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by Ellie Rose

two of my horses

two of my horses

I first got interested in horses through my best friend, Megan. Megan had a horse called Pepsi and taught me all you need to know about them.(I started taking riding lessons at five then went on to help at my local stables at ten.) Megan recently moved to Devon and I still carry on riding as it brings back good memories about my bffl.

I have two horses and two ponies for myself. My two horses are Charlie and Darcey; my two ponies are Pippin and Oliver Twist. My favourite competition is show-jumping which I do with Darcey. I usually enter Charlie in a local Cross-country competition, in the picture CC and BB were doing a showing class.CC and BB are Dartmoors, Oliver Twist is a Welsh section and Darcey is an Arab.

I love studying all the different horse breeds and comparing them. My favourite three favourite horse breeds are Arab, Welsh section and Dartmoor(these are the breeds of all my horses).

I go to my Riding School once a week and visit my horses at their livery yard five times a week. When I go riding I like practicing my jumping or going for a long hack in the woods.

When I am older I hope to own at least ten-fifteen horses/ponies and maybe run a weekend riding school(i really want to be a designer).

I think horses are strong, powerful creatures who have lots of pride and have no reason to be hated or mis-treated;

I love my h/p and all all h/p everywhere!


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