Wild at Heart - Chapter 1


Bang! I ran blindly in the dark night, looking, searching... Hopeing. I whinnied into the dark, then waited for a response. Nothing. No animals were moving. I was alone. I tried to call again, and again, and again. But no response ever came.

All I remember was my mother telling me to run, run as fast and hard as I could. She told me not to look back, keep looking forward. I did as she told me to, but I do t think she was as lucky as me.

I continued to walk, looking at the ground, hoping that I might suddenly run into another horse. I wandered for hours till my legs were numb and I fell to the ground with raspy breathing and an empty feeling. I eventually fell asleep and when I woke the sun was bright and the skies were clear.

It was nearly half day, or at least I presumed it was. I slowly got up, and realized how sore my muscles were. I shook out my mane and the. Remembered what happens that night. I looked around with ears pricked and my eyes alert. Since its daytime it will be easier to try and find my herd, I told myself. I started out slowly walking, stopping every now and then to eat some green grass. Today the birds were singing and flying out in the sky, but I didn't pay attention to them. All I cared about was trying to find other horses. A little filly like me could never survive out here by myself. There are coyotes and other dangerous animals that are looking for an easy Dinner.

I herd a sudden clashing noise. One I haven't heard before. I flick my ears toward to try and understand it. I look around but nothing is in sight. I then hear faint but terrified whinnies. I turn my whole body towards the sounds, I never heard horses sound that terrified, ever! I took a chance and started galloping full speed as fast and hard as I could to get to them. I followed the sounds. I ran up a small hill, but skidded to a stop at the top of it.

I looked out on the valley, the place my herd and I had grazed. I didn't just see my herd, but other herds. Surround by tall silver fencing. I looked harder and closer, trying to spot my mother or any other horses I knew.

There were humans too. Not just a few, but many. So many I could count. There were some on top of horses. And those horse weren't trying to buck them off or escape. I was confused whether or not I should stay on the ridge, try to help, or to run away and never come back.

Before I could make any decision, I heard hoofbeats coming quickly towards me. I turned hoping it was part of my herd, but I tried to run right as I had a hard right rope thrown around my neck. I tried running but I wasn't strong enough and I was tired. I whinnied knowing no one could help me but I still did. I reared and bucked and spun around. But the human and horse just dragged me behind them not caring.

I whinnied as we came closer to the pens and horses. Humans were staring at me. I panicked even more and started thrashing my head side to side thinking it would help somehow or other. The human's horse looked back at me and pinned its ears. I looked back at it and snorted. The horse turned back and bit at me and kicked me. I shied back and didn't dare stand up against it for a second longer. I was led into the place with all the horses, but I was out in a small square pen by myself.

Humans started crowding all four sides of the pen trying to look at me. I didn't know what to do so I stood and stared back at them. I turned when heard a bang and a deep throated loud cry from a big black stallion. I recognized him from somewhere but I couldn't remember. There were three humans surround him with ropes in their hands pulling in the stallion and trying to make him submit.

He reared high and spun around pulling the humans with him and he started running to the sides if the pen. I watched everything. The stallion didn't give up, he couldn't. Another human came in and started yelling at the ones holding the stallion tryi g to control him. The new man flings around a long stick and every time he brought it down, it made a loud crack! He started cracking the stick down on the stallion. My breath caught in my throat. All I could do was stare and hope the humans would stop soon enough.

It was hours before the black horse started to tire out and a huge group of humans started to crowd him. He was bleeding all over from being beaten by the man's stick and was drenched in sweat. He slowed down his nostrils flaring and lags shaking. But the humans kept on beating and pulling on him. The powerful stallion collapsed to the ground and latex on his side. I whinnied to him wondering if i would get an answer.

The stallion sat up slowly and stared in my direction. I whinnied again. He whinnied back to me loud and strongly. That's when I remembered who he was! He was the leader of my herd! My father!

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Mar 09, 2013
Your book
by: Sadee

Your book is the greatest. It would be great if you did a part 2!

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