Canterwood Crest

by Kristi

I just read the first book in the new Canterwood Crest series from Jessica Burkhart. The title is Take the Reins.

The book is so good and it's like The Saddle Club meets The Clique. But Sasha, the main character, is much nicer.

Take the Reins:

Sasha leaves home to attend Canterwood Crest and she tries to make the advanced riding team. But she's up against some tough competition.

I loved that all of the horse stuff was correct and that there was a good mix of boys, friendship and horses.

I really liked this book and can't wait for the second one!

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Jun 20, 2016
by: Devyn

This book is mostly about Rich Drama Queens who happen to own horses. ;)

May 27, 2016
Canterwood Crest
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

I would like it if there were no boys.

Jan 21, 2016
All Of The Books
by: Chloe

These books are the best books I have ever read!

Jan 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

Read all of them 10 times over!

Jan 08, 2016
by: Homeschoolmaycee

I have read the series to these books and I liked them very much. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈ

Oct 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

I love this book!

Sep 22, 2015
Cool! Love Them!
by: Horse Crazy

Just wish they would keep going with Sasha Callie and the normal and not go into the other girls like Lauren towers and that.

Jul 31, 2015
Video Game
by: Katie

They should make a video game or an online game where you can be a student and enroll at Canterwood Crest Academy and even get an acception letter. I would love that! I literally just finished book #15 and am going onto book #16. This series is my life! Thank you so much Jessica Burkhart! I love you!

I also wish that there was a real Canterwood Crest Academy! I would so apply and would most likely get in! I even ride! But, sadly, I don't own my own horse. But I'm going to, soon!


Jul 12, 2015
by: Sasha

These books are awesome everyone should read them. The best book of Canterwood Crest series is "City Secrets". So please read these books and enjoy them.

Jun 30, 2015
Love It!
by: Amy

This series is hands down the greatest horse series ever. Once you read it, you can't stop! Not sure if people read it for the horses or for the drama though.

May 30, 2015
Maybe this book is too great
by: Anonymous

I'm so obsessed with this series it's the BEST book I've ever read and I never ever want the series to end! Go team Canterwood! 🐴 πŸ‡πŸΌ 🐎

May 05, 2015
by: Alice

I LOVE Canterwood Crest. It is the best ever book. I really hope that they make it into a movie because I LOVE it. I really want to meet the characters especially Sasha. I love horses too.

Apr 04, 2015
love this series
by: Anonymous

I love this series! they are like the saddle club but better and more sophisticated. one of my favs so far.

Apr 02, 2015
by: Anonymous

This series is my fave i hated when erc and sasha broke up they wre perfect for each other i hope jessica writes more books about sasha lauren likes drew is a good thing taylor was a huge jerk to her

Feb 07, 2015
canterwood crest
by: hannah

i love canterwood crest and i've read the whole series heather is my fave but I love everyone and on the back I think is Alison or julia.

Nov 04, 2014
Best Enemies
by: Anonymous

Who's the girl on the back cover of best enemies?? I really want to know and it's been bugging me since I first started reading it. Please someone respond.

Nov 01, 2014
best series ever
by: horse<3 BEST SERIES! totally in love w/ the books, my favorite! such awesome stories and best plots!!!!! Go Sasha Silver and Heather Fox!

Jun 20, 2014
canterwood crest
by: horse lover


Jan 27, 2014
Too cool
by: Horse Lover <3

It's never a drama free moment at Canterwood Crest!

Jan 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

I love it so much. I've read 1,2 and 3. It is awesome. I want her to be with Jacob:)

Dec 30, 2013
Love this series!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

CANTERWOOD CREST IS THE BEST HORSE SERIES IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD!!!! Jessica Burkhart is such an amazing writer. She makes Sasha and Lauren and everyone else seem so real. Plus the plot in the books is very relateable. Jessica depend my love of horse books and lip gloss and made me want to start writing and get published. I love Canterwood and would definitely recommend it to girls who love a mix of horses, lip gloss, drama, and boys! <3 <3 <3

Dec 20, 2013
by: canterwood crest lover

hi does anyone have the game howrse ?

Dec 13, 2013
sooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: snoopy

oh my god these books rock. if you have not read them you HAVE TO READ THEM I just finished the last book like three days after it came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 17, 2013
by: Anonymous

Best book ever read everyone!

Sep 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

i luv canterwood crest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 13, 2013
Greatest series ever!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I love this series and I do not even like horses!!! I am just sad that Sasha left and Lauren came in! I heard that their was a movie but I can not find it!!!!
P.s: Does anybody else think that Sasha should have stayed with Eric!!!!!:-)

Jul 23, 2013
dear katie june 30 2012
by: grace ulrey

she was lying because she didn't want her to stop being her friend I mean I would do the same if that happened to me.

Jun 14, 2013
by: Anonymous

Omg! this series is like the bomb they should so make these into a tv series!

May 31, 2013
by: Anonymous

I found it too girly girl.

May 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

I love this series I am almost on book5. And I πŸ’—it

There is always new characters in each book. Eric. Jasmine.

May 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

I love this series I am almost on book 5. And I πŸ’— it!

Mar 14, 2013
by: sasha matthews

these are the best series ever!!!!! i haven't read them all but i heard that sasha went away why:( and what happened to all the other old characters?????? oh and if nobody knew canterwood crest is real and it's huge. i seen pics of it and u can find out about them on facebook and other places:):):):):)

Mar 13, 2013
by: Kaelyn

I love this book it is so good! I love horses and drama(LOL)

Mar 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have all the books she wrote so far. And I think they are all fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 06, 2013
by: Sasha

Oh my gosh!!This is my favourite series ever! I don't know what I'd do without it! I'm trying to find the movie. I love how it includes horses, boys, school and their life. I'm on book #12 so just about on the Lauren Towers books. I love this series!!!

