Buena Amor Ranch BAR

by Kendal
(livermore Ca usa)

I am a very good rider for a 10 year old. So where did I get my good ballence and form?

My mom, trainer, and the horses I rode. First of all I am a purebred Western Cowgirl, I tried to explain to my mom when I was 6 that I wanted to teach myself how to ride instead of taking lessons with a trainer. My mom put me in lessons when I was 6 years old but she took me out because the trainer could not get out to the ranch on time. I just used the skills that I had for about a year. When I was 9 years old my mom put me in lessons with a trainer at Buena Amor Ranch named Sherrie. My mom wanted me to learn English so I can get a better seat. I didn't want to, she told me that when I get my own horse I will stop riding English if I wanted to. I was doing so well that when I thought about jumping my mom said that it was ok and she will talk to my trainer. I wanted to do western too but I could only have 1 horse. This year that just passed I done 1 English show and tons of Western ( I was borrowing horses) shows I decided I liked Western better. This month I just got my own horse that wasn't the first and I love her her name is Squirt she is a fire ball but I can handle her I am accually training her.

Well see you guys later.
I don't have a pic of Squirt yet.
Kendal and Squirt.

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Aug 20, 2012
by: Kendal

Thank you! :) yes i used to ride with Sherrie. I did ride Annie and I know Laurie! Sadly, I sold Squirt due to needing a bigger step up. Sadly, i grew out of her. :(

May 08, 2011
I know Sherrie!
by: Brianna

Hey I know Buena Amor Ranch! My trainer Laurie Moore teaches my friend Alexa and her horse Sammy there. But she teaches me and my horse at La Jolla Equestrian Center. Did you use to ride Annie? I know that Laurie and Sherrie share her. You should come by our barn, it's pretty cool!

Jan 31, 2009
by: Madi


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