That's a horse almost identical to Ernie!

That's a horse almost identical to Ernie!

(Pronunciation is Vayr-uh-toss)

Hi! I ride at a stable called Varatas. It is an enjoyable place to ride! They have several cats/kittens and dogs that run around there and stuff. All the animals are trained and they're REALLY nice!
I ride one of the five lesson horses there. He rname is Kit Kat. She is a buckskin POA. Here are the other 4 horses...
Ernie: Small Paint Pony
Doupont: Large QH
Ceecee: Large Appaloosa
Rosie: Small Mutt

and then of course, the horse i ride...
Kit Kat: Large POA

If i'm not riding Kit Kat, i like to hop on Rosie. We call her the, "Comfy Couch" because its like she has no backbone! She's also VERY round so it makes her extra comfortable!
I used to ride Ernie. He is super fast! But i outgrew him so i never ride him anymore.
Also at my stables, you can come in on weekends or weekdays and help around the stables. Some of the things you can do when your there on the weekends/weekdays...
Muck Out Stalls
Bring In Haybales
Groom Horses
Feed Horses
Clean Water Buckets/ Feed Bins
And More!

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