! Not rated yet
I liked it at the beginning but the levels are too tough for me !!!

Love me love horses Not rated yet
i love show jumping i never did it but it looks real fun!

i love horses but i don't like that game Not rated yet
i have a ponie and i love riding her and but i don't like that game

Better graphics Not rated yet
Show jumping seems to be not that bad but the graphics for the horse and rider could be a little bit better.

cool game Not rated yet
This is an awesome game! I wish that it had more levels though. Totally an awesome game! Well. . .I don't have a real horse so this is pretty fun for me …

cool game Not rated yet
This is an awesome game! I wish that it had more levels though. Totally an awesome game! Well. . .I don't have a real horse so this is pretty fun for me …

the best game ever NOT Not rated yet
i hated this game if i could change the name i would call it:THE WORST GAME EVER!i will never recommend this to ANYONE.

I hated it so very much! Not rated yet
this is the worst game i have ever played! i do show jumping and compared to that this game is just like siting on the floor staring at a wall and this …

this is the worst game in the universe!i am NEVER going to play this game again i wish it could disapear off the internet for ever and ever and ever and …

its OK Not rated yet
This game is ok but I love to jump and this game is awful, the only good thing about it is it relates to real life by you needing to look ahead but it …

It is nice Not rated yet
It is nice if you do not scare your horse or be mean to him/her and you and the Horse/pony bonds or the horse /pony bonds

show jumping is fun Not rated yet
i think showjumping is a skill sport it can be dangerous but also fun. Show jumping is easy if you have a good pony and if u dont have a good pony it can …

Not sure...won't work! Not rated yet
i havent played this game yet, because it wont work, and i REALLY want it to work! plz help me! :(

Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
It is a bad game...its no good!!!

SHOW JUMPING Not rated yet
I think show jumping is so cool

reminder Not rated yet
show jumping is fun but when you have games that dont work it isent very fun just make sure that 10 of your games work briana c

reminder Not rated yet
show jumping is fun but when you have games that dont work it isent very fun just make sure that 10 of your games work briana c

Doesn't work Not rated yet
This game is good but it never works, the last time i was able to play it was about three years ago. Which is a real shame because i really enjoyed playing …

Dosen't work Not rated yet
when i went on this game the graphix went all funny and i couldnt see the jumps. i got so annoyed when the horse and rider didd'nt even show up i used …

star light 22 Not rated yet
its cool

Show jumping jumping horse games Not rated yet
don't know yet

It won't work Not rated yet
It wont work on my computer but it sounds cool We might be getting a new computer soon so ill try it then.

jumparoo Not rated yet
Show Jumping is Cool!

LOVING IT! Not rated yet
im 12 and my friend is 13, and we always play this game!

Awesome!! Not rated yet
This game is awesome!! I love horses and have always wanted to ride one but I've always been too afraid. However, this game is close enough for me! I love …

Anoyiens Not rated yet
It does not work any more and I love it but I just can't play it.

cool/hard Not rated yet
i think that the game is super hard but at the same time so fun and i plau on horse isle i am ponyegirl so become my buddy i love random buddy request …

jumping star Not rated yet
I think that show-jumping is sooo awesome!

great Not rated yet
showjumping game at miniclip is soo cool you get to choose your horse and your riders oufit.level 3 is sooooo hard but i got though it in a while.there …

bbfrazer Not rated yet
i think its a cool game but the levels are really hard so they could be easier. But it's cool lol

okay Not rated yet
it was ok but im more into barrel racin -n- hunter/jumping!!!!!!!!

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
omg! it was totally awesome

Jumping Not rated yet
What i think of jumping is it is very very fun i do a -lot of jumping in my riding lesson. But i have always been interested in hunting, and about that …

its okay Not rated yet
i think its okay. maybe a little to hard. its a little fun though. i do ride and jumping real horses is more fun! that's my opinion.