Mar 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

I absolutely love these books!!! I have got 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

Feb 27, 2013
Love <3
by: Anonymous

CCA is definitely the best series of horses ever!!! I could not imagine a world without this series. The author, Jessica Burkhart, did a fantastic job. :-)

Feb 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

I think these books are great but she is a little too into boyfriends, but they're great!

Feb 08, 2013
by: horselover101

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best book in the world! i love sasha and paige!

Jan 20, 2013
BEST SERIES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I just bought the fifth one!! It's the best series EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 02, 2013
Love these books!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

Oh my goodness I love these books. I read 1 book in one day. I was sooooo sad when we got new characters instead of Sasha and all them but the new characters are awesome I'm on book 14 and am loving it sooooo much. They really should make a movie for these books it would be very popular. πŸ˜œπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Nov 24, 2012
I love Canterwood Crest!
by: Sarah

Ok!! this is the best and my favorite book series ever! i swear u will love them I have read all 12 but it's sad Sasha leaves. i'm getting the super special any day now :)) I love how these books have drama boys and friendship and horses! lol these books are amazing (:

Nov 06, 2012
so awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

so awesome i can't believe that mom bought me those books, they're so entertaining for ex: when in winter when you can't ride and the book gives so many tips on riding etc. lolololololololololololollolol love itttttttttt!

Nov 03, 2012

Okay, so these are, like, the best books ever!! I'm more of a Harry Potter, Percy Jackson girl, but one day I was in the bookstore and I didn't know what to read so I began to read Take the Reins.

I was immediately hooked. I mean, so much drama, horses, friendship, boys, boarding school!!!! I LOVE IT!!! And I didn't really like Eric!! I was SO happy when Sasha and Jacob got back together; I mean they were MTB (Meant to Be)

I really like Lauren, but I think Jess made her too perfect. Sash had imperfections and she was easier to relate to cuz she made so many mistakes. But Laur is gorgeous, smart, popular, an amazing rider, and all the guys like her...not a lot of people can relate to that!! Anyways, I still haven't got Comeback and Masquerade and I NEED IT bcuz they don't have the books where I live (used to live in massachusetts, but moved out of the country) but right now my parents r in LA and they're gonna get them!!


Oct 28, 2012
canterwood crest
by: Anonymous

i adore this series. i wasn't so sure about it at first but then i rented it from the public library and i absolutely adored it! just the right mix of horse.

Sep 01, 2012
first book
by: CCA4ever

WOW! I can't believe people are on the first book. I reordered the most recent book, COMEBACK, and finished it in three hours because it was amazing. I do wish though that the author would make the books more longer (ex: City Secrets thickness) because the books are so easy to read through and then we have to wait four months for the next book to release. Canterwood Crest is the BEST series ever!!!

Aug 29, 2012
can't wait!
by: 33beth

I love this book, it is so awesome. I finished triple fault and I read the sneak peek of best enemies and I can't wait to find out what Juilia and Alison do when they get kicked off the advanced team. I think the Belles and Jasmine did it because Callie heard them talking about something like that! Anyway this is one of the best books ever and I am the NUMBER 1 FAN! I can't stop reading them!

Aug 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

I can't wait to find out what Julia and Alison do in best enemies. I just read the sneak peek at the back of triple fault. These are one of the best books ever. Great books can't wait to read more!

Aug 19, 2012
by: HorseRider


Aug 18, 2012
by: Anonymous

LUV THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sad that there is only 20 books, just got done reading comeback. YAY LUV THESE BOOKS :) <3 I love horses and i ride an arabian.

Aug 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

These books inspired Me to start riding! I love this sad Sasha and eric broke up. Ready for the book in September! ;)

Aug 11, 2012
by: canterwood crest lover

OMG I had finshed the popular book, i started it in june 3, 2012 and finshed in june 17, 2012. soooooooooooooo mad i had to wait til aug 7, then aug 7 came and i am so happy i just started in aug 8 then i know i am going to finish it on aug 19, soooooooooo happy but i will have to wait until sept 11 for the other book. but i love the book and i am sad that shasha is gone. :( i had a friend that read the books but stops when shasha leaves like who would stop reading them i would never. but i am verry sad that there is only 20 books. :( i only have 5 books to go..

Aug 09, 2012
I Luv Canterwood
by: Horseless Horselover

I love these books! Jessica Burkhart is the most amazing author of all time! I have read the books many times! I can't wait to read Comeback, I am reading it soon.

Jul 19, 2012
Really good books, love the competition:)
by: Horse Girl 12

Awesome books! Honestly, the best book EVER! MUST READ MUST READ MUST READ!

Jun 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

It's awesome if you jump horses! If not, you may not get the reason for some things.

Jun 30, 2012
BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! (btw love the romance) lol great job jessica!!! :)
by: Katie

these books are AMAZING!!!!!!!! the drama is soooo awesome and you don't really have to like horses to read them. i mean i absolutely LOVE horses but you don't have to to read these. i'm not going to lie, i love the romance in these books!!!!
I also love eric!! <3 i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAD when eric ad sasha broke up. sorry spoiler alert!! i was literally crying when they broke up i HATE that lame jacob guy i mean why won't he just LEAVE SASHA ALONE????!!!!! gosh, if i was sasha i would literally hit him in the face!!!! he ruined everything!! and why did sasha lie to callie at the end of little white lies about jacob kissing her??????????????? why didn't she just tell her the truth? was it because she just couldn't stop lying? please somebody tell me!!!! anyway these books are great!!! i just finishes little white lies and am on chapter one of the next book (i forget the name) so anyway AWESOME BOOKS!!!! TOTALLY READ THEM!!! <3 <3 <3

Jun 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

These are the best books ever! My aunt got me the first one, and at first I didn't want to read it because it looked like snooty, stuck up girls. I decided to give it a shot and ended up LOVING it. I now own ALL of the Canterwood books up to the most recent one! You will fall in love with the series!

