its on the way out of west auckland in co. durham.
you can ride from 3 yrs old and onwards. they have different horses for people with different abilities and you can have a nice gentle ride or a very fast exhilarating one! if you are a beginner you just walk and trot but if your more advanced you get to canter and if you really good you can jump!
they have a big indoor arena and an even bigger outdoor one.
you can also go down great bridle paths on a hack where if your advanced you can jump the small gates.
the owners are really nice. The lady who owns it is called jackie and her husband clifford runs the farm side of it.
vince is the main instructor but sometimes danielle takes the lessons.
it's a really mint place to be.

they don't make you do anything you don't want to and if your nervous you can be led around on lead rein. you can still trot but your leader would be there to help you.

its one of my fave ever places. its fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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