Riding Lessons: Sullenberger Stables

by A horsecrazy rider
(Ohio, United States)

Sullenberger stables is the best stables ever!! that is the first and only place i have ever took riding lessons. It costs like 30$ each lesson. you have like 4 lessons and then your done unless you want more...

I would recommend u going there!! Its really fun and on the weekend you can come over and help out in the stables for free!!!!!! And you can groom,tack and ride horses. I got to lunge a big horse. I forget her name though but it was my very first time lunging a horse. It was so much fun and very easy. I did it right on my first try!!!!

Then, we got to free lunge a horse in a small round pen,he was a good boy!! I used to take care of a horse there. Her name is Annie. She is really nice. I got to halter her,tack her and on my first lesson...... I got to walk her around.
She was a really good listener. You also get to groom your horse and give them hugs and take care of them like they are your very own horse!!!!

I really love it there. You can do so much stuff around the horses, its so much fun. It is in Piqua, Ohio.

(p.s. it is not my stables, I only went there for lessons and to have fun and work around the horses! Oh... and the horses are quarter horses. you can also board horses there.)

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!! I would be happy to answer...


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