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Can you help me pick the winner of the Halloween costume contest?
November 13, 2011
Hi! It's Sydney...

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Did you have a good Halloween? I ordered a costume on eBay that was too big so I had to improvise at the last minute. My friend went as Lady Gaga and I was Carrie Underwood. Hey, it worked!

I need your help picking the winners of our horse Halloween costume contest. Will you comment on the one you like best so I can decide which place they get? It's really hard to choose! And thanks for everyone who sent in an idea.

Here are the top three picks:

Dressing Up as a Horse Mackenzi's grandma made this costume so she can dress up as a horse.

Batman Halloween Leke's friends laughed at her but we think they were wrong. What do you think?

Time for Some Fun With Disney

This one will be an honorable mention. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan is a really funny story!

Honorable Mentions

These came in after the contest closed or before it opened so I can't pick them as winners, but I still think they are awesome costumes:

The McDonald's Costume Isn't this one incredible? How did Corinne get her horse to wear that?

Sultan This one came in last year and I still think it's great.

This one also came in last year and I still love it!

Remember: always wear a helmet or riding hat when you are on a horse - even in costume!

Share your pics!

Feel free to share your pics of your Halloween horse costumes here:

Hug a horse,


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