Jun 28, 2012
awesome book ever
by: Anonymous

this book waz my style. i loved it till the end of the series, but this one waz like me and my farm.

Jun 20, 2012

THIS IS THE BEST BOOK SERIES ON THE PLANET!!!!!!!! I CAN'T EVEN PUT IT INTO WORDS!!!!!!!! I got my friend to read it and she says she HATES reading and she's not even a horsey person and now she's bugging me to loan her the next book. i tell you these books are insane! the first book is a little bit slow but when you read the second book and it introduces the she-devil (a.k.a Jasmine King!) it really picks up!!!!!! SUCH A GOOD BOOK SERIES!

P.S: after book 12 you will read the super special "Chosen" which introduces a new cast of characters! (awaiting book 14's release!)


P.P.S: the books are cheap too!

Jun 14, 2012
Best freaking book in the world.
by: Chanel

These books are beyond amazing. I wish it was real. I really want to meet the models in person. They are so pretty and down to earth. <3 I Love them and I love this book. The drama is addicting. I can't keep the book out of my hand. I wish Jessica would continue the series with Sasha. ): Read this book. It's amazing. <3

Jun 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

The book series rocks!!!!! I love reading the books and read them quickly.

Jun 01, 2012
Lov the books
by: Anonymous

I love the book and can't put it down! I wish she would write them forever! But I'm on book 8 and there is only 20 books!

May 20, 2012
love it
by: Anonymous

I love the Canterwood crest series sooooooooooooo much. It is awesome. I have read 1-12 at least 5 times and I just got the 13 and 14! Yay!!

May 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

I love this book series. It is soooooooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!! I have read 1-12 and i am addicted. I have read these books at least 5 times!

May 15, 2012
canter wood crest
by: cece- horse crazy!

I love this book series!!! it's amazing. i have never really liked reading but these are the best books i have ever read! i have already read all of them and now there's more coming!!! YAY

May 08, 2012
Horses are AWSOME
by: Monica

When i first found these books at my library i thought oh well this looks interesting. As i began to read more and more it felt like i was in the book. It was awesome! I don't own a horse but i've always wanted to and i still hang posters in my room and talk about them a lot. I know some people who own them but i still don't go riding. Well anyway i thought your books were great!! Keep Writing those awesome books!!!

May 06, 2012
Love These Books!!!!!
by: Dell

I have read all the books and I loveeeeeeeeeeeee them all so much and i am patiently waiting for book 14 to arrive. For those of you out there that are wondering, you need to read Chosen before book 13.

May 01, 2012
HELP please
by: canterwood crest lover

ok so i have on idea why this is but in book 13 it is all about luren towers, it is not about sasha i think she is gone to a new place now. so now it is luren talking. so if anyone knows what is happening please tell me i might be read the worng book please tell me i need to know. comment here please..

Apr 27, 2012
i found this out
by: canterwood crest lover

ok so someone told me that there is a canterwood crest movie. i am not sure if that's true but go to walmart. she said she has it so i would go there and look please tell me if u find it.

Apr 25, 2012
i really need help
by: canterwood crest lover

ok so i don't know what book is after book 12 is it the 13 book or is it chosen? i don't know please if anyone knows please tell me i want to know i have both chosen and the 13 one please if you have any idea please tell me now. please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 22, 2012
best enemies
by: canterwood crest

some girls just have to be the best at everything. if any two girls know about being the best, it's heather fox and jasmine king. just ask them they'll be happy to tell you. But every girl knows that there can olny be one best, can sasha keep the girls from turning the arena into a war zone and still snag a spot on the coveted youth equestrian national team.

Apr 22, 2012
triple fault
by: canterwood crest lover

three strikes, they're on the outs...

one: heather pretending to date jacob, just to mess with sasha.
two: a new girl who is so competitive, she makes heatther look tame.
three: A former BFF with a new hobby: stealing boyfriends.

Apr 22, 2012
behind the bit
by: canterwood crest

it's midwinter break and sasha silver has been invited to attend an exclusive equestrian clinic problem is callie, heather, alison and julia have also been invited. And after the way things ended at canterwood's sweetheart soiree, the line between friends and enemy is thinner than ever.

Apr 22, 2012
read this
by: canterwood crest lover

book 2 is about:

Now that sasha silver and her horse, cham have proven that they're worthy competitors for the canterwood crest equestrian team, sasha's psyched get back to school... until self-proclaimed it girl, qeen bee, and owner of the i'm-so-way-better-then-you-are attitude, Heather fox, is assigned as sasha's riding partner, not good. And when heather starts spending a little too much QT with sasha's almost-boyfriend, jacob, their partnership is put to the ultimate test.

Apr 22, 2012
by: canterwood crest lover

ok there is a canterwood crest, i am preey sure there is and there is a brier creek. Go to youtube and look at canterwood crest academy sim 3 you have to watch it really does not look like in the books. how and i find out that there is 20 books i think so just go to canterwood crest books and find out. who ever want to talk to me just reply And there is a horse game called howrse go there.

Apr 22, 2012
by: canterwood crest lover

I am in love with the sreiers, i am on book 12 omg who ever is on book 1 i say hurry and just read read read everyday that is what i am doing. ok so sasha is with jacob now and callie and sasha were not friends because on sasha's bday she whent to her room and she was dating aric but jacob came to sasha's room and he kissed her then aric come and saw then they broke up. And now i think callie and sasha are friends now and sasha and heather are friends. so who ever loves horses i say read the books you will fell in love, everyone in the world has to read it.

Apr 10, 2012
by: horse lover

I'm on 2nd book read now! Sasha finally makes the
advanced team! But, she's up against HETHER FOX! She also made the advanced team but, she doesn't want everyone to do good especially Sasha and, Callie Sasha's bff.

So this has been,
Horse Lover
P.S: read now or u will die of knowing it, I
did till I realised that I had the book.

