Will We Fly

by Sally
(Near the Horses)

I know most of you guys will understand this...

One two three.
One two three.
Three beats
Two heartbeats
1 wish
To fly

To fly is not to lift up your arms and jump into the sky
To fly is not to go on a plane and be in the air

To fly
To fly is to be one the back of a horse
Their canter rocking you
Flying you away
It is not a question of how will I fly
It’s a question of when will I fly

When Will I feel his heartbeat beneath me?
When will I be rocked back and forth in his embrace
When will I be able to embrace the world from his back

So many as when will I?
But is there an answer
The answer does not come from when will I?
The answer comes from When will we?
When will our heartbeats touch?
When will we learn to fly?
When will the beats of his hooves beneath me reach us both?

Not everyone will fly
But I know
From the very depths of my soul
He will get me there
His hoofbeats leading to my heartbeat

Not every path to one’s heart is created my hands
Some are created from hooves
From the ones that make you feel like you can fly
The only question is...
Will we fly?

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Aug 06, 2020
by: Horse girl

I love this! I don't have a horse but I got chills from this! Amazing!

Apr 02, 2020
by: MustangM

Woah! I love this! Yes, loping/cantering is like flying! I feel more free than ever. Bareback is even better-you should try it! It lets you be closer to your horse, and really pushes that freedom feeling to the next level!

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