Brickfields Horse and country / Allendale Horse and country

by A horsecrazyrider

Me riding Midnight

Me riding Midnight

Me riding Midnight
Me riding Storm
Me riding Bouncer
Me riding hurricaine

Both farms are the best! I love going there!

You get to spend all day there getting to know all the horses and hanging around and having picnics or inside lunch with the instructors and the other riders.

You pay 25 pounds for one year to become a member of the farm and you get free lessons for helping out and hacking. It's amazing! I love it!

You also get to know how to tack and untack and you get to teach other people to jump and learn to ride once you have qualified first.

I love both farms and can't wait to go back up there with my bestest friend of all time! She has the best horse ever called misty and I love her to pieces!

It's the best horsey in the entire world and I also love the other horses crunchi, stone, pebbles, bouncer, jazzy, prancer, starlight, belle, jelly bean, cloudy, midnight storm, storm, hurricane, bob, stan, garfield, hunter, jessi, lady, little lady, chen and annie and a lot more!

And oh, there's Scooby! I love him! He's just the best and Peter, I love them all so much!

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May 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

Sorry didn't mean to put ME as riding midnight I meant to put Melissa dehla she's a good mate of mine xxxx

May 04, 2012
Right okai and I wasn't pretending xx
by: Me

Sorry didn't mean to ignore you and I wasn't pretending they're me and know how to jump xxx I learnt ages ago but I did it once then had to stop cuz I was on crutches so I haven't had time to do any jumping and plus I don't have a wonderful pony like u and have money for lessons either the only way I ride is to have a job but that don't happen much but yeah I wasn't pretending they're me Melissa but hayhoo xxxx see u soon

May 03, 2012
Megan make sure you answer me back im on this website all the time so will be checking
by: Melissa and Misty moo

I will be checking to make sure you have messaged me back! Look i'm not starting an argument i'm just asking why do u pretend that those pictures are you jumping when i know and we all do know that there not, don't have a go coz i'm not having a go i promise if u want to jump u can come and ride misty and she could teach you a lot of things.

Mar 23, 2012
answer me Back
by: Melissa

In the pictures are they really you? because it doesn't look like it is to me and i'm not starting an argument i'm just asking.

Feb 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

Heey babe hope ur okaiee. I miss u melzie. I shall see u soon as I will be doing wednesday night jumping soon and when can I come and see u and moomoo. I miss u skooooiio much xxx

Feb 09, 2012
by: Melissa Barrington


Jan 14, 2012
by: meggsie

Hellooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3 B-) youuu okaaiiieeeee

Jan 12, 2012
megan for u
by: Anonymous

Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!! O-O
U !

Dec 15, 2011
Melissa !!!
by: Megan !!!

Heya melzie yeahh i am it's great. i spent the day at allendale instead of brickfields cuz i did think we were friends but yeahh i now know how to jump and that is great, i nearly fell off and broke my collarbone again but yeahh and I can't ride much now because i have that thing in my leg really wanna come and see u soon then you can teach me a load more things. i keep thinking i'm loosing you all the time!! miss ya loads xx megan

Dec 13, 2011
by: Melissa Your Best friend

Ok Megan Are you Really Jumping? XXXXX

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