Wild Horses

by Sara

I'm way too horse crazy, I have two horses in real life, one trained, and one wild. They're beautiful creatures, and when i'm older i'm going to get a huge ranch, and fill it all up with horses. I will help horses, i will release horses, i will do whatever i can to protect them, I wont let myself down, i will make sure that I can protect as many horses as I possibly can, I wont let them be in trouble. I will make a horse ranch, the biggest horse ranch in the world and it will be 100% safe, no matter what happens. Please don't destroy these beautiful creatures, all they want to do is roam free in the wild without any trouble, they wont hurt you. How would you like to be captured and be taken way from your family and herd? I'm sure you wouldn't like it, and they dont either. I think I have a connection with horses, and I know if they're hurt, if they're in trouble and so much more, I grew up with horses and I dream of being the best horse trainer/speaker in the world. So please don't bother them, please let them roam free in the wild.

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Jul 12, 2010
wild horses
by: Sydney

Sara, i know how you feel. :)

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