by Carly
(Miami )



This is my horse Zorro. He is SO sweet! In this pic we had just won Grand Champion at Crystal Brook stables in Miami. Zorro did so great that day.

Sadly he died of Colic 2 years ago, but if you can hear this Zorro, I LOVE U AND WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!!!

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I know how you feel!!
by: Mollie

I know how you feel my pony died of colic 2yrs ago and my other pony almost died of it in March!! :(

by: Carly

I TOTALLY agree! It's been over a year since Zorro died and I still can't find a horse that I love as much as I loved him.

And Zorro WAS the sweetest horse ever! Everyone loved him :((((((((

:( So Sad ):
by: Alyse

I once knew a girl with a horse named Zorro he was so sweet. I know how hard it is to lose a horse, and I know it is really hard. Because no matter what anybody says horses are NOT replaceable.

by: Carly

Thanks! Too bad your parents won't let you get a horse, they are the best thing that ever happened to me :)

by: Emilie

I absolutely LOVE horses we are moving soon to a house that has a horse barn but my mom and dad said, "NO HORSES!!!!!"

I wish I had a horse you look wonderful in that outfit and your horse *sniffs* Beautiful :)
I wish I had a horse friend.... Makes me wanna cry again!!!

thanks :)
by: Carly

I'm so sorry to hear about your horse dying too!!! I wish horses would live forever :(

I can relate
by: Daisy

I can relate... my best friend and my first horse died of colic 4 years ago and I thought I had to forgive and forget but I totally understand now, this year, finally, that I just need to love again and I do. But never more than I loved and love him. I will NEVER forget him. I LOVE him WAY too much! LOL!

It's sad, but if you ever need someone to talk to, I'll be here and I'll keep you in mind if I wanna talk okay?

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