Awseome game! Not rated yet
It's an awseome game, but it's maybe a bit too hard.

horse jumper Not rated yet
This game is fun and easy. i ride horses myself. I have gone over a six foot jump when i was 9 years old and won 5 shows. This probably made it easy

ITS FUN Not rated yet

SHOW JUMPING***** Not rated yet
showjumping is great and very fun!!! i have competed in alot of showjumping and have qualified for championships ,,,

this stinks Not rated yet
i love show jumping and thats what i want to get into but this webpage stinks

doesnt load... Not rated yet
It doesn't load up... );

horse Not rated yet
gShow jumping is fun

Hard Levels Not rated yet
level 3 is IMPOSSIBLE to beat, but I keep trying, but please, try to make it easy.

hiya  Not rated yet
showjumping is great i love to ride my 9 horses in showjumping classes

SHOW JUMPING Not rated yet
I think that this show jumping game is really bad

SHOW JUMPING Not rated yet
I think that your show jumping game is great.

Show Jumping Not rated yet
hey sid its me maxi i love the game! =O)

The rock horses Not rated yet
i think it is very good and i want to play it, because i like horses.


[horse show games.........] Not rated yet
well...the truth? oh.ok.well, miniclip show jumping IS fun............for a short period of knowww.........FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!i …

[horse show games.........] Not rated yet
well...the truth? oh.ok. well, miniclip show jumping IS fun............for a short period of knowww.........FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!i …

game Not rated yet
this game is soo cool i love it

riding Not rated yet
hey it alexiiexooo please call im on my knees cause i want you guys to ask my mom if i can ride there

mollie  Not rated yet
i love it

horses Not rated yet
I love all of them

Show Jumping Not rated yet
I think Show jumping is a fun game but the horses are hideous.Y does it stop at level 4? You should make like a bonus level or something

so fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I can't stop playing this game. It is so cool good jumps and horses too,I even dream about it. I love horses. I can jump 2 feet and 26 inches.

bad Not rated yet
these graphics are terrible you cant see the jumps or the riders that is terrible

game Not rated yet
the last one needs to be easier and a lot.

I LOVE HORSES!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove horses! I like showjumping, but I prefer steeplechases. I think the game needs more horse and outfit choices.

okay! Not rated yet
its great but its to hard on level 1

Boring! Not rated yet
This game is WAY to boring!!! I play it for 2 minutes and I get bored and turn it off!

rubbish  Not rated yet
this game is rubbish :( its quite hard and i hate it please put some new ones on please!!?? :)

jumping my horse Not rated yet
I think that show jumping is really cool because the horse gets to have fun as well as you so yea that is why I really like show jumping...

O.K.... Not rated yet
Showjumping is fun!!! This game takes a bit of practice, but that's how it is in real life anyhow!! I do hunter/jumper so i know.. i have a selle francais!!! …

Bad Not rated yet
I think that it is tacky and cheap it really looks Horrible. This website needs a lot of Help Note from Sydney's mom: We can't publish email addresses …

alright Not rated yet
can't beat level 3 but really fun.

Didn't work Not rated yet
It didn't really work. The jumps didn't show up at all, or the rider.

HORSEBACK RIDDING!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
well i been in alot of shows and stuff and i canter and i jump and umm call me and ill add you to my aim and ill tell you all stuff

good Not rated yet
it is quite good

hores crazy Not rated yet
Show jupping is the best sport that i think you can do with a hores. But i also love racing.

challenging at times Not rated yet
it's fun, but can be really frusterating. i'm a showjumper , and love challenging games .. but level 4 is practically impossible.. my cousins are 6 and …

Ellen Not rated yet
Show jumping is realy fun but it is a bit hard on levels are realy hard. Its great apart from that. I sitle love it the way it is. …

i dont kno wat 2 say i was just bored so i did this Not rated yet
i dont kno yet cuz i havent played it yet so like is it hard?

I LOVE it Not rated yet
It is so fun i Play it all the time.

show jumping Not rated yet
i do not like it you should think adout when you finsh you should be able to breed and then you can start it over agen

Its gooooooodddddd!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I luv it but i cant play it!!

