Gold Creek Equestrian Center

by May
(Lynnwood, WA. USA)

In my opinion Gold Creek is the best horse lesson place ever!!

I rode a few of the horses there, most of them are challenging, but it just makes it tons more fun!! They host competitions every other week.

Some of the horses:
Dori-Clydesdale (still in training to be a school horse)
Bear-Quarter Horse (He has a really bad temper, he's such an old man)
Chloe-Quarter horse (She's pretty cool too)
Roy- Quarter horse (He has a bad temper too, just not as bad as bear's)
Guinness- Unknown (He's one of the challenging horses because he bolts... a lot)
Zues - Unknown (He's really nice, but you have to know how to survive a pony buck if you ride him)
Kahula - Some type of pony (She's nice)
Steam (Steamy, steam roller)-Another type of pony (He nibbles)
Santana (Santana man!)- A morgan something mix (Very tall, very nice, and scared of his own shadow)
Roslyn- Percheron (The best bareback horse they have)
Andy and Socks-two foals*or I think they are* (They both like playing games with you)
Joey-Quarter horse (Lazy.)
Winnie- Unknown (A challenging horsey)
Daphne- some time of pony (A really nice show horse)

That's all of them... I think. I didn't put down the owners horses and the ones I forgot.

Anyway, gold creek is located in Woodinville, WA.
I <3 that place.

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Jun 19, 2013
Is this really a good barn?
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for a new barn to start jumping at. Is this a good barn for beginner jumpers? Do they have proper equipment and lesson horses for a variety of skill levels? :) I have a couple barn options and I'm trying to narrow it down with specific questions. Thanks! :)

Apr 08, 2013
Gold Creek Equestrian
by: Anonymous

Gold Creek is an equestrian center right near Belmont Park, in Woodinville, Wa.

Jim and Mary Bagby (The owners) are amazing and you feel like family right away. They have around 30 school horses (one of which I ride) and they have classes in jumping, dressage, eventing, and some western competitions too. They have jumping competitions every other Saturday and it's really fun.

I ride a horse named Joey. He's a black quarter horse/ arab cross gelding. My trainer Sarah made me ride him bareback for a while. And I don't just mean walking, I mean cantering around and jumping. She wants me to feel the horse, to bond with him. And very slowly I am. All of the trainers are trained in all-round equestrian competitions.

Also, the horses are able to get leased out at any time. They have a few barn cats one of which I know the name by Lavern. She's a calico kitty who follows you everywhere.

My best friend has ridden at GC and loved it. Please, I suggest you give them a call.
(425) 806-4653

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