5 Ways to Make Money If You Love Horses

by Sydney at HorseCrazyGirls.com
(Florida, USA)

Five Awesome Jobs for Horsecrazy People

Chances are you probably know someone who is horsecrazy. Or maybe that describes you! Horses and ponies are beautiful animals, but they are expensive and unless you’ve got plenty of cash, you’ll probably need to come up with some side gigs so you can make extra money to pay for your horse’s food, riding clothes, lessons, shows...and more food!

Here are five jobs that involve horses, don’t require a ton of experience, and can allow you to earn $10 - $50 an hour or more:

Pony Rides and Lessons

To offer riding lessons at higher levels, trainers need lots of experience and even certifications. But new riders often just want to be on a horse. You can provide lessons for these riders on your horse or theirs. (You can charge more if they ride your pony.) Just make sure you check into requirements for insurance in case someone gets hurt, and always insist your rider wear an ASTM-approved safety helmet.


Getting paid to brush horses? For someone who is truly horsecrazy, that almost sounds too good to be true. Being a groom can be fun, but also a lot of work, especially at a busy horse show. Larger barns usually have professional grooms but may need extra hands at times, and smaller barns may not have anyone on staff to provide these services. It’s not all glamorous; some horses have strong personalities, and there are always hooves to pick and other less appealing chores, but if you love horses, it’s a great gig.

And how about being a stylist? Learn how to clip manes, or quickly braid manes and tails for shows and you can be in high demand. I know one rider who does horse braiding to pay for her shows. (She’s really good so she’s always booked.)

Horse Gifts

Maybe you can draw a stunning stallion, or you take breathtaking photos of ponies. Or perhaps you can write a great story. Those with artistic talents can turn those skills into all kinds of wonderful gifts for horse lovers, such as cards, posters, t-shirts. jewelry, saddle pads, healthy horse treats and more. Equine photographers can create portraits or take photos at horse shows. Writers can write stories about horses, and may find themselves the author of a popular series like Heartland or Saddle Club.

I turned my love of horses into creating this website, and it earns me money through advertising and affiliate programs. (Here's the service I use to build my website--I love it!) frequently hear from writers and artists with are turning their passion into cash. If any of these ideas pique your interest, this guide to getting started as a freelancer is a terrific resource.

Mucking Stalls

Cleaning stalls is not a glamour job. But not only can you make extra money, you’ll get in great shape. (It’s almost as good as going to the gym!) You’ll be on your feet and you’ll sweat--and you’ll probably wish every horse stayed out in the pasture all night. (Oh yeah, those need to be cleaned too. Ka-ching.)

Trail Guide

As a trail guide, it is your job to help riders of all ages and abilities enjoy a ride on a horse, sometimes for the first time. You may be asked help to match the rider’s ability and temperament to that of the horses, demonstrate basic riding skills, and serve as the guide (either alone or with someone else). Getting certified in CPR and first aid is a really good idea, and may even be required. Do a good job and you can earn good tips. Other similar jobs include serving as a camp counselor for a summer camp with horses or working as a cowboy on a ranch.

Your turn! What other great jobs can you think of for horsecrazy girls? Share them in the comments below.

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Jun 25, 2017
Good ideas
by: Sophia

The previous jobs are very good ideas. However, if you don't care to get paid, you can always volunteer at a local horse rescue! Because I can't have horses, the next best thing is volunteering for horses and taking lessons!

Mar 31, 2017
by: Drawingrockinghorse

This is really awesome, I also think these horsey jobs would earn you money too: Horse Trainer & Equine Vet.

Mar 06, 2017
by: hoofbeat

This is awesome!

Dec 14, 2016
Thank you
by: High Five To Horses

Thanks for posting, it gave me some great ideas.

I'm a school girl, so I don't have a whole lot of time to muck out stalls for anyone, and I live in such a small town there isn't any place to be hired. I could go on for hours... Thanks a LOT anyway!!!

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