Apr 02, 2012
Best Book series Ever!
by: Bronte

WOW! this book series is AMAZING! I've been addicted to these books. I got book number 1 to 8, and finished them all in two weeks and non-stop read them at dinner time and school at reading time and snack and lunch time.

I'm HORSE CRAZY! I've got my own pony called "Merry legs" and love horse riding. I have four great instructors called Holly, Linzy, Billy and Erin.

Bye for now,

Apr 01, 2012
Love these books
by: Anonymous

Who is Sasha and Co?

Mar 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

this is the best series ever! I wish even more than my own horse that I could have sasha's life. I'm probably the biggest fan ever. I'm even trying to get all of jessica's favorite things. I'm addicted to canterwood and lipglossed ;) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 16, 2012
Love it
by: Savannah

I love these books sooo much. I've read take the reins and chosen and i am totally addicted!

Mar 14, 2012
I love this book!
by: cheyenne

I just love this book. I'm still begging my mom to get me the second book CHASING BLUE!

Mar 08, 2012
obsessed :)
by: Katelyn

I am OBSESSED with these books!!!!!!!!!!! I am currrently waiting for the 14th book to come out '' popular''. If you like an unpredictable page turner with lots of horses and drama, R.E.A.D!

Feb 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I love thes books so much and they're so so so good! i recommend them.

Feb 10, 2012
I Love these books!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I love these books!!! I'm soooo ready to get the 13th book.

Feb 07, 2012
This series rocks!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I love this series Soo far it's so good! I really wish that Canterwood Crest Academy was real!

Jan 31, 2012
Awesome horse Book !
by: Anonymous

I'm just on chapter 4 and i LOVE it! If your a horse lover like me you should really read this book, It is amazing!

Jan 27, 2012
Taking the reins and Chosen
by: Anonymous

I really like both books and can't wait for more to read. the books have everything in it, it's like a salad almost.

Jan 26, 2012
I Love Canterwood Crest!!!
by: Anonymous

I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove this book series!!!!!! It's sooo addicting! And I'm a horse rider too. My favorite character is Callie. They should sooooo make this into a TV show! That would be awesome. Or a movie. Love these books!

Jan 10, 2012
from sam
by: Anonymous

i LOVE canterwood crest books and i sorta wish my life could be a lot the exact same as Sashas.

Jan 05, 2012
by: Sasha_Silver<3

This book series is sooooooooooo amazing! I'm completely in LOVE with it right now! I got book one about a week and a half ago and couldn't get another one for a week and guess what? I couldn't sleep lol!

Well I'm up to book nine now! Being a barrel racer, I find the English side of riding quite amusing now too. Def gonna try jumping<3

And to answer one of your questions_ NO, sadly there isn't a boarding school called Canterwood :'(..oh well.

Jan 02, 2012
by: horsecrazy1911

i love this series. i have them all and can't wait for tomorrow so i can get number 13!!!!!!!

Jan 02, 2012
read this series
by: horsedreamer

You should totally read this series! it is the best series i have ever read! when me and my sister play horses my horse stable is always canterwood! i want to go and ride in the place or be apart of it!!!!

Dec 30, 2011
LOve them!
by: Livi

I love this series! There is 12 books plus a special edition so that makes it 13! I love them all and I want to go there since I ride! I'm on the 4th.

Dec 23, 2011
by: Katie

This is the best book i have ever read by far! i loveeeeee it, i am a rider and i am about to start commenting.. I'M SCAREDD. i wish canter wood crest was real! and Jess, do you have pictures of Jacob and Eric? i would really like to know what they look like... PLEASEEEE, p.s I <3 Bavin!! btw he is a half linger horse that i am madly in love with but i also want a dapple gray thoroughbred mix named icy... lol who else has a dream horse!?

Dec 06, 2011
by: horses4ever

Hey guys i'm sooooo excited for the new series of canter wood crest. i didn't like reading very much before and now i'm like beggin my mom to let me stay up and read these books!!!!! Please keep making more!!!!! :)

Dec 01, 2011
Canterwood crest;best series ever
by: Horseluver#1

I love the series but I really would like to know is there an actual canterwood crest because if there Is that would be awesome.

Nov 25, 2011
love it!
by: Tearbear

For being nineteen and still a horse crazy girl who dreams of having a horse of her own soon. This book really makes me want to live it, yes i'd have to go back a couple of years and have alot of luck but it's an amazing life style and I love it all I can't get enough.

Nov 18, 2011
Uhhh . . .?
by: Anonymous

Canterwood Crest is a VERY amusing book series. "Sasha Silver" is supposed to be lower down on the wealthy scale than most people at her uber-posh school, but for some reason she still shops frequently at Express and Burberry, using emergency credit cards? For a horse book they spend way to much talking about clothes. However, I find the entire series extremely addictive to read . . .

Nov 04, 2011
i love the books
by: vhores

i can't believe that sasha is with eric and callie is with jacob.

Nov 04, 2011
Love it!
by: Anonymous

I love this series!!!! Is there a model for Eric, Troy, Jacob, Nicole and all of them? I can't find anything on those characters:( I really love this series and I am on the 9th book! Can't wait to keep reading! I can relate to Sasha soooo much:D

Nov 03, 2011
Cnterwood crest
by: becca jenkins

i love this series. i'm currently reading the third book of the series behind the bit and i can't put it down! it's such a fun book and i love to read it. i was wondering if anyone has read the whole series?

Oct 27, 2011
Love it!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

These books are so awesome!! i read them all the time! there is a lot of drama in it and sometimes there is a lil more drama than horses, but it's really great.

Sep 14, 2011
I love canterwood crest
by: Lhorse

i soooooooooo love caterwood crest. it is such a good book!!!! Even thought i just started i am aready so into it.

Sep 08, 2011
Amazing books!
by: Anonymous

These books are awesome!I would recommend them to any horse lover! The horses, the characters and the drama make you wanna keep reading. I can not wait til her next book comes out!

