Willow Creek - Part 1

by Maria

I nudged Prancer into a canter. The sun shone through the leaves. The cold frosty air found its way through my jodphurs and t-shirt. The morning misty dew sat lightly upon the colourful flowers. I loved willow creek. A small river ran through the middle of the forest. I came here every day!

When I wanted to be alone with Prancer I would bring a book and ride into the middle and sit under the huge oak tree.

Today i just wanted to have a bit of free time before breakfast. Mum didn't know I was here. I thought i would go for a 15 minute ride and go home before anyone noticed. I started to head back when I noticed a sheet stuck on the big oak. I stared at the sheet horrified!

Willow creek is to be cut down
by tomorrow so we can hunt for
the willow creek ponies. Anyone
with sightings of this mystical
herd please report to Harry Hunter.

As I read the last line I was filled with anger. Why did they have to cut down Willow Creek. I started to read Harry Hunter's contact info and reached for my phone to call him. I realised I had left it at home.

I stared at my watch. I had to be at home in 2 minutes before my alarm went off. Mum would walk into my room any second now and I wouldn't be allowed to ride for a week! I galloped through the fields and led Prancer into his stable. I ran inside and got changed before running downstairs.

"You're up early" my mum said. I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't reply.

"So whats the plan for today?" She questioned.

As I snapped back to reality, I heard mum's question.

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Aug 07, 2014
by: Annabel (Bella)

Awesome! I toooootaly want to read more!:P Please publish another one!:)

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