Arabian Horses

Did you know that Arabian horses get their name from the name Kohl-ani?  These beautiful creatures have bluish-black skin, like kohl. People in the East used kohl as makeup before Cleopatra.  

This breed is one of my favorites. They are the oldest breed of horse! They were bred by people called the Bedouins who live in the Middle East.

Do you know what to look for in a horse to see if it is an Arabian? 

Well, it has large eyes, a neck that is arched, large nostrils, a dished head and her muzzle is so small that it can fit into a teacup. They need large nostrils because they are so energetic and need a lot of air for running. Her chest is deep so her lungs have plenty of room to expand when she is active.

Arabian horses have really strong legs and they don’t have many problems with lameness. This breed holds her tail high in the air, making her look really proud.

I like to watch Arabian horses in competition. They can do a lot of things!  Since they are so fast, they are used for racing a lot.  They can be used too as halter horses, trick horses, trail riding, reining, cutting, and just riding for fun.

They are not as good for jumping since they are smaller than horses who jump well. They can do pretty much everything else well, except jumping. They are very athletic and strong, so they do well in dressage competitions.

You might be wondering if this breed is the right one for you. Well, here is what I like the most about them.

They are sweet, beautiful, very loyal and loving, and have graceful gaits, so they are easy to ride. They are really fast too! So, if you like to ride slow and fast, this is a good choice for you.

You could compete in a lot of different activities since they can be trained to do several things. I have also read that they will be your friend for life!

Here are some interesting things I learned about Arabian horses.  Did you know that the first one owned by someone in the United States was owned by our first president, George Washington? The singer Jewel owns an Arabian horse named Chance.  She has been riding horses for most of her life.

This is a neat fact about Arabian horses: they have one less rib than other horses, so they have 17 instead of 18. Also, other horses have 18 vertebra in their tails, but they have only 16.

This breed comes in all different colors. They can be chestnut, bay, black or gray.  Some even have what is called sabino pinto markings that look like white spots. They are pretty tall at 14.2 to 15hh.  

This breed of horse is special because they can go for long trail rides. What girl doesn’t like to do that with her horse?

Arabians are very smart and have a great attitude toward people. When they trot, they look like they are floating on air! They are very energetic, but gentle too.

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