Wild One - Chapter 1: Getting ready

Jessie on her horse flame

Jessie on her horse flame

"wake up! Bright and early girls!" my mom said. It was 5:00 and it was very bright for that time. Me and my sister Jessie McLee had a show today. I woke up to the smell of grazing live stock.

I always get that side of the house, I mean always, cities, suburbs, mansions, you name it. But when its livestock I don't mind.

"Ughhhh" Jessie groaned putting her pillow over her head.

I ran into her room and yelled "showtime" and ran back to my room and but my breeches on. We don't need to leave until 7:30 but we still have work to do. I put on my boots (both for show and riding) and left on my pajama shirt. I pulled my hair back into a pony-tail and grabbed my tack and headed out.

One I got to the stables I dropped the halter and lead. I put my saddle and bridle on their pegs and hung up the halter and lead. I grabbed my grooming kit and set it by my treat/tack box and got the halter and lead.

I heard footsteps so I assumed it was Jessie. But it wasn't it was Luke. "Luke go away." I said rolling my eyes at him.

"what? I cant get my tack?" he said leaning against the wall. Luke's always on our property so my parents re built the stable and made it bigger so he has a stall for Petra.

"well, you can but don't lean on the wall, there's spider eggs above your head and they'll fall" I joked and waled out to go get storm.

I opened the gate the led out to the pasture and walked in and closed it. I walked over to storm, who was rolling. "easy boy don't roll on to me" I giggled. He stood up and rubbed his head on me and I stepped back. "OK, storm enough" I said while putting on his halter. When I headed out the gate Luke walked in to get Petra.

When I got into the stall, I groomed him and picked him and put on my tack and lead him out to the arena.

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Oct 23, 2013
by: Stormy

OOOOOOH!!! I can't WAIT to read more!!!! :D

Oct 14, 2013
by: Horseluver4evernever

This is really good!!!!😄

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