Winner's Heart - Part 2


When I arrived at my new owner’s stable, it was much different than I had ever seen, or imagined. It had large red and white barns, with huge green pastures, and white pipe fences, and a long gravel road which led to a huge three story ranch home.

I was led out into one of many pastures, but unlike any of the pastures, there was only one horse. He said his name was Rex a 15 year old stallion, who had won three national racing championships. He said he was the most prized stallion in the breeding association, until one race, which was his last.

Then he realized exactly who I was, and told me that my owner was a sweet kind girl, but the trainer was opposite. He said he starves, and then beats his trainee’s. Of course, obviously after that I could wait till I was 4 years, to be trained.

Rex had taught me much about racing, he taught me wisdom’s etc. He showed me how to be a great race horse; he made me exercise and run against the other race – horses side by side, until I had won at least once against every horse in the pastures.

He also told me one thing that I have never forgotten even to this day, "Great race horses don’t come from speed and stamina, they have heart. To be a great race-horse you have to have the heart!"

2 years later, the trainer started to halter break me, then he got to the saddle, then bridle. Before long he was on me, racing across the dirt track, at break neck speed, recklessly slapping and hitting me with that crop.

He starved me for weeks at a time, so that I was to week to do anything, then he would run me, and if I didn’t run good enough for him he would slap me without mercy. That bitter man had no heart, he was a tyrant. My weekend break came when a visitor came; amazingly the trainer treated me kindly.

She was just as Rex had described her, tall, golden blonde, curly hair, with kind blue eyes, and a gorgeous figure. She had had a pink floral shirt on, with dark blue jeans, and tall boots. She strode over to me and smiled, then talked with a golden voice, which warmed my heart, like a winter blanket warms me in a winter snow. Then she stroked me softly, it made me want to tell her how I felt.

Well I started to, and then I saw the evil trainer walk in.

"Well, well, Ms. Connie see your off work," the trainer said with a slight smile. She glanced at him with a disagreeing look.

"He is skin and bones, he starving! What have you been doing with him, he’s exhausted!" She exclaimed mournfully. The trainer started to nervously rock his weight to one foot to another.

"Well, ummm," he continued stuttering uncontrollably, "he was pretty poor when we got him."

"It’s been a year since you started training him. It can’t take that long to get weight on him.” She replied suspiciously.

"Well, he loses it fast, and he’s one of those horses, that takes a lot to get weight on him."

"My father got permission to buy him on one circumstance, that he was properly taken care of." She replied almost yelling at the trainer.

"Uhhh, Yess.. Miss.."

"Oh you don’t miss me, or you’ll be missen’ your job!" She replied stomping off.

The next day the trainer saddled me up and took me to the arena. He angrily asked the groom to open the starting gate. I was so exhausted everything started to get blurry. But before the starting gates opened I noticed someone familiar, it was Ms. Connie! I knew I had to do good just for her, but when I looked back she ducked behind some near bushes.

I focused at the track, I knew I had to run as fast as I could just for her! Right when the gates opened I burst out, I ran and ran, until I felt my heart almost burst, I had to slow down, I started to fall into a slow gallop, the trainer slapped me hard, I had to stop.

Suddenly I felt my body start to fall, then I felt hard painful slaps on my rump, again and again, until everything went black.

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May 05, 2012
by: Unicorn

Sorry it took me soooo long to find your story!
The dialogue is WAY improved on last time - well done. You still used "replied" a little too often, but it was hugely improved and had a lot more emotion in it (for example, Miss Connie's yelling). I loved Miss Connie's quip "Don't miss me or you'll be missin' your job!" It was hilarious, smart and sassy, and it immediately made me like her even more.
You're great at cliffhangers and I can't wait to hear what happens to the poor horse. Please write on and once again I'm sorry for the delay.
writer of "El Cheapo"

Dec 23, 2011
You can read part 1 at.
by: TX

You can read part 1 at.

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