Sep 04, 2011
by: Anonymous


Sep 04, 2011
Love These Books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Elli

These books are awesome! I own them all! :)

Sep 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

you read The Clique, too? i LUV that book!!!!!!! and canterwood crest too!

Aug 29, 2011
by: Erica


Aug 14, 2011
by: Lauren

Best book ever looking forward to the next. Keep up the good writing Jess ur gifted. KENYA AFRICA

Aug 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

This series is AWESOME! I love it! If this was real, Sweet Shoppe and The Slice, and all I would do is apply!

Aug 01, 2011
by: Anonymous


Jul 28, 2011
AWESOME! :) :) :) LOL
by: Kaylee

I would SO want 2 attend CCA 2! It would b the best school in the country! I like every character and I have the WHOLE series. My BFF hates horses and me reading horse books all the time but if she read them, I would SO show her that I was right and she was wrong! Lauren and Sasha ROCK! They should rate these books 13 2 17 that's how advanced they r! I don't really think 9 2 13 is a suitable age group. I'm 16 and I read them! I have SO much more 2 say but then I'd b sitting here typing 4 3 days! LOL! TTYL peeps!

Jul 28, 2011
Canterwood Crest
by: Anonymous

I have the whole series including the brand new super special with a new main character, Lauren Towers. I never want to stop once I start!

Jul 27, 2011
Best book ever!
by: Anonymous

I bought the book for a trip to the beach, and didn't even put it down to go in the water because it was so good.

Jul 25, 2011
Awesome series!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):)
by: Anonymous

OMG!!!! I love the Canterwood Crest series!! I have all the books that are out. I can't wait til the other books come out!! I never get old of the drama in the books!!


Is there actually A boarding school called Canterwood Crest where you can ride and go to school?Any answers?

BTW: I LOVE HORSES AND I'M AM VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY HORSE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND YES I HAVE BEEN ON A HORSE, but only a few times. I wish and hope one day I will take horse lessons and become a horse rider!!<3 :)

P.s. I'm also an animal lover!!! <3 animals!!

Jul 20, 2011
Love It
by: Akoiya

I thought they only went to 13!!!! Yay on the 16!!!! They're so good I got my friend who doesn?t even like horses (I?m ashamed to say) to read them....she read the series in one week :)But me and my friend both agree that it?s like The Clique, but with a little saddle club in it.

Jul 18, 2011
by: Patricia

OMG when I got this book out of the library, I started to read and couldn't stop reading until like 12:30 in the morning! I continued to read the series and I'm just starting the 4th book. I <3 CANTERWOOD CREST!!!! :)

Jul 17, 2011
Lauren Towers? She's Cool Too
by: Anonymous

I heart the book series. Every time another book comes out I'm totally on it. I wish I could attend CCA too. I love all the characters (even the snooty ones-maybe). I can't wait to see if Sasha shows her face a lot in the books Lauren Towers stars in. Lauren isn't that bad either though. Hey, if Sasha thinks she's cool, she's cool with me too.

Jul 13, 2011
by: horselover148

I am a total cca fan!! I love Sasha, Eric, Jacob, Callie, Heather, Troy, Julia, Ben, Taylor, Lauren and everybody else!! I have all the books now and I am waiting for the next one!!
I can't get enough of all the riding lies, scandals, dramas...
It is the BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
You must go read the books if you haven't yet!

horselover148 :-D

Jul 10, 2011
best book ever!
by: Lindsay

Wow the first book of canter wood crest is awesome! I read the 1st book and now I'm your biggest fan!

Jul 08, 2011
cca addict #1
by: maddie

well, kelli first of all, how do you know they stop at 16? i want them to go on FOREVER though! and by the way :)

Jul 07, 2011
Canterwood crest
by: Anonymous

I love this series! I told both of my friends and they didn't like horse books but when they read it they loved it!!!!!!:)

Jul 06, 2011
love it!!!!!
by: Anonymous

i love the book it is amazing and who ever doesn't, well they obviously don't have any taste in what a good book is and whoever agrees put a smiley face.

Jul 04, 2011
by: Kelli

I want the series to go on and on and On! I can't believe it stops at 16.

Jul 01, 2011
by: Kelly

This is my FAVORITE book series! I never really liked reading until i found this book. I can never find a series like this. It have given me a lot of advice for riding that helps! Go Canterwood!

Jul 01, 2011
by: maddie

ok, i am waiting for the cca book to come in october. WHY CANT THEY JUST SELL IT NOW????? but these books r amazingly amazing!

Jun 30, 2011
by: jackie h

i luv the books so much i cant wait for number 13 to come out!

they say there r 16 but i hope that's not true. i want the series to go on and on and on i love it so much!

the thing that makes it so awesome is that its a book i can really get into all the other books are boring.

any way i think the model girls are so awesome too! and my fav characters r sasha and def brit and isnt it kwl my fav gloss is watermelon and hers is 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 29, 2011
by: victoryrider1

I LUV THIS SERIES<3<3<3 i ordered unfriendly competition and chosen on and i really need them right NOW. and can any1 tell me why julia got expelled i was reading the comments and saw 1 saying she got expelled and was 8-o

GO CC!!!<3

Jun 29, 2011
by: victoryrider1

these are the best series ever!!!!!!! i cant wait to get unfriendly competition and chosen. we ordered them on i really don't want lauren to take sasha's place in the book.but anyway, any1 know where i can find pictures of eric and jacob. im DYING 2 c what they look like!!!!!!<33333GO CC

Jun 27, 2011


Jun 27, 2011
by: Anon.

This series is one of the best horse book series around. it is fresh and original and i can't wait until the next book initiation not out for a while)
The main plot is very good, and the horses are tied in very nicely. This is a very good book series!

Jun 26, 2011
by: Tarzansgirl

I am going to REALLY miss Sasha and Co. but I also can't wait to see Lauren in another book! I've been addicted to this series sense my friend got the 3rd book and I read it. Then she bought the whole collection and I was addicted. Also another good series is Heartland Horses. It also has a TV show and I watch it every Thursday. I can't wait for the next book in Canterwood, Initiation.

