by emily

ny light in the dark( thats my mom on her)

ny light in the dark( thats my mom on her)

im soo horse crazy because i have my own horse and i love her to death!!!!!! i have a very close bond with her i take her on a trail ride like everyday after school.:P i have loved horses, like ever since i was born my mom had a horse when i was born she did barrel racing with him and everything she loved him to death just like i love my horse rainbow. but,,when my brother was born she had to give up her horse to live in the city, it was a very sad thing i was soo up set but now im 13 years old and we now live in the country again and i have my own horse:).my horse is my life, she helps me in hard times and when im lonly . she is my light in the dark. and my sheald in battle . shes my little light in my heart , and she will always be umber one nothing will ever change.

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