You are the Only One - Part 1

by Elizy

"Wait, what?" I looked at mom like she was joking. She had to be joking!
" For the year you're going to your Aunt's house." Mom said trying to make it clear to me.
"No! No, no, no, no, NO!" I screamed at mom. "You cant do that!"
"Honey I have to!" Mom said in a soothing voice. "Your father and I are going to China for work. I'm sorry but you can't come."
"Your mom's right, Coco. You can't go to school there because you don't know the language." Dad added.
"I hate you! I hate you all!"

Anger burned inside of me! How could they send me of to a place with... with... HORSES!!!! I nearly died because of one! I ran up to my room and locked the door. I wrapped myself up in a blanket and fell a sleep.


"Time to pack your things, Coco. We're going to leave in 3 hours." Mom said tapping me.
"Do I have to?" I stretched. Not mad anymore but still not wanting to go.
"Yes, you do." Mom rolled my suitcase over to the side of the bed. "Now get to work soldier." Mom saluted. We laughed.
"Yes mam!" I went along with the game.

Soon I was done packing. Eat breakfast, put my stuff inside the car and on to the airplane.

"Would you like a drink?" The service lady asked in a sweet charming voice like mom.
"Yes please. Rootbeer would be nice." I asked.
"Sure. Here you go." She handed me my drink and moved on to the next seats behind me.

I started to drink my soda when the food came.
I asked for a bag of jelly beans, and surprisingly they had them! "I'm starting to like this trip!" I nodded.

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Jun 16, 2016
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

Write more! I love it! :)

Jan 17, 2014
by: Morgan

This is so weird because I wrote a story just like this! Exactly like it! Was it your own idea? Very good, though. Keep writing!

Jan 04, 2014
by: horseluver4evernever

keep writing!!!!!!!!!!

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