Jun 23, 2011
really bad
by: Anonymous

I totally agree with anonymous. Everyone,or at least Sasha and Co., are major brats. They do take everything for granted and they never stop to think about the good things they have. If one thing bad happens its going to ruin their life forever. They always do something wrong, or whats against my moral judgement, and blame everyone else for it.

Jun 20, 2011
book trouble
by: A

Anyone know a cheap place to get book 12? they just closed down my fave book store so idk where 2 look.

Note from Sydney: Try Amazon! Just click on the links on this page...

Jun 13, 2011
Canterwood Crest is awesome
by: Melody

I am a canterwood Crest Fan and i love it so much!
I'm looking forward to the next book!!!

Jun 10, 2011
canterwood crest
by: Anonymous

luv this series. i'm on number 10. i hope she keeps writing them

May 31, 2011
by: Ash

This is the best horse series ever I read them in 2 days!!! I still need to red chosen and I can't wait to read the ones after that!!! (there will be 16 books in the series!) AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

My friend i ride with and me LOVE this series! It has helped me with horse and riding tips. I have never gotten bored with these books!

May 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

O.......M.......G!!!!!!! I luv this series I read it in 2 months.. Then read it AGAIn in ! month. Then AGAIN! in 3 weeks... again in 1 week and then AGAIN in 1 day. I LUUUUUUVVVVV this series, but I can't find 13!!

May 26, 2011
horse websites
by: horse lover

all horse lovers go to and and canterwood login it is a horse chat

May 21, 2011
by: Olivia

I love these books. My favorite so far is probably Triple Fault. I am now on book #13 (Chosen)This is where we have to say goodbye to Sasha, and welcome a new crew Lauren Towers. I'll miss Sasha, but maybe it'll be better this way.

May 14, 2011
by: maddie

KATIE!!!!!!!! i have NEVER in my whole life met a person sooooooooo canterwood crest addicted! i mean, i read ALL of the those books in like, five, six days? (including chosen!!!!!!) but whenever i get a new canterwood crest book, i have a bad habit. soo whenever i get a new book, (in canterwood crest) i have to have to HAVE TO! read ALLLLLL of the other books in the series. so now, i know them by heart. ugh! and awesome! at the same time...... HELP ME!!!!!!! ROFL (rolling on floor laughing) cya guys!

May 13, 2011
BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
by: katie

O...M...G...!!! I luv these books soooooo much!! i read the whole series in one week!! i will be so upset when jessica burkhart stops writing the canterwood crest books. oh did i ever mention i luv the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 07, 2011
by: maddie

i just finished "Chosen" in like one hour! i. loved. it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i HIGHLY recommend you reading it. it's sooooooooooo goooooooooood. i LOVE jessica burkhart sooooooo much!!!!!!!! like in an author kind of way - you know what i mean. okay guys. bye!

May 05, 2011
writing... again
by: maddie

kk, I am in the middle of the new book "Chosen" and LOVING it!!!!!! reply if u can!

May 04, 2011
CanterWood Crest
by: Carrigan

I love these books! The author inspired me to start writing my own stories! I have read all the books and once there's a new one out I have to get it! I recommend this book to any horse crazy girl!

May 04, 2011
oh yeah!
by: Madeline (maddie)

okay guys, i am half way in on the book chosen, and just got it TODAY. i just miss Sasha and co., whatever co. means :O. i mean i LOVE laurens story, and she is prob. my fave characeter EVER! (other than Heather, and Alison, and Brit, and EEEERRRRIIIIIICCCCCCCCCC, and Jacob, and everyone else) and briar creek sounds soooooo fun to go to! when Julia got expelled, i was REALLY happy and really sad at the same time. but im past that bc i am wit LAUREN'S GROUP NOW!!! (Lauren's group is Brielle and Ana, and oh yeah, Taylor, and Becca, and mom, and dad, and Kim, and..... never mind. i talk alot) and yes. i did get my books back. and i read everyone over AGAIN. and again and again and now... i know all of the lines by heart. its really sort of cool. cuz, i literally know all of the lines BY HEART! omg!!!!!! kk, im on team EEEEEERRRRRRIIIIIICCCCCC all the way. anyone else? i am on everyones team, but i am def. on team Erics the most. and, anonymous, i would agree too. the book is sometimes about just drama and if one thing happens it is like it will ruin their lives. but i still LOVE the books!!! <3 kk, i really can go on forever about these books (and in a good way, too :P), so i am gonna have to say goodbye. i will be back, though. you know to right back, and to keep posted on about the books. and u will do the same... i hope. :O :) :P. kk bye

Apr 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

Just finished reading little white lies. I don't get why Sasha said all those things and ruined her b-day party. Who would want to do that? Not me. Well anyway just starting rival revenge. And now Sasha has no friends and is alone.

Apr 29, 2011
The best
by: Anonymous

I have read 1-6 and have the rest piled by my bed waiting to be read. BEST SERIES EVER!!! Besides Phantom Stallion and other horse books. I love horses!

Apr 20, 2011
love it
by: kenny

these books are the best. if you made it in a movie every one would love u (fyi these books are awesome)

Apr 18, 2011
by: Casey


Apr 18, 2011
by: Madeline

i LOVE these books. i read them so many times, my teacher asked me to give them to her, and i will get them back after vacation.... yes... i love them THAT much!

Apr 12, 2011
CCA 4ever!!! <3333
by: EmmaRoxx!!

OH MY GOSH!!! I <333 these books soo much. I have read every one like 5 times each and I know every part...I have read 1-12 and I am waiting for chosen to come out. There is ONE thing I don't understand though...WHY IN THE WORLD did they bring in Lauren to narrate the books now...I mean Sasha was perfect for the books. And is she still gonna be in it...cuz I want to see more of her and JAAAAAACCCCOOOOOBBBBB!!!!! Even though I am on team Eric...ALL THE WAY YO!!

