Palomino Horses

Palomino horses, also known as golden horses with ivory manes and tails, are one of the most awesome horse breeds of all time. But did you know that the term “palomino” is actually a surname and only refers to a horse’s coat color, not its true breed?

Yes, palomino horses are registered as a color breed and are actually a group of horses with different breeds but with almost the same colors.

When is a Horse a Palomino?

Horses that are accepted as palominos usually have a yellow, cream or gold to dark gold coat and a white or cream-colored mane and tail. They are usually born with pinkish skin that darkens with age and have amber or brown eyes. They are also usually 14 to 17 hands high.

A palomino’s coat color changes its shade in the summer and in winter. During summer, a palomino’s coat is usually dark in color and naturally becomes lighter in the winter. But aside from their distinctive color characteristics, palominos are also known to be multi-purpose horses.

They are not only beautiful but are versatile, easy to handle and have great stamina. For these reasons, they are typically the first choice for parades, fiestas, shows, rodeos, ranching, trail rides, jumping and other horse-related activities.

Where did Palominos come from?

Horse experts believe that they were once royal horses from Spain and were very much loved by Queen Isabella. During this time, commoners were not even allowed to own such horses!

These beautiful animals were only introduced to the United States when the Queen sent some of her beloved palominos to her Viceroy as they settled in New Spain which is now New Mexico. From there, the breed spread into Texas and throughout California.

Palomino Horses Are Awesome!

Palomino horses are one of the breeds that people can easily work with. In fact, famous ones include Mr. Ed and Trigger who were in television and movies. (Ask your parents - that was before our time!)

Today, the palomino group consists of different horse breeds such as the American Saddlebred, the Quarter Horse, the Morgan Horse, the Tennessee Walking Horse, Arabians, Haflingers, Thoroughbreds, Paints and more. They can be registered with the Palomino Horse Association (PHA) or the Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA).

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