The Black Stallion Returns

by Soucci

It's a real good movie! The black stallion gets kidnapped and Alec goes all the way to the desert to find him.In this, the second book in the series, the heart-stopping adventures of the Black Stallion continue as Alec discovers that two men are after the Black. One claims to be the Black’s rightful owner and one is trying to kill the beautiful steed. An Arab chieftain proves his ownership of the Black and takes him away, but Alec is determined to find his horse again.

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Nov 25, 2014
by: The Black

The Black stallion is one of the best movies. I love to watch when the Black races against the other horses. He is just soooo... much! The Black stallion is a great horse I wish I could own him soo... much. I would not regret watching this movie. I love the episode The Last Race, it is so great.

Mar 02, 2013
i like it
by: Anonymous

it's so nice and cool and i could read it online.

Aug 04, 2012
by: Ashlea

i haven't read the book yet but i have read the black stallions, filly black stallion and flame and black stallion and the girl/stranger and he doesn't return to the desert. he is still with alec at the end, i know it's only based but i mean seriously.... there are like 1 million books with the black in them!

Mar 08, 2012
never seen it!!
by: horselover4eva

oh no!!! i'm sorry!! i thought this was a diffrent movie!! DON'T READ MY OTHER REVIEW!!!

Mar 08, 2012
by: horselover4eva

Definitely NOT my fave. Sorry but that's just my opinion. Plus the fact that it's only like 45 minutes long. I like a good long movie that i can get wrapped up in. This was NOT a great movie. (don't listen to me! other girls loved it!)

Jul 09, 2011
by: ponylover

is there a son of the black stallion movie?

Oct 11, 2010
The black stallion returns
by: Taylor J

This is also a book which is really really good!

Mar 21, 2010
very very good movie
by: tom

very very good movie i woud watch it a 100 times over.

Dec 17, 2009
by: kyra

best movie i have seen!

Nov 11, 2009
by: Lisa

It's really good....

Aug 18, 2009
black stallion
by: Anonymous

i have the black stallion returns its really good i watched it 6 times

Jan 14, 2009
Black Stallion returns
by: Rachel

yeah, it's good.

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