I love my ponyssss!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I really love horses and so one day I went on google and typed free horse jumping games. This one popped up and it was amazing!!! PLAY IT NOW!!!! but also, …

::) sj Not rated yet
this game is alright but i cant pass 3

i love hores Not rated yet
i think it is lovely

Jumping Not rated yet
I lOOOOVE this game! i still can't get on level 4, though

horse land Not rated yet
i think about show jumping is great. i want to take your challenge please.

Show Jumping Game Not rated yet
I think the game Show Jumping is awesome! I love it! I hope that all of you other horse crazy girls love it too.:)

practice Not rated yet
i used to think this game was hard too, but if you keep practicing then it gets really easy, you can start setting different goals for yourself- ex. being …

Cool. Not rated yet
It's a good game except it is very hard. In some of the combinations you don't get enough time to jump high. I am only on level 3 ana already you have …

it was awsome Not rated yet
i love horses so much so i reckon it was a pretty good game but it does get harder

pony princess Not rated yet
i love show jumping soooooooooooooooooo much.

It's okay, but needs improvment. Not rated yet
I think its fun for the first two levels, but after those two levels, it's very hard. The horses need improvement on their looks. There should also be …

best ridder ever Not rated yet

played it alot of times but still find it addictive!!!!!! Not rated yet
i've played it ssssssssssoooooo much i find it boring now my best time is, on level 4, 59 secs beat that people

help.... Not rated yet
I can't play it!!

SPY Not rated yet

horsefan Not rated yet
i love show jumping i do it all the time ether with native flag or Ellie or delighted so that is really cool well at lest i think so.

this sitez is cool Not rated yet
i love jumping i have 3 horses!

horses Not rated yet
i jump!!!

horse lover!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Not rated yet
i think showjumping is really fun. it is hard if u are in a big challenge but it is fantastic u should try it one day if u haven't gone on a horse(HORSES …

bad  Not rated yet
i think this game is lousy and i love horses

horrible  Not rated yet
i think it was boring i could of slept and played and beat all of the levels. whoever made this should make it better.

Good but hard for a horse rider Not rated yet
The game is GREAT but... It is WAY harder than if you really ride horses... I'm sorry i cant get past level 3

Show jamping is fun . Not rated yet
I thenk sow jumping is fun buckes you git to comepet.

Show Jumping Not rated yet
This is a great game for any Horselover. Horses aren't to be kept just for fun. They are to take care of properly. If YOU keep training hard with your …

savannah Not rated yet
iii luv hoooorssssseeesss alot they are so cute

It is really fun Not rated yet
i think it is really fun and challenging, i just wish it were real! Great graphics and sound on a scale of 1 to 10 i give it a 10!

The horse lover Not rated yet
this game is so fun I'm on level 4. Just so you now i love horses more than anybody. from your horse girl Avery.

Show Jumping Not rated yet
I Think It Will Be Interesting

awesome Not rated yet
i think it is so awesome i play it every day i love it

Show Jumping gfames Not rated yet
Hi i think that the show jumping games are good but some are boring. My dream show jumping game would be were you can dress your self and the horse,you …

Level 3 Is Hard But Its All AWSUM! Not rated yet
Level 2, 3 and definitely 4 are too HARD!... you should make them a bit more easier... more time maybe??... otherwise Great Game!!, enjoyed playing it …

Showjumping Not rated yet
this game is to hard you should play on it is way better.

Show  Not rated yet
Kind of boring

I love Horses  Not rated yet
i think it is the fun spot when you have a horses.

awesome Not rated yet
That was a awesome game and a real challenge - i luv challenges!

I love it Not rated yet
it is a amazing game

hi Not rated yet
it needs more levels because i've all ready gone through them all!!!

Show Jumping Not rated yet
This game is really fun, although after a while it gets a little dull. I recommend it for all horse lovers, whether you love Western OR English riding! …

I never tried show jumping but i will try and learn , and go in shows! Not rated yet
I never tried show jumping before but i have done jumping before.. maybe if i try to go in shows.... BUT I HAVE SEEN IT BEFORE SO I ENJOY IT!!!

