Wild Fyre's first time - Zoey

by Zoey

My horse, WildFyre, is a red dun arabian.A few days ago, we rode him around the block for the second time, he was doing very very good, until we walked across someone's yard who had dogs. The dogs (who were behind a fance) spooked WIld FYre (I was on his back!!) and he reared and bucked and flipped out! He cantered around in a circle, then the backed up by a car and reared, so high I thought we were gonna come crashing down onto the car! But then he went back down and I talked to him and soothed him. And he was fine after that. it was weird, he never freaks like that, for a 3 year old colt, he is pretty mellow. I wish I had pictures and i'd put them up. I'll take a few pictures of him over CHristmas, with antlers on him then show ya!

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