Blaze Trail Rides

by A horsecrazy rider

It more like a trail and I went with just me and the owner of the stable! The horses (all trained by the owner) were brilliant! All u had to do was a small squeeze and horses went into the gait whichever you wanted, it was fantastic!

I went up a hill at a fast canter and there was a dip, and me and the trail horse I was riding rode on it and it felt like I was flying or something in mid-air!

We cantered up some more hills and they weren't just a small burs, they were really long and exciting. We trotted a bit to warm up our horses for the gallop!! 'This is it' said the owner and we burst into a really fast gallop. We were going so fast that I could just make out the trees around us, that's how fast we were going!

We were galloping for a bit up the hill and the we did a sharp turn which was really exciting and at the top of the hill there was some sticks and stuff on the track. It had to at least be 60cm, it was pretty high! We were going so fast it was just a blur but Izzy knew where she was going and slowed down for jump.

Another reason I believe was to caution me about the jump and before I knew it, I took the leap of faith! We glided smoothly and clearly over the sticks and stuff down to ground and Izzy's hooves ate up the dirt as we thundered away from the jump. It was just so amazing! I was almost to tears as I had to leave when dad picked me up.

I'll miss the horses but most of all, I'll miss Sarina the owner, as we are now really close friends.

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