The Last Unicorn

by Hannah

The Last Unicorn is a childhood movie I have watched time and time again. Ever since I fell in love with horses over twelve years ago I have loved this movie. It has a brilliant plot.

To touch the basics, a beautiful unicorn believes she is the last of her kind. She lives in a forest with other creatures but longs to be among her own. She learns from a butterfly that legend tells of a frightening red bull who drove all the unicorns to the ends of the earth. She finds out where the bull is supposedly kept and leaves the forest on a journey to find the lost unicorns.

She goes through many experiences along the way. She is captured by 'Mommy Fortuna' and her traveling show full of strange animals. She meets a magician named Schmendrick who helps her escape from Mommy Fortuna.

Once they escape the unicorn explains her story and the magician, having nowhere else to go decides to help her. They later meet a kind woman, Molly Grue in Greenwood forest who has been waiting to see a unicorn all her life. She creates a friendship with the unicorn and joins the pair on a journey to a seaside castle owned by King Haggard, who they have been told is the owner of the red bull.

King Haggard is determined to drive all unicorns to the sea with his bull and believes he has captured them all, however he has yet to find the last unicorn. Upon their arrival to the castle the poor unicorn comes face to face with the bull and is extremely frightened.

The magician saves her by disguising the unicorn as a beautiful young woman to hide her from King Haggard and his bull. The unicorn does not like her human form and wishes to return to a unicorn. However the magician reassures her that she must remain a human until the unicorns are rescued.

The magician introduces her to King Haggard as his niece Lady Amalthea, to protect her true identity. Haggard accepts their request to stay at the castle if they work for him.

His son, Prince Lir immediately falls in love with Lady Amalthea, and she too falls head over heels for him. Haggard becomes suspicious of Lady Amalthea and hints to where he has hidden the unicorns. Amalthea must decide whether to stay a human with Prince Lir for the rest of her life, or return to being a unicorn and rescue the unicorns.

Meanwhile, Molly finds out where the bull is hidden and Schmendrick, Molly, Amalthea and Prince Lir enter the secret passage to the bulls cave. Prince Lir is told by Schmendrick that Amalthea is a unicorn, however he stills loves her:-) The ending is for you to find out!

I recommend you to watch this movie, it's a beautiful family film with beautiful graphics and the ending is also beautifully wrote and animated! The theme song is also lovely, and your whole family will enjoy such a wonderful film.

Not many people have heard of this film as it was made a while ago, however it deserves so much praise so please watch it and tell everyone you know about it! Definitely five star rating, all horse lovers will love this movie!:-)

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Dec 28, 2016
so sad
by: kitty

This movie is so sad. :(

Nov 12, 2015
Very Good. Classic
by: Anonymous

This movie is so good I wouldn't be surprised if someone mistaken it for a Disney movie. As a kid, my mom wouldn't let me watch it because my sister was so scared. It might be a bit frightening for children. I really like the book too. The ending is beautiful and Almethea is beautiful as a woman.
I am a unicorn believer! :D

Aug 27, 2014
The Last Unicorn
by: Anonymous

I think that the movie might have turned out better if the Unicorn is not only defeating the Red Bull but was able to return to her human form to be with the human she fell in love with.

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