NOT Cool Not rated yet
all you do is jump and walk around you feel like your going really slow at top speed don't try it

Showjumping Not rated yet
This Showjumping game is really fantastic!!! Im only 11 but i have completed all the levels!!! It is really hard on the 3rd level but u just have 2 no …

Showjumping Not rated yet
This Showjumping game is really fantastic!!! Im only 11 but i have completed all the levels!!! It is really hard on the 3rd level but u just have 2 no …

OMG Not rated yet
OMG its really good yer,, but the 3rd level is really really hard,, i cant even get passed it LOL !

I THINK IT IS FUN Not rated yet

not good Not rated yet
it does not have enough level so you can finish it in 10 minutes. It's not as good as the china olympics on miniclip.

show jumping Not rated yet
Well i think it is really hard. I am stuck on level 3 lol. Its a good game and tests your concentration. It's also no bother of login in or signing up. …

jumping game Not rated yet
it is really fun but the third level is pretty hard. ****

DIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
This is an enjoyable game but the people should make more levels because it doesn't take that long to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE!!!

ride Not rated yet
it is awesome i ride a pony that i jump

Horse Jumping Game Not rated yet
I love this game so much! It is one of the best games I have ever played in my life! Keep it going.

Horse Owner Not rated yet
I think the game was alright, but I wish they would loosen up a bit on the time, it makes opening the fourth level impossible! I wish there were more horse …

Show Jumping Not rated yet
It's sort of too hard on level 2.

Little Star Not rated yet
This game is's not easy and hasn't got good graphics!!!!!!

Cool!! Not rated yet
Is very cool but I do not have a horse or pony but I wish!

More jumping games Not rated yet
You should put more jumping games cause it's boring always playing the same game...??

The Show Jumping Game, !  Not rated yet
This game is really hard and seems to be impossible !

Gay Not rated yet
I think it is kinda dumb because there should be some other types like spreads fences Horse jumps better long not big...

the horses Not rated yet
i think it is awesome

Show Jumping. Not rated yet
This game is fun, but it gets hard around evel three. I have a horse game I bought, and it is the SAME EXACT in one part. (On the menu, it has a "Practice" …

Show Jumping Not rated yet
Well, to tell u what i think is that show jumping is a very good experience once u learn 2 ride of course, but this game only goes into the basics of riding. …

Hey Guess What! Not rated yet
Ive played this game for... forever and i just got to level (drum roll please) 4!!!!!!!!!!

show jumping Not rated yet
i think that this game is awesome but it would be more fun if we didn't have to unlock the levels.

Solo Sis Not rated yet

OMG Not rated yet
It's great...omg but so hard! I was like...okay pony...let me tell you on more! Gosh, just like real …

Fun!Fun!Fun! Not rated yet
I love show jumping! It is so fun!

Horseei Lurvaa Not rated yet
Urrm I dunno cause it won't load. I have downloaded the thing when it comes up but I left it for two horse to load and it still didn't. >:(

Show Jumping Not rated yet
It is totally awesome.

Won't load Not rated yet
Doesn't work, it won't load...

Show Jumping Not rated yet
It's really cool! I like it too!

Horses are the best thang Not rated yet
I just love it!

Horses and Jesus are Awesome Not rated yet
It's fun! Level 3 is hard though. Can't you guys make it easier?

Ellie P. Not rated yet
I love it - it's great!

WOW Not rated yet
It was.... iffy. I'm totally kidding! It was ......... Awesome!!!!!!!

show jumping! Not rated yet
It is easy at the start but I just can't seem to get past level 3!

This is rubbish! Not rated yet
RUBBISH!!! This is nothing like a real jumping competition!

Awesome! Not rated yet
I've played this game soooo much. It's the only life like horse jumping game I've found so far!!

I'm not quite sure... Not rated yet
The game had good graphics and didn't need a login name, which I liked. But when I tried one of the levels it didn't show the jumps probably because the …

Ouch... Not rated yet
Hey, I liked it, but I have the least amount of patience of anyone in the world (plus a headache right now), so now I feel like smashing my computer... …

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