Mar 21, 2011
Canterwood Crest!
by: Delaney

I love these books! I hope they make it into a T.V. series but i want them to follow the book and not change the characters like they did the saddle club. This is the best series eva!!!!

Mar 19, 2011
canterwood crest's biggest fans
by: andrea

i love this book i have read them all waiting for next book

Mar 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

I am in love with Canterwood Crest! I am on the 10th!

Mar 18, 2011
I love Canterwood Crest!!
by: Melissa

OMG. This is the best book I have ever read. Jessica Burkhart(Author) is a genius. I cannot wait for the next book to come out. I have read all of them so far. Once again I love Canterwood Crest.

Mar 01, 2011
I LOVE this series
by: Alyse

I so far have read 9 of the books and I LOVE them!! I think my favorite is #9 City Secrets. But the whole series is good.I have looked at Jessica Burkharts Vlogs and they are awesome,you can find them at They also have videos about the models and stuff. I love that website!!!

Jan 10, 2011
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anna

I read the first book and I fell in love with this series. I read the book in a day. I am a book lover, like Sasha. I really hope that they make it into a movie of TV Show. It would be awesome to see this book come to life. Oh and I have read all the way to the 9th book it was so good. Thanks Jessica for writing these books. :)

Jan 10, 2011
I am CRAZY about this series
by: Catherine

I LOVE the CCA books they are AMAZING! After I read the 1st I all I ever read is them. Pretty much. I have a horse A LOT like Charm. I hope they make this series into a movie or TV shows. I think it would be pretty cool to see this series come to life. Let us know if it does, Jessica :)

Jan 06, 2011
canterwood crest movie
by: Hannah

i soooo hope jessica burkhart never stops writing canterwood crest books they are amazing! and i also hope she eventually makes her fans happy by making it into a movie.

Jan 04, 2011
best enemies
by: Anonymous

i wish that they will make these books into a movie since they are so good.

Jan 01, 2011
I love this series!
by: Hunter

I got the first 2 books for Christmas and I read them both in two days! xD I can't wait to get my hands on more. It's really interesting.

There's a lot of drama. I think the books are mostly about boys and horses :p. The author describes the riding scenes really well and you start to feel like you're in Sasha's shoes. (:

There should definitely be a TV show!

Dec 21, 2010
Canterwood Crest
by: Anonymous

So far there are 11 books in this series. It is about a horseback rider named Sasha who comes from a small town and she transfers to an prestigious boarding school called Canterwood Crest that has a top riding program.

It really is an awesome series but if you want to find out more you will have to read it. The author is Jessica Burkhart.

Dec 08, 2010
Canterwood Crest Series
by: Rebecca

Sasha Silver is new to Canterwood Crest, a prestigious boarding school in New England. There, she tries to juggle school academics, mean girls, riding clinics, and more, all with so much drama. I find that this series is quite good . . . when you start, you can't really stop! The only thing that I don't really get, is how much drama there is. Other than that, I highly recommend it.

Nov 29, 2010
best book in the world
by: katie

Canterwood Crest is my fav book that I've read. I could not stop reading it. Its awesome!

Nov 29, 2010
Chasing Blue
by: Lara

Now that Sasha Silver and her horse Charm, have proven that they are worthy competitors for the Canterwood Crest equestrian team, Sasha's psyched to get back to school... until self-proclaimed it-girl, queen bee, and owner of the I'm-so-way-better-than-you-are attitude, Heather Fox, is assigned as Sasha's riding partner. Not good.

And when Heather starts spending a little too much QT with Sasha's almost-boyfriend, Jacob, their partnership is put to the ultimate test.

Nov 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

i don't like this book. there is hardly anything on horses and it's all perfect and uptight. nobody seems to relise how lucky they are to have their own horse and everyone goes around taking everything good for granted. and when something bad happens they act like it's the worst thing and think they have a bad life. okay, so she covers up for someone who kisses her so her horseloving boyfriend breaks up with her, one of her best friends hates her and she goes after the guy who kissed her (jacob) and he hates horses. then she ditches her bff for the meanest girl in the school. seriously? (that's not the first one it's later on in the series)

Nov 24, 2010
by: A. G. H

O M G!!! So awesome! I only had it for a day, and I read half of it, I read until 11:00 it was soooooooooo good!

Nov 07, 2010
Try this website!
by: Anonymous

Hey, everyone should try

Oct 23, 2010
by: canterwoodfreakz

OMG making canterwood crest friendship cupcakes!! these exclusive muffins (i call them exclusive-but they're just muffins) are green and gold swirled with 1 green c, 1 gold c, and a green a. they also have green and gold sprinkles!

Oct 23, 2010
no thanks
by: luvcanterwood

when my friend offered to loan me the canterwood series to me, i told her i wasn't going to read her little 'horsie books' but, finally she forced me to try them. thanks to her, i have a new favorite book. i am proud to be a part of team canterwood...........thanks to jessica!

Oct 23, 2010
take the reins
by: canterwood freakz

ok we know absolutely nothing about horses, but after reading only a couple of canterwood books, we've come to be obsessed! although we aren't sure why these chicks bring seven tubes of lip gloss to ride horses, we can totally relate to sasha and her friends (and the trio, of course.) we can't wait to read the up coming canterwood book 11, scandals rumors and lies.

canterwood freakz:
emily, 10
karrington, 11

Oct 21, 2010
the best!
by: Carla


Oct 16, 2010
I love this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I love this series!!!! They are sooo good!! And I got both new ones.

Oct 15, 2010
Love this book
by: Anonymous

OMG! I love this book! I'm waiting on book 3 now and the first 2 I finished in 3 days! I absolutely love this series way better than phantom stallion.

Oct 11, 2010
Canterwood Crest
by: willrogersrider

Best series ever. I am waiting for #...10? Well, I am waiting for the next book. I am crazy about this series. And I also have a horse a lot like Charm.

Oct 09, 2010
by: Nicole

that sounds cool! and i love the books they are so awesome!

Sep 08, 2010
by: TheHorseGal71


Aug 29, 2010
Love Canterwood Crest!!!
by: horsegal

This book totes rocks its a book with horses, boys, drama, friendship and more drama!!!

Aug 10, 2010
by: charlie

omg it is the best book i could read it in a day! i cant wait to get the next one! when i first got the book she already had like 5 out..

Aug 07, 2010
Canterwood Crest
by: Tatum

I have read the whole series and they are SOOOO good!!!! I am waiting for the 10th one to come out in Sept. 2010 :) i highly reccomend u read them!! ( i once read 1 book in 2 hrs and then finished another one the same day :)

Jul 29, 2010
Fav books
by: TeamCanterwood

I read every book up to the 8th. Its a must read! They r the best books i read so far and i wonder if there's any book that is better then the canterwood crest series! I read every book like, a million time each!

lol :D

Jul 04, 2010
by: Tatum

I have read all of the books and am so excited for the next one to come out in 2 days (june 6th) im totally obsessed:)

Jun 26, 2010
take the reins
by: Becky F

omg!!! i luv jessica burkhart's canterwood series!! i have read the first, and im sooo eager to read the others!!!! jessica iz my fav author!!! i just luv horses!!

Jun 25, 2010
Canterwood Crest Series
by: Marina K

These books are amazing......i have collected all that are in the series so far and im so phiked to get the rest.. i have them all pre ordered at my local book store. i was so sad when i saw that they can only be rated to 5 cause they are like 100.... there so amazing DRAMA ROMANCE and HORSES what more does a girl need thats totally awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

This is the best book series ever full of drama and decisions about boys. at her ridding school sasha silver makes new friends .... and enimies. this is a must have book series written by jessica burkhaert

Jun 17, 2010
by: me

These books are so amazing! I have the first 8 books now and am waiting for the rest!

May 22, 2010
Canterwood Crest series
by: Anonymous

I read 1-8 these books are cool!! Sasha a new girl comes to high-class academy Canterwood crest. Sasha and her horse charm trained at a small stable. Sasha meets it girls heather, alison and julia they don't think little town sasha has a big potential. Can sasha handle the pressure or will she pack her bags? ps that is a summary of the first book

May 10, 2010
I <3 CC
by: Anonymous

I LOVE canterwood crest I go soooooooooo crazy when I finish a book and I have to wait for the next one.I'm going crazy right now!!!!

May 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

i have read all 9 and they are FANTASTIC!!!1

Apr 24, 2010
5 Stars
by: kk

i love this book so much.... i have just finshed reading it and now i have started reading the second book "chasing blue". this book is one of my fav books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 29, 2010
Best books ever!
by: Megan

I'm right in the middle of reading these books right now! I can't wait for Home Sweet Drama to come out!!!!

Mar 06, 2010
Love It!!
by: Anonymous

I'm reading Little White Lies and its awsome. Only problem is I havn't read the first book but i have read the 2ed

Feb 16, 2010
I absolutely love these books
by: Rachel

Canterwood Crest is one of the best series to read!! It is so good and I am currently waiting for book 7 to arrive. Thanks to Sydney I found out about these books when I won her competition. I absolutely love reading them!

Feb 07, 2010
great horse book series
by: Olivia

it is about a girl named Sasha and she goes to Canterwood Crest Academy.She and her horse Charm who is a chestnut TB/Belgian mix go on adventures... sort of. But you need to read the books to find out more.

Oct 24, 2009
These books are the best!
by: Horsecrazykenzie

I absolutly LOVED book 1! i havn't read any of the others yet, but i am going to! I wish canterwood crest was real! i would want to go! the website is cool to.
i amnot trying to promote the website, but it is cool and there are tests that tell you who you are most like! the only thing i dont like about the website is that they dont have real horse pics in the "stable" only drawings of horses. i think they should have what ever horses are on the cover for the horses in the "stable"! i hope every horse crazy girl reads and loves these books as much as i do!

Sep 04, 2009
by: Lacey

I absolutely adore these books!! They r totally awesome! I cannot believe all the drama! I absolutely love it! I would sooo recommend these books even to horse haters! And Jessica Burkhart is an AMAZING author! I don't know what else to say, I just love these books. I just finished the third one this morning and I am SOOOO totally going to get the fourth one. I think Jessica Burkhart should write another series or at least more CANTERWOOD CREST!!!! I would give these book TWO thumbs way up!

Aug 01, 2009
i love these books!
by: Anonymous

i love the canterwood crest books! i have the first 3 books and am waiting for the 4th book to come out this month. they are def one of the best books ever!

Jun 17, 2009
Canterwood Crest series is my fave
by: Tessa

This is about A girl named Sasha Silver is going to a boring school that is also a high ranked Riding stables!

It's my fave there new but AWESOME!!!!!!!

Jun 08, 2009
luv it!
by: Anonymous

I love this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 29, 2009
I love this book
by: Chelcey

I love this book and now im on the second one the third is supposed to be coming out in may and my friend said it was really good cause she got to read it cause she knows someone who knows jessica burkhart. P.S. I love jessica burkhart

Apr 28, 2009
!!!!!love it
by: Anonymous

i love canterwood crest finished it in one hour

Apr 08, 2009
Yeah the second is good
by: brittany

I am reading the second one. That is chasing Blue. I think the second one is awesome I love Jessica Burkhart

Mar 21, 2009
by: Maxi & Jazzy

i tot agree w/ u guys. soooooo good. is the second 1 dat good? wats it called?

Mar 16, 2009
Love this book!
by: Rachel

I read Take the Reins in one day!!! I love it so much! The next book is already out and it's even better. :)

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