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My horsie :)

Kozmo & Cody 
Kozmo is an ex-racehorse thoroughbred and Cody is a... mixed breed I think.

This is my horse Peppi she is really sweet and is spoiled!! i love her soooo much! :) We saved her from getting slaughtered. She was a foal and no …

This is stardust. I'm hoping to buy him.

My Horses #1 
These are my horses, Lizzy, Mandy, Dusty, and Pearl. I have more horses than them, but I can't fit all of them in this post. Lizzy is a bay quarter …

Ginger <3333 
This is my red dun mare, Ginger. She's a quarter horse. 5 yrs old.

Hot air balloon watching <3 
Cavi (grey 15hh cob gelding) and Aiyanna (15.3hh chestnut thoroughbred mare) watching the hot air balloons after turning them out!! <3

Horse Life :) 
The first pic is me and one of my trainer's warmbloods, Basilio. He's not an easy ride, but He really teaches me to be a good jumper, and this is me and …

Finally Mine  
My horse's name is Skipper, and his show name is Finally Mine. Skipper is an 11 yr old American Paint Horse. I got him November 11, 2010. Skipper is …

Cheveyo, My First Love 
Me and my wonderful best friend CHEVEYO! <3

My Horses #1 
Here are some pictures of my horses. Annie a 3-yr old (almost 4yr) QH filly who we got for free. She's with Snoopy, a 20-yr old Arabian/Appaloosa mare. …

Horse Pictures: Perfect Jump Not rated yet
I thought this jump was PERFECT!!!!

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