Will I win?

by Alice

Alex tightened the girth on Snow Boots, her 12 year old welsh section c pony. Miss Sahara. her awesome riding instructor gave her a leg up and told her to walk over to the course list. "So, that diagonal to the outside line and then that bending line?" Alex asked. Miss Sahara nodded. Alex trotted into the ring with confidence and kicked Snowy slightly.

Snowy burst into a canter and flew toward the first jump jumping way to big and causing Alex to fall off. Alex stood up painfully and dusted off her jacket. Snowy was not flying around the ring like most of the horses did when their riders fell off, she was standing quietly waiting for Alex to get back on. Alex sighed and walked out of the ring. Miss Sahara patted Snowy and gave Alex a hug.

"Its alright Alexa, You just jumped big that's all!" She brushed off Snowy and Alex got back on.

"All riders for Intermediate Hunter Rider over fences course B please check in at the gate!" The announcer boomed. Alex trotted Snowy over to the gate and signed in. She trotted Snowy in the ring and and again cantered toward the fence. She jumped the course well, but not well enough for the judge. She got a sixth in the class.Miss. Sahara sighed and told her.

"Green is the prettiest color on the ribbon list!" She said, "You did your personal best so why not say you won a ribbon? Imagine it, Flowing and long, colored with the colors red blue and yellow, Shining and golden, and beautiful." Alex smiled and nodded patting Snowy and holding the long ribbon in her hand.

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Jun 04, 2013
by: chickyJ

i think this is the greatest story i have ever read and i think that you should write more! PLZ WRITE MORE! PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!

May 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

This is just my story to say that winning isn't everything. Sure, a blue ribbon looks nice on your walls and it's great to have one but if you get that green ribbon don't be down